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Second print run of an intersectional, queer, feminist Tarot deck and guidebook with gender neutral language.
Second print run of an intersectional, queer, feminist Tarot deck and guidebook with gender neutral language.
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Decks on the way from printer + survey update

Posted by Noel Arthur Heimpel (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to say that I received my advance copy from the printer this week and approved it, which means the rest of my order has been released for shipping! Yay!

It takes about a month or so for the decks to ship from China to me and go through customs, so it seems like they're on time as far as the "late April" ETA they originally gave me for a timeline. Obviously delays can very much happen in the shipping & customs process itself, but so far so good, and I'll keep you updated if anything changes.

Thank you all so much for being quick to fill out your surveys! There are only 46 people who haven't done so yet. You still have time, but the sooner, the better. Some important reminders and info regarding surveys and such:

  • If you haven't received or can't find your survey email, you can go to this link and enter the email address you sign in to Kickstarter with to fill it out:
  • You can still change your address at any time and will be warned before I lock addresses for shipping in May. Go to and log in to make changes to your address. 
  • If for some reason you have trouble changing your address or filling out your survey, please contact me via Kickstarter message or email at so I can help.
  • If you are moving in May and aren't sure what address to use, also message or email me so we can make arrangements.

An important note about add-ons! Specifically, anyone who paid for more things AFTER the Kickstarter that required you to add funds by card/PayPal/Stripe*: 

  • If you paid by PayPal, I believe it already charged you for your additional funds automatically so please don't worry about this note.
  • If you paid any other way, you haven't been charged yet because I have to manually lock and charge  those orders. I will be doing these when I close pre-order sales on April 15th, so you can expect the charges to go through around then. Right now there are only 19 of you, plus anyone who hasn't filled out their survey yet & wants to add things they didn't add funds to their original pledge for. Just be prepared!
  • I don't know why there's this discrepancy between Paypal and the other charge methods in Backerkit but like, it is what it is. The last time I used Backerkit, they either didn't have the Paypal option or I didn't use it so this is a new thing I'm dealing with.

*if you added extra money to your Kickstarter pledge for add-ons and came out even during the survey process (you didn't have to add any money post-Kickstarter), this isn't for you, don't worry.

Hope you all are having a good March so far!

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