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Boxed Set Adventure for use with any fantasy role-playing system. Featuring gamebooks, poster maps, dice, 28 mm minis, & more
203 backers pledged $23,307 to help bring this project to life.

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Last 48 hours on Death & Taxes

Posted by Lesser Gnome (Creator)

Hey all,

I thought I was done with anymore updates here, but the last few hours of Death & Taxes has made it a real value for anyone who loves fantasy role-playing game adventures- you, for example :). Enough of a value that I wanted to share one more time in case any of you interested. It is shaping up to be a box set worthy of following up Whisper & Venom.

To make this a shorter email, shorter for me at least, I made handsome graphics of what you can expect from a pledge to Death & Taxes.

The Retro Module $30

The $70 deluxe box set

and the $40 Minis only box set...

And the add-on figurines that are available...

The stretch goals that are soooo close to being added...

Gnolls (Hopefully a whole pack of these). Here is Lloyd's first concept piece for the Gnoll(s)

The Hydra Fountain....

And the $18,000 stretch goal unlocks a sculpt of a fountain that doubles as a guardian. I am committed to making this piece the absolute highest quality kit possible. your table for a miniatures game....

The Hydra fountain, central feature of The Auctor from Death & Taxes. I said in the last Death & Taxes update that this will be the nicest piece of terrain I can get made. I am willing to stake my reputation on that. It will be included in pledges of $200+ and an add-on for $30 for all other pledge levels.

It is already over 90% cool just using Nic Genovese's sculpt of the Hydra as a reference...

For those of you who have already pledged for Death & Taxes (and it is a large percentage of you) I am very grateful. For those of you who haven't please take a look at what it has to offer. Especially if you enjoyed Whisper & Venom.

The box set will be available for old-school systems, Pathfinder and, with $17,500 in funding (and a friendly OGL announcement from Wizards of the Coast) we will make a version for the newest edition of the worlds oldest role-playing game.

Thank you again for supporting Lesser Gnome. Now I am going to write an a newsletter update for subscribers. 

If you want to know what is in that update, fear not! Most of you are already subscribers. Thanks for having been so awesome on Whisper & Venom!

The Head Gnome

Death & Taxes - Project Launch

Posted by Lesser Gnome (Creator)
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Greetings Whisper & Venom backers!

If you enjoyed Whisper & Venom and would like to see what having over a year of experience does for a project then grab your forms and click on the link!

The first few days of the project are all about getting funding and getting notice. If you are a Pathfinder or fifth edition fan just know that the arrangements to make full conversions for them are already in effect. The faster we can get funded the faster the stretch goals can be justified (including quality figurines, maps, cards, dice and loads of extra game-focused content.).

First stretch goal figurine-

Thank you all for your support of Whisper & Venom. It was one of the best things I have done in my nerdy life. I look forward to continuing to prove that high-quality games can be produced using crowdfunding. More importantly I want to see Death & Taxes raise the standards for us with writing, design and gameplay.

I also want to show Paizo what happens when Gnomes get even more focused. We can show them at the ENnie Awards next year. Simply so Thopas can say, "Vengence is mine!".

Thanks again!


PS- If you ordered The FIrst Sentinel it is now at the printer and the miniatures for it are being cast. If you have not reserved your copy you can do so until Monday.

Here are a few pics of the prototype figurine. The appendages are very bendable and the base nice and heavy. 

The First Sentinel, A few goblins still homeless

Posted by Lesser Gnome (Creator)
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Greetings all,

Update Cliff Notes - Some non-responses on the last of the goblins, The First Sentinel Pre-Order

I still have goblin sets for any of you who have neglected to get to the site and place your order. Remember these are part of your reward from Whisper & Venom and there are no additional costs for you.

So...If you want them come and claim them :)

The instructions and personalized coupon code is in your Kickstarter message archives. If you have any trouble please contact me through Kickstarter or at

Pre-Orders begin for The First Sentinel

Reserve a copy by directing your browsing software of choice to

The First Sentinel delves deeper into the enigmatic power found within the Mouthgate Chamber- the final encounter in Whisper & Venom. This makes it ideal for expanding any campaigns in the Whisper Vale.

The Nexid watchtowers are reappearing in the land. One has been found. A reclusive adventurer has stumbled upon it and become ensnared by a powerful magic item at the tower’s top. Can he be freed? Should he?

The First Sentinel is the next old-school adventure release from the ENnie Award Gnominees at Lesser Gnome. Within its pages Game Masters have a complete adventure for three to six players using character levels between three and five. Characters are tasked with solving a small mystery involving a missing resident. Clues could offer muted warnings or, if followed closely, will bring them face to face with a vanguard of the demonic Nexid.

Written by Edwin Nagy, illustrated by Lloyd Metcalf and produced by Lesser Gnome The First Sentinel is designed for use with classic fantasy role-playing systems. It is scheduled to ship in October worldwide for $25 plus shipping.

This limited edition will be printed only once in the fashionable retro gaming styles of yore. Lesser Gnomes’ first-ever limited edition release, Bird of a Feather, sold out of its print run in its entirety. If I need another copy now I will have to steal it from my Mom.

Included with the limited edition-
  • The First Sentinel 16 page adventure booklet written by Edwin Nagy and edited by John Hammerle.

  • The custom sculpted 28 mm Nexid Spider figurine by Tim Prow cast in a translucent resin.

  • A detached folded cover with original art by Lloyd Metcalf. So retro it requires a save vs. nostalgia to open (failure leads to uncontrollable reminiscing about gaming days of yore).

