PALADIN: Warriors of Charlemagne

by Nocturnal Media

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    1. Missing avatar

      William T Carmichael

      "Several" is a little vague. What is your current expectation of when the book will actually ship?

    2. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @William - That depends on the art director reviewing the Episodes book and determining art needs. We're also working on some faster solutions to see what we can do.

      Even if we printed in the US today, it'd still be 6-8 weeks before the books were at the fulfillment center.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brandon Hugo on

      Thank you for the update! In a related note, will the affect when those of us who selected the print copy of Pendragon 5.2 as an add-on receive the book? Thanks!

    4. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Brandon - All parts of this project will ship together.

    5. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      The Scenario, still under layout, will be ship together right? So we can estimate the delivery will begin around August or September? Or later?

    6. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Aldo - They will ship together. We're aiming for earlier than that though.

    7. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      @Gallant Knight Games, no worries. I hope we can get it earlier but I don't want that you guys rush things.

    8. Daniel Norton

      Awesome, looking forward to this one!

    9. Jetstream

      Question: Given that y'all are gonna be delayed for art, does that mean it's still gonna be a while yet before you lock down the BackerKit?

      Cuz in a few months I may well have more money and could add-on some things. I was figuring you'd charge soon, but if I have a while longer..?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      Good thing... With all of this wonderful spring weather we're having in WI, I'd be afraid the truck would get stuck in a snow bank! LOL!!!

    11. Kai-Uwe Ratzeburg on

      Thank you so much, Gallant Knight, for taