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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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Update + Feedback Form

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Hi folks!

Work continues apace on Paladin. We had to re-calibrate after one of our artists was unable to complete the assignment, but we're nearing of the end of gathering the new art!

We've attached some of the new art images for you to see!

More art previews coming! 

The Adventures book is undergoing final layout proofs, and we're hoping to have that to you in due time!

Feedback Form

It's time to collect feedback from you for errata and edits int eh corebook!

Please use the feedback form at THIS LINK to submit that! We'll leave it open for two weeks to gather all the feedback we can. 


- The Nocturnal Media Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lars Nordbeck on

      While I think the art is an improvement, I would still prefer a more "classical" medieval look to the clothes. Whith "classical" I mean, not a historically accurate style, but more of the "prince valiant" type, Which I personally think fits the theme more.

    2. MidnightBlue

      Loving the art!


    3. Hugo Barbosa on

      I'm on the fence. It's a small improvement but nothing in there screams The Song of Roland to me. In fact, the second image looks like a standard D&D piece of fantasy. Do I see a group of knights consorting with a ranger?

    4. Giuliano Gianfriglia on


      Great work

    5. Kai-Uwe Ratzeburg on

      Excellent! Now this looks way better than some of the old pieces. I’m glad you took the effort to go the extra mile!