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Boxed Set Adventure for use with any fantasy role-playing system. Featuring gamebooks, poster maps, dice, 28 mm minis, & more
Boxed Set Adventure for use with any fantasy role-playing system. Featuring gamebooks, poster maps, dice, 28 mm minis, & more
203 backers pledged $23,307 to help bring this project to life.

Non-Mini Stretch Retroactively Added! Add-ons! Pathfinder Possibilities...

Eight days to go and past the $13,500 stretch goal and on our way to the next one. I couldn't be happier and be more grateful to all of you. Every Kickstarter project I have followed has a slow middle period but the ones that become very successful have consistent growth...which is where we sit right now :). So onto the updates...

Stretch Goals Passed (Two Retroactively)

We passed the $13,500 marked and added the two figurines (Restless Undead). After the last survey the clear winner for non-mini add-on was the introductory adventure. Well, since these were delayed I am going to retro-actively make it part of the $13,500 Stretch Goal. So Whisper & Venom just got longer and the 6-10 extra pages will be a small introductory adventure that leads party members into the main event, so to speak. It will have new art that I will be commissioning from Lloyd Metcalf that is directly related to its content.

Also added-retroactively...

One of our backers who has been a volunteer editor for the Pathfinder Online Community has agreed to make conversion tables and creature stats usable without any work on your part for Pathfinder/OGL Systems. This will be included in every version except the retro-style adventure.

More on total Pathfinder Version further down the update.

Stretch Goals on the Horizon

Next up is $14,250 and the pair of Nexid Slaves (Imps). Then - newly added in between stretch at $14,500 will add the first two monster cards (Goblin Warrior & Attoral). Then hopefully before Sunday night we will be within a hairsbreadth of $14,750 which unlocks the Goblin King Mini and the Next 2 Monster Cards.

Add-ons What are add-ons? 

Briefly add-ons are a way for you to pick and choose which extras or upgrades you would like without double pledging or pledging for a higher reward level to get only a single item. It is also a way to get extras of any items you may want. I added a how-to purchase add-ons to the end of this update and in the project FAQ. Please contact me with any questions. Right now through fulfillment all of you are my highest priority for everything.

There will be a new graphic on the project page soon that will show this each option clearly and give you an idea visually of what is available with the price clearly stated but here is a quick summary.

Currently the following add-ons are available (those marked with a '*' are included in all pledge levels that currently have minis, so if you are already getting minis, this is if you want extras)...

Miniatures Here is a succinct image that shows what minis are currently unlocked with the add-on pricing for listed below. 

One more time each mini you see represented will be a unique sculpt that is already in progress. No two are the same when they arrive at your door.

Remember boxed sets at the $75 or higher get all of these except the Attoral. So if you are at that pledge level you can add duplicates, if you like, but the only add-on figurine thus far is the Attoral ($15).


*Thopas Mini (Original) $3

Thopas with Familiar $4 *

Goblin Warriors (x7 each unique )$10

Goblin Lt (x2 each unique) $4

Attoral $15 (Only included with pledge levels $150+)

Scavengers $4 1 Sculpt $7 Both Sculpts

Restless Undead (x2) $5 1 Sculpt $8 both

Coming soon...funding brings many more options

Nexid Slaves (x2 each unique) $7 both sculpts

Goblin King $5

Non-miniature add-ons

Gatefold retro-module $25- Low Value, Hard to Read Signature Added Free by Request

Rolled and Shipped 42"x30" Region Map by Alyssa Faden $30 USA Shipping only

Map extras -- additional map in same tube $20 **$175 pledge levels add $10 for tube shipping (folded map is included in your pledge)

 International Backers Contact me for amounts (Except at $250 pledge level, I will send you one regardless) 

 Extra Boxed Set $50 

 Lesser Gnome T-Shirt $15

 Lesser Gnome Hat $15

 Thopas' Big Sack o'Swag (Includes Hat, T-Shirt and More) $40 

 Jeff Dee Print Extra $TBD 

Pathfinder/OGL Version Will Happen the Right Way, If We Fund High Enough

I have had enough direct interest that I am leaning toward adding an option for a Pathfinder specific version of Whisper & Venom should we surpass $20,000 in funding (which is very possible) This will be a separate printed version that will be retooled by a professional with a publication history with that system. 

If I do this it will be printed separately and I will attempt to get it approved by Paizo to be an official 3rd Party License (Otherwise it will use the Open Gaming License). If this happens you may select it and this version will replace the one that ships in November. I promise to fulfill it in Spring 2013, but as this is another whole layer with its own changes I cannot guarantee exactly when. This is what I will guarantee: I will line up and pay the author immediately after funding, when the PDF goes live for the original Whisper & Venom you will have access to it, and you will get constant updates on its progress. 

What I cannot do is make two shipments without a small fee (for shipping the minis in November), as I said I want to make everyone as happy as possible but I have a responsibility to not go broke doing so. This is a good reason to spread the word to others who may be on the fence if this is something you would like to see. I am excited for the possible opportunity of doing it, but I am only willing to do it if it is the absolute best accessory I can make it. Which means a clean, solid and tested version guided by an experienced professional and designed for layout out appropriately. 


Just an early heads-up. Once the project has ended there is a two-week period until all the funds are collected (most are collected immediately . Around the 15th day (July 21st) you will receive a survey and an invitation to Backerkit. Backerkit is a management system that helps me and helps you by easily and seamlessly sorting out the rewards levels and various add-ons and information I need to get your rewards to you. It costs you nothing but is an extra guarantee I could provide that I felt hastened your fulfillment and avoided mistakes. More about that will be shared as we get close to the mid-July timeframe.


Add-on Tutorial

How to raise your pledge for add-ons…

If you are planning on adding anything to your reward, raising your pledge now versus the last few hours of the project helps us both by unlocking more possibilities and enhancements earlier which in turn brings more backers. The busy point in any Kickstarter that has shown consistent daily growth (as this one has, thanks to you all) is the final 72 hours. Having a solid set of stretch goals exceeded by that point builds a potential snowball effect that makes everyone happier (me, those of you who want more options or extras included in your current pledges, artists who get extra work etc.).

If you would like to add-on something that is not included in your level or extras of anything here are the steps to take in order to do so.

On the right side-bar you will see an option that says manage your pledge, click on that and it will bring you to the pledge manager. On the top you will see a dollar amount that equals your current pledge. Add the amount for the add-on you want and hit the “continue to the next” step button. Which brings you to the Amazon Payments interface. Continue exactly as you did when you pledged initially.

For example- Thopas T. Gnome has pledged $75 for the Straight Thop! package and would like to add the retro-module and the 42”x30” rolled poster map.

1. Make sure you are logged into your Kickstarter Account and go to the Whisper & Venom Project Page.

2. Then add up $75 (the initial pledge) +$25 (module) + $30 (map) for a total of $130.

3. Click “Manage My Pledge” on the right sidebar near the project total funding amount.

4. Change $75.00 to $130.00 in the pledge amount field

5. Click Continue to Next Step… Just like when you first pledge you are not charged at this time. You are simply giving an authorization.

If you have any questions (about anything) please contact me by clicking on the “Contact Me” next to my profile image on the project page.


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