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Designing a new way to build software & manage complexity - a visual development environment for all
Designing a new way to build software & manage complexity - a visual development environment for all
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Kickstarter Plans Active! New Feature Releases

Posted by The Grid (Creator)

We are announcing the release of an early stable version of Flowhub, and with it we are activating the time-limited Kickstarter Reward Plans! Our team is super excited with this release as this is the first version of Flowhub that enables full application development with private repository support.

How to claim your KS reward

We are sending out details through Kickstarter to qualifying backers with instruction on how to claim your reward. Please look out for the message from Kickstarter. To be clear, the clock on qualifying plans will start on January 1, 2015, but you can start using them today.

Feature Releases

With the new version release, we have some new features to highlight including fully rewritten GitHub integration, Node Search, Live Mode and previously released but unannounced Auto Layout.

GitHub Rewrite 

As part of the Flowhub Kickstarter Plan release, GitHub integration has been completely rewritten enabling a more robust Github push/pull experience. In addition Flowhub now offers support for private repositories for paid users. This was an important feature required for us to deliver on the Flowhub Kickstarter Plans.

GitHub Synchronization Tool
GitHub Synchronization Tool

With the new GitHub synchronization tool you can both push and pull with GitHub repositories, as well as choose how to handle possible versioning conflicts.

Node Search

By adding a couple of properties to do search on graph views, Node Search allows you to easily search for components within your graphs in Flowhub. To test the feature, go to the component search box and press tab, you can now search nodes of the current graph. Press tab again to go back to component search. Developed through the open source contribution of Lionel Landwerlin. Check out the below video for a demo.

Flowhub Live Mode

Another nice feature to highlight is the addition of Live Mode by Lionel Landwerlin and Jon Nordby. You can now connect real-time to Flow-Based software running in different environments. Load your runtime into Flowhub and monitor, debug, and modify applications without having to restart them. Below is a video demo showing Live Mode using Flowhub, Raspberry Pi, and NFC.

Auto Layout

This next one has been out for a while, however unannounced, Auto Layout is a handy little feature developed by Vilson Vieira together with KIELER / KLay team that automatically organizes your Flowhub graphs with the click of a button (or Magic Stick). Whether creating a new graph or reorganizing an existing one, to align and organize the components just call Auto Layout and the algorithm will do it for you. You can read more about Auto Layout on the blog.

Auto Layout Demo
Auto Layout Demo

Getting help with Flowhub

While this release is a major milestone for us, the work on both Flowhub and the various runtimes continues. If you find any issues with the Flowhub interface, please report them to the GitHub issue tracker at

If you have any questions about Flow-Based Programming in general, the NoFlo support page lists several ways to get help

What comes next

As mentioned earlier, this is an early stable version of Flowhub that fulfills our commitment in activating the Kickstarter Reward Plans.

While we are a bit behind our June 2014 scheduled delivery, we have packed more features into Flowhub than was the initial scope of the project. The development work on Flowhub goes on. We will continue to improve the experience as we use the software everyday.

Flowhub / NoFlo UI source analysis by Open Hub
Flowhub / NoFlo UI source analysis by Open Hub

Next up we’ll show you some of the amazing production work we are doing with Flowhub.

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