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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 8 2017
nodezBy nodez
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nodezBy nodez
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pledged of 100 000 $pledged of 100 000 $ goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 8 2017

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Graham on

      Any new news on if you are coming back out? I think you might have missed the boat though.

    2. Scream House Games on

      I don't get it. You exceeded your $100K goal but are cancelling the campaign because you want to make more money? Sounds like your a bit greedy or you just didn't crunch the numbers before you started your campaign. I do understand that marketing is key for the success of kickstarter projects but yours is a success since you exceeded your goal with $117,355..... re we missing something here? Anyhow, looking forward to the next campaign and perhaps based on some peoples questions there will be some additions improvements to your product. Great idea though! As a Realtor, I would love to put these into each of the homes I want to sell.

    3. Missing avatar


      Sorry to see the cancellation but looking forward to the return of the product!!

    4. b4market

      It is possible to check the current status of the window open or close?

    5. Investment Biker on

      From where do you ship it? I am from Europe, therefore it would be great to ship it from Europe :-)

    6. Graham Tubbs on

      sorry - why use 6 x AA and NOT 1 x 9v?

    7. Graham Tubbs on

      I have a couple of questions, both regarding the Nodez guard:
      1: Why 6 x AA and 1 x 9v?
      2: Will the Guard be submitted for testing and certification/approval by the various regulatory bodies?

    8. Missing avatar

      JY on

      Hi, Great project!
      I have some questions.

      1. Buttons - Can buttons be configured to do different things depending on situations? can you configure it to do different things if double clicked or long pressed?
      2. I understand that all actions can be managed through the app and the buttons are just physical convenience addons, is that correct?
      3. Ambient sensors - are they good to be mounted outside on balcony? possibly under direct sunlight? I'm thinking about having one to collect outdoor measurements.
      4. Batteries - are they easily changeable? what type of batteries would they be using?
      5. Socket - My understanding is that in order to control lights with nodez, the original wall switch must stay on at all times. Is there a way to use both original wall switch and nodez to control lights? like, if somebody walks in the door and uses the switch because its right there, but some time later wants to turn it off with app, or the other way around.
      6. Maybe for above reason, a "smart wall switch" might be a very good addon to your set, that you can press to act like a normal switch but also can be managed remotely as well.

    9. Missing avatar


      @creator the pledge calculator is a great idea some campaigns make it more complicated than it needs to be.
      I was also wondering if you could list individual retail prices? My concerned is the retail price of the socket in particular. I won't know if it's a viable option for me until I have one in my hand.

    10. Missing avatar

      JAMES Mayville on

      @creator Yes it does and thank you for fast response

    11. nodez Creator on

      @James: The Nodez remote is able to control any thermostat that has a remote control. We don't currently off a "thermostat" Node although we may down the line. Alternatively any thermostat that has a channel to IFTTT could also work with our Nodez. Hope this answers your question!

    12. Missing avatar

      JAMES Mayville on

      @creator Can you control temp (do you have thermostat)or is there a thermostat that can work with system

    13. nodez Creator on

      @Simon Chapple

      We'll definitely have a developer zone available in the future for this kind of stuff. Thank you!

    14. Simon Chapple on

      @Creator thanks for your reply. Can I ask then whether its possible for us to create our own sensors that we can connect to the hub? Obviously that would require you to publish the bluetooth protocol you are using and enable use of your authentication mechanism, although you could do this with an additional third party developer protocol and not compromise your own internal one... I think if you were to do this then Nodez could attract a lot more backers from the maker community

    15. nodez Creator on

      Hi @Simon Chapple,

      The flood sensor is "water-proof/water-resistant" and it floats. We have not done long-term submersion trials on the flood detector and therefore don't know how long it can continue to work underwater. As production begins, however, we will do limited trials to ascertain this and report back. Thank you.

    16. nodez Creator on

      Hi @Jason Graham,

      This is a question we wont be able to answer until we finish our campaign as the numbers of units our backers want will decide many of these questions. We have several partners that we'll use to complete the manufacture of the Nodez and once the campaign is finished we'll be better able to answer these questions. Thank you.

    17. Simon Chapple on

      @Creator can you respond to my previous question about maximum length of time of immersion for the flood monitor device? Thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason Graham on

      Now that you know you are going to be funded, what is your plan? Are you able to move on to the final design or certification? Will you be building the devices locally or out sourcing to another country? Will you have to get each device certified separately or as a package?

    19. nodez Creator on

      @Qualified backer Thanks for the comments! We always appreciate detailed feedback. Your suggestions are valued and we'd love to pick your brain going forward if you've got time. If you could message your contact info (skype or email) we can schedule some time to discuss specifics...
      Thanks again!

