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Second print run of an intersectional, queer, feminist Tarot deck and guidebook with gender neutral language.
Second print run of an intersectional, queer, feminist Tarot deck and guidebook with gender neutral language.
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Surveys go out tomorrow from Backerkit!

Posted by Noel Arthur Heimpel (Creator)

 Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well!

Survey links are going out tomorrow! They are from Backerkit and will go to the email address you used to pledge on Kickstarter. Please click the link in the email and fill them out ASAP.

Some backers already received their survey emails when I did the smoke test a few weeks ago, so if you've already filled yours out, you shouldn't get another email and you're totally good to go.

Important survey notes:
- You can log back in to Backerkit and change your address on your order at ANY TIME until I lock addresses for shipping in May. You will get an email notice before this happens.
- If you are moving in May and aren't sure what address to use, please fill out the survey with one of  them and then email or message me here on Kickstarter so I can make a note to check in with you or make arrangements when shipping time comes.
- Shipping ETA is still May 2019, as far as I know. I will be checking in with the printer soon to see if I can get an updated estimate.

So excited to get these decks in your hands!


In the meantime, if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you've probably seen the "daily focus readings" I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! If not, go check them out through the links above (try IG or FB, Twitter has a lot of other stuff on it). I have a ton of fun doing them, and I hope they've been helpful to those of you reading. From some of the responses, it seems like they are! 

Which is why I have a new offer: every Tuesday, Patrons subscribed at $5/mo or more will get all three readings for the week at once, with additional insight into how all three readings for the week tie together. These readings are not predictive, but meant to provide insight and guidance on where to focus our mind/body/spirit that day.

If you're not familiar, Patreon is a creator subscription service. You pledge as little as $1 per month to a creator, me, and then get exclusive rewards in return. You can read them on Patreon's site or app in a feed just like social media, or you can have updates sent to your email and read them there right when they've been posted.

Click here to see my Patreon page and the various reward tiers offered.

This new offer is specifically part of the $5 tier, which also gets you:

  • Exclusive views of cards for my new oracle deck not yet publicly released
  • Immediate downloads of Chapter 1 & 2 of The Thread That Binds, my new fantasy comic (68pgs)
  • A monthly in-depth group Tarot reading every New Moon
  • Access to dozens of downloads in the archive

Patreon is very important to my income (especially with the decks, my main income, still in production; Kickstarter money doesn't pay my bills, selling the stuff I make with the Kickstarter money does), and every dollar is important. It adds up! So even if you can't pledge $5/mo, $1 or $2 still gets you a lot of cool things and helps me keep creating cards and comics full time. You can cancel whenever you want, too!

And no worries if you can't pledge, of course. You've already supported me amazingly with this Kickstarter and I'm so grateful to every single one of you <3

Examples of past daily focus readings <3
Examples of past daily focus readings <3
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