  • A full color 11" x 17" Map Insert (including the Original Whispers Vale Map by Alyssa Faden, as well as the specific adventure location with added detail).


    Here are some images of the Nexid Spider (sculpt by Tim Prow).

    A few last minute surprises might make it in as well.

    Reserve a copy by directing your browsing software of choice to

All good things...

Posted by Lesser Gnome (Creator)

Greeting Backers...

Update Cliff Notes: A thank you to everyone, get your goblins, get stuff you missed at a discount, upcoming products and kickstarter projects.

All good things come to an end

Thank you for your support of Whisper & Venom.

I just received the final, ever so elusive, goblin miniatures (see below). This final shipment ends the Whisper & Venom crowd funding extravaganza. It was an extremely successful project from start to finish (the tardy goblins you are about to receive being the exception). We had more positive feedback and recognition than any group of gnomes deserve. Even having the opportunity to lose to Paizo, Inc. and Monte Cook Games in the ENnie Awards two weeks ago was, to say the least, a totally unexpected outcome. I never felt so awesome losing anything else in my life.

This is where I am supposed to congratulate the winners.

Moving on…

Death & Taxes

Whisper & Venom started as a bucket list project I hoped to give away as an 8 page PDF. It became an ENnie nominated deluxe box set crammed with as many useful (and not so useful- tattoos comes to mind) accessories and play aids as we could dream up. Since the Kickstarter we have been able to dream up many more. Many of these will be stretch goals and add-ons for our next Kickstarter. It is called Death & Taxes. We expect to launch it in about one month.

Death & Taxes takes place in the same world as Whisper & Venom in the region just south of the Vale. It will, just like Whisper & Venom, have easy campaign integration with your world. That respect for your game, the highest quality writing and professional production values remain our top priority. We plan on using everything we have learned in the last two years to make Death & Taxes the finest crowd funded RPG project to date. I will make an announcement here when it goes live and in the newsletter as well.

Newsletter, what newsletter?

The one many of you signed up for in Backerkit way back in August of last year. Rather than just import addresses from the Kickstarter database we would rather give you a more specific opt-in opportunity. You will see the subscription checkbox during your checkout when you place the “order” for your goblin fulfillment.

Goblin Fulfillment

Here they are…

Over the next few hours I will be sending coupons codes tailored to your pledge level via Kickstarter message. To get the goods go to the link in the message, put the goblins in your cart and use the coupon. This will accomplish two things. First, I will have updated addresses from everyone (as some of you have moved). Second it gives me exact counts for packaging and shipping in a neat, tidy ready file.

Well, ok three things…it will also get you your goblins.

In the same message you will see a second coupon good for 25% off everything we sell. This is as a thank you for your support. To thank you even more anything you purchase with it ON THE SAME TRANSACTION WITH THE GOBLINS will qualify for free shipping.

Yep, free. Pick-up any miniatures, books or boxes you may have missed. They make excellent gifts for the RPG enthusiasts in your life.


I have contacted the contest grand prize winners and heard back from all but one. Should you be one of the winners your prize will arrive with your goblins. I have some secondary prizes for a number of you as well, you will receive these with your package. If you won one of these you will know when you get your goblins.

All and all we had 59 people who had a combined 167 entries. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Bird of a Feather PDF

If you missed purchasing the limited edition of our second product, Bird of a Feather, you can make right with yourself and pick up the just released PDF version. The second coupon in your forthcoming message will discount the PDF (as well as everything else we sell).

Coming Soon

Not every project is a crowd funded. The next release on our schedule is another short called The First Sentinel. It will be released in a limited edition old-school style module with a figurine (fun fact: the figurine is of the friendly creature in the image below). We will be doing preorders for this release soon.

Reminder regarding the newsletter

At the goblin checkout there is a checkbox that lets you officially become one of Thopas' Ilk. As one of his Ilk you will have many privileges, chief among them membership in the Dishonor Roll- the email subscriber list. We hate spam and don't share addresses so if you want to keep up with us you have nothing to lose.

So if you want to keep up with Lesser Gnome’s product releases, Kickstarter projects and/or convention schedule please check the subscribe box. I don’t envision sending more than two per quarter and you can unsubscribe at any time. Be mindful though, Thopas would remember and duly note your bold act of indifference.

Should you opt not to opt-in you can still follow us on twitter (@lessergnome), Like Us on Facebook ( or join our Lesser Gnome G+ Community.

Or you can ignore us completely :)


Thank you again from all of us. None of this project would have been possible without you.

Zach, John & everyone from Lesser Gnome

Final 5 Prototype Images - ENnies reminder

Posted by Lesser Gnome (Creator)
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Greetings Backers!

ENnies Voting Ends soon!

Please do not forget to vote for Whisper & Venom in the 2014 ENnie Awards- we are nominated for Best Miniatures Product and Best Production Values. Our competition is big, but even a silver in either category would make a big difference for us.

So if you haven’t yet please head over to

Tell your friends :)

Prototypes of the final 5 goblins have arrived

A picture says it all.

I will be ordering these for all of you that are missing them very soon. Once I place the order there will be an update sending you to our web store where you will be able to “order” your set. A coupon code will make your order free, but this process allows me to have updated addresses and information to close out the Whisper & Venom Kickstarter for good.

Once I hear from the casting company regarding a timeframe for delivery I will get that information out to you.

Thanks again for everything,

Zach Glazar

Enjoy a few more pictures ….