    20. nodez Creator on

      Hi @Cas_per_M

      We don't plan to ship from multiple locations at this time. It will be possible to select the 433Mhz switch from the list on the Nodez App and use it with the Nodez Remote, if it's a common remote.

      Thank you.

    21. Cas_per_M on

      Could you maybe take a look at my question, and try to answer it?

      Would be much appreciated! :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Your dedication and openness gives me comfort in you being able to deliver :)
      I apologize for it taking me a day to answer, on the other hand you do get a lot of references :)

      1) Thumbs up for answering for BLE as well :)
      The issue is that this is a burglar strategy as well (I know this from security companies)
      That systems that trigger on jamming will be triggered 3 nights in a row, meaning that it is ignored the 4th night where they steal everything.
      The solution: Security systems should always be wired, never wireless.

      2) :) I am glad that you are aware of this and also make your users aware of this :)

      3) That is a strawman argument https://youtu.be/cGZkCPo7tC0
      sending dogs or needing an army is ludicrous and not what I asked for.
      I contested the word burglar alarm and security. Because those very well defined words.
      A security system / burglar alarm is intended to stop people from stealing.
      The usual way for doing this is calling out guards.
      Alarms that are just a siren are more often than not just ignored.
      Especially if false alarms are triggered; see 1)
      Secondly all emergency services I know (all of USA and Europe) outright disallow automated calls in order for false alarms to not fill the system with false alarms. Hence a lot of companies have a subscription service for sending out a guard, that then will call the emergency services. The same goes for fires by the way, there are VERY strict rules for automated systems calling the fire service.
      It would actually be illegal for one of your users to have nodez call 911 (USA) or 112 (Europe) I recommend making a filter in your rules system, but noting that while +1 911 XXX XXX is not allowed, +45 911 XX XXX indeed is an allowed and valid phone number.

      4) Are you using a nRF52840 that only features a cryptocell-310?
      https://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/News/News-releases/Product-Related-News/Bluetooth-5-ready-SoC-from-Nordic-redefines-scope-for-smart-home-IoT-and-wearables-by-delivering-4x-range-2x-bandwidth-and-enhanced-security-with-on-chip-ARM-CryptoCell-cryptographic-accelerator https://developer.arm.com/products/system-ip/trustzone-cryptocell/cryptocell-312
      That does explain why you went for 128 bit keys rather than 256 (which is available on the CryptoCell 700 family) :)
      A shame that embedded systems are still using this when 256 requires so little exta processing power. But NIST is on your side, 128 secure bits is considered enough until 2030+ (SP-800-57 Table 4) but if you lose 16 of those bits due to implementation error it will no longer be allowed by 2030.
      Be very aware of this when you are building a platform on 128 bits of security: every bit counts. It is less of an issue with longer keys.

      5) Interesting statement that something that most people will never experience (nearly dying in a fire) is far more important that noticing if people are spending time in a room. It is a judgement call and hence it is interesting to see your thoughts on risk assessment and priorities. Thank you for letting me know that you prioritize low chance high outcome risks to high probability convenience.
      It hints to me that a big part of the nodez design philosophy is safety and security rather than home automation.
      This may very well clash some day. I encourage you to have a talk on if nodez should be:
      A) Convenience in Home Automation
      B) Security and Safety (life and death situations on system failure hence heavily regulated)

      6) I agree that metering is more expensive, but it is a marginal cost: You already have the plastic mold, a circuit board, most of the manufacturing costs.
      Hence the difference between buying one with and one without is way smaller than the consumer having to replace a non-metered switch because they get bored of it's uselessness.

      7) A remote control is a remote control, a physical one is even easier than having to open an app and going through menus first :)
      You are of cause correct in the scenario you made here, but it really is not a scenario that interests me. I have tried that. It sounds interesting in theory, but it feels just like a remote control. The plugs I have with metering gives me much more joy than the simple on/off switches hence I am not buying those any more.
      I use the 20$ RF plugs for anything that I need to turn on and off remotely.
      Because without metering being able to turn a plug on or off does not really matter, if the thing that is plugged in is not on anyway.
      (a TV, Playstation or phone charger in standby mode versus being used)
      Metering shows if the gadget is actually on or not plus gives much more data on power usage and activity.
      For this reason I consider metering a necessity rather than overkill.
      Why should I want to get a notification saying "Socket with the stove is on" if the stove is not on or only using minimal energy for it's LED display.
      What I want to know is if the oven or a hot plate is on.
      It is up to you at nodez, I am just telling you that in my experience pure on/off IoT plugs are nearly useless especially for their high price, compared to an RF remote controlled one where I get 2-4 and a remote control for 20$.
      (if WigWag had delivered, one of their big advantages was just that: they intented to support those cheap RF on/off plugs)

      8) Short answer: No, a stray dog is not security, that is safety.
      Security: having a steel door to the bank with a hard to pick lock or deadbolt. (preventing theft)
      Safety: enabling this door to be unlocked from the inside and act as an emergency exit in case of fire. (preventing harm)
      I really recommend that you have a meeting on the design philosophy of nodez, what you intent to solve: Convenience, safety or security. Being sure to get the terminology right.

      That nodez is as much a security system as other home automation systems does not make it a security system. I do know an alarm / security system company that is moving into home automation, that is selling their products in physical shops. Their home automation system is really really bad and almost just a remote control with very little automation.

      They are good at security, bad at automation.
      Nodez is bad at security and good at automation.

      I would recommend the security company with a 24/7 guard call center to stop selling remote controlled plugs as much as I recommend you at nodez making security and safety systems that may kill people if they fail.
      That is the difference between home automation
      and safety/security.
      System failure in Home Automation is an inconvenience
      System failure in Safety/Security other may kill you

      By the way an EULA will not cover you if you sell a smoke alarm, it then fails to work and their family sues you. You sold it as a smoke alarm, you have to be darned sure that it will work. I recommend that you read ISO 6-1508
      I wish you good luck in getting the nodez guard certified as a smoke alarm.
      CO2 meters are way easier to get certified as they are only for convenience: Human presence, not life and death situations.

      To save you money and time (ISO 6-1508 is really boring to read), here is a copy of the most essential info from it; Table 2 & 3.
      Yes, those are hours. For continuous systems you are allowed an error each 10'000 hours of continuous use for Safety Integrity Level 1.
      That is the difference between safety and convenience.
      Between security/safety systems and home automation

      Table 2 — Safety integrity levels — target failure measures for a safety function operating in low demand mode of operation

      Safety integrity level (SIL)

      Average probability of a dangerous failure on demand of the safety function (PFDavg)
      ≥ 10^-5 to < 10^-4
      ≥ 10^-4 to < 10^-3
      ≥ 10^-3 to < 10^-2
      ≥ 10^-2 to < 10^-1

      Table 3 — Safety integrity levels — target failure measures for a safety function operating in high demand mode of operation or continuous mode of operation

      Safety integrity level (SIL)

      Average probability of a dangerous failure of the safety function [h^-1] (PFH)
      ≥ 10^-9 to < 10^-8
      ≥ 10^-8 to < 10^-7
      ≥ 10^-7 to < 10^-6
      ≥ 10^-6 to < 10^-5

    23. Simon Chapple on

      @Creator Fabulous project. Very happy to be backing. Quick question. In my home scenario, flooding is a real and present danger. With your flood monitor, how long can it go fully submerged in water? (I'm hoping indefinetly...)

    24. Cas_per_M on


      Will switching on/off 433 mHz switches be possible using the Nodez Remote?

      Also, how will you handle shipping duties? (for instance, shipping from multiple locations?)

      Thanks in advance! :-)

    25. nodez Creator on

      @Qualified backer:

      Wow, a lot of questions... Here are some answers:

      1. The Nodez talk to each other via BLE5. The security scenarios are standalone in the hub. Therefore, wifi jamming wouldn't compromise the Nodez security scenarios. But the bluetooth could also be jammed. In this instance you could program the Nodez alarm to go off when there's no intra-Nodez communication.

      2. There's still wifi activity even though you are not there, uploading sensor info etc. You can program the Nodez to turn on/off lights or any other scenario remotely and thus cause wifi and ble5 activity.

      3. There is no call center established with Nodez. These vary from country to country, it would impossible to have this setup everywhere, most emergency call centers (911 etc) don't have open digital channels. As for protecting rural areas where the alarm goes off but ignored by everyone, what would be the alternative? Shipping trained German Shepherds with the Nodez might be a bit costly. If you are looking for a 100% guaranteed solution to protect against all types of intruders etc, you wont be satisfied with any solution. You need a small army of armed human guards protecting you:)

      4. The core specs of ble5 allow us to use 128 bit aes. To enhance security we also have System On Chip(nRF) enhanced security with an on-chip ARM CryptoCell cryptographic accelerator.

      5. Carbon monoxide kills you in your sleep and is far more important to track than carbon dioxide. Maybe we can add this suggestion as a stretch goal, however, it's an interesting suggestion.

      6. Metering would make the Nodez more expensive although it is a good idea. Maybe add it on as an upgrade. Everything cant be standard, unfortunately, otherwise its overkill and we price out a lot of people.

      7. Dumb rf plugs? Do they send your phone a notification when on for too long? Can be remotely controlled and check on? And do so all with an integrated app that controls everything else? Sounds too good to be true:))

      8. You can put a Node on your dogs collar and get notified when it strays a few feet from home. This isn't security? The security aspect can be customized for each user. Nodez is as much a security system as other competing products are. If you know of a smart home solution with 24/7 human monitoring that will call to check up on you and connect you to the police all without any monthly fees all over the world, please let us know (Nodez has no monthly fees.)

    26. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Thank you very much for the reply nodez :)
      I think feature creep killed WigWag, that and a management philosophy of not admitting guilt and giving up after a loss.
      When WigWag started there were no IoT platform to build on, you (nodez) have chosen Amazon's platform. (WigWag went with Google's)
      WigWag has also gone through many hardware and design iterations, never settling as they move so slow that technology keeps outrunning them, having spent all the money on now obsolete prototypes.

      I am glad that you at nodez are aware of these other projects and have worked out a plan to not end in the same situation.

      Question 1:
      What happens to the security system when a thief has a Wi-Fi jammer?
      At least in my country thieves have started using these.
      (Hence I recommend IoT be used for automation, but not security)

      Question 2:
      nodez data is encrypted, but thieves have now started listening for Wi-Fi activity, looking for known security and IoT devises, to spot when people are not home (low activity), especially during holidays.
      How does nodez combat metadata on data-volumes from telling thieves that no one is home?

      Question 3:
      You call nodez a burglar alarm.
      That usually means calling a center that sends out guards.
      Are you confident that nodez will not provide any false alarms incurring large fines?
      Motion detectors with a siren but no guards are usually ignored by thieves in rural areas as they get the valuable stuff out while wearing ear plugs.

      Question 4:
      Why only 128 bit keys for AES and not 256?

      Question 5:
      Will there be a CO2 detector in the "guard"?
      CO2 in my experience is a very good indicator of human presence, hence good for automation :)

      Question 6:
      Will the "plug" and "socket" have metering?
      I am honestly a little tired of bulky remote control on/off switches, when some models have metering (Amps, Voltage, Watt)
      Metering gives nice graphs and hence benefits while the on/off function is not in use.
      Rather than just the PlayStation socket being on, metering can show when it is actually in use (and power surges).

      I do understand the irony in suggesting more features when I have just warned about feature creep, but on the other hand I am getting tired of remote controls, I can get 4 RF remote controlled plugs for 20$ in the local supermarket.

      I like nodez for home automation, but as it is visible from my questions I highly doubt it as a security system / burglary alarm.
      OpenClose may keep children out of a drawer by giving a notification to parents.
      Letting pet owners know if the back door or garden gate opens.
      Plus turning on light in the kitchen and bathroom when the bedroom door opens past 6 AM.
      Automation, not security :)

    27. Levy Rivers

      THANKS - I needed that

    28. nodez Creator on

      @Qualified backer:

      This a great question. We've also backed several projects that either didn't deliver at all or fell short and this is frustrating.

      If you've checked out our functional prototype videos and read our descriptions the difference between our project and those you mention become obvious. The projects you mention promised to develop technology that doesn't exist in less time and for less funds than we do for technology that does exist. This is on purpose. We are very careful.

      All of the devices we've promised to deliver, we've already made. The functionality of the app is already finished. We over-budgeted both time and money because we know there are often surprises. We don't promise "machine learning" or "artificial intelligence" but rather proven technology. We have partners that have priced everything for us down to the packaging and shipping. Certification takes time, we know this, that's why this is a 6 month project and not 2-3 months. No surprises. We aim for all products to arrive much earlier than our target date but better to be early than to be late.

      We could go into production right now if we wanted to but we didn't have enough units sold to justify the fixed costs of such a project, however, we've hit our target and we do now!

      That's really it. In short we are not promising to develop non-existent technology, that's why it took us a year to get this far. There are several devices we've prototyped that we haven't included because we would need 3-4X our current goal to make it a reality and we decided not to risk it.

      Hope this answers your question:)

    29. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      What have you done that ensures that this will not end up over-promising and fail like the kickstarter projects:


      What are you doing differently?

      NinjaSphere; central hub promising hand gestures and triangulation:
      Stopped delivering, many backers did not get one and those who did (me included) received a product that was hard to set up (even for an engineer), hand movements often not working, never got the triangulation and stopped being updated.

      WigWag; central hub with offline capability and many many accessories / gadgets:
      3 years late, only hub is done, not a single of the other products and they have just announced that they will only focus on software now, scrapping the accessories / gadgets due to the vast amount of time it takes to develop and certify for a US, EU and worldwide market.
      (They have shipped out hubs to Americans backers some months ago and are selling on Amazon, feedback says it is far from what was promised)

    30. Cas_per_M on

      Just joined in, very curious to see where this goes :-)

      A question about shipping and fulfillment: will you be shipping from multiple places around the world? (i.e. US, Europe, Asia)? This would greatly reduce import duties etcetera, increasing the likeliness of people upgrading their pledges :-)

    31. nodez Creator on

      Hi @Shawn,
      There is no plan for direct integration, but it seems can be possible via IFTTT Maker Channel.
      Thank you!

    32. Shawn

      Will nodez work with homebridge? https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

    33. nodez Creator on

      Hi @tantalos11,

      the Nodez Plug is compatible with the US, UK, and EU(incl. Germany).

      Thank you!

    34. Investment Biker on

      Thank you. I will change it later on.
      The pug in, is it also for Germany/Austria? As I have seen on the picture this plugin is not our plugin. Therefore do you also have a German version?

      Thanks in advance

    35. nodez Creator on

      Hi @tantalos11,

      The default set is one unit of each node. You can add/remove whatever you want by using the PLEDGE CALCULATOR. here: www.calc.nodez.io

      Thank you!

    36. Investment Biker on

      Hey, this is a great idea...I also want to link the system with Momo. Is it also possible to get a 2nd open close sensor?

    37. Levy Rivers


    38. nodez Creator on

      @levy, thanks for the suggestions. Would be open to discussing collaboration with everyone... If alternate ecosystems are open to an IFTTT channel then there's connectivity as it is... So the answer to everyone asking will Nodez work with XYZ is, yeah, as long as it has an open IFTTT channel.

      Thank you!

    39. Levy Rivers

      I'm coming to the conclusion that projects on KS fail to think about the other projects on KS and that a backer would take serious what the implication are for other products on KS? Not to be to clever but when you advertise NodeZ as a whole home security device on KS - when there are projects on KS making the same claim - I become interest if the two projects should not be in touch with one another... It would seem to make sense. I'm supporting MoMo and NodeZ because I want them both to work to fill the wholes the other can not...I'm hoping for cooperation between the two projects (in the same way I'd want the two products to work in my home) - I'd be satisfied if there was an acknowledgement so such... and some efforts in that direction?!

    40. Levy Rivers

      Not mom but momo...

    41. Levy Rivers

      There is Mom of on KS - will your product work with it?

    42. Shawn

      Will nodez work with homebridge?

    43. nodez Creator on

      Dear @Claudiu,

      For now, no pairing with Google home or Ok Google, but it's a possibility down the road. This is because Alexa is a much better partner to pair with for smart home devices.

      Thank you

    44. nodez Creator on

      Hi @ScreamHouseGames,

      Yeah, we've had a lot of interest from many realtors so far and believe it would definitely add value to any home.
      Tech support and easy to use instructions will of course be available. Discounts? Great idea, what did you have in mind?
      English for now, will add new languages in the future based on demand.
      We will have a developed zone in the future, yes.

    45. b4market

      Nice to see that can be connected with Alexa, but what about Google home or ok google from mobile devices?

    46. nodez Creator on

      Hi @Levy,

      We've added a detailed FAQ with answers about your question, please check it out. Thank you!

    47. Scream House Games on

      As a Realtor, I feel that this can be a great selling feature of a home provided it has easy to follow instructions and tech support.... especially when pairing to Alexa. Will you have these options?
      Will you also offer discounts (after the successful kickstarter project) for KS supporters and/or bulk purchases?
      What languages does it support? If only English, what future languages will you implement?
      Lastly, will you have an sdk for developers to create add third party apps or devices?

    48. Levy Rivers

      I'm interested in how it will integrate with such products that would could be controlled by "Home Assist" using a raspberry pi or a security system like MOMO (which has its own hub) which is a current KS product - or bluetooth beacons like DOT (which is another KS project)

    49. nodez Creator on

      Hi @Shawn,

      Unfortunately it's incompatible with HomeKit but will still work on your iPhone. Making it HomeKit enabled would force us to pay Apple ridiculously high fees and make Nodez just as expensive as our competitors that use inferior technology. Thank you!

    50. Shawn

      Is this HomeKit enabled?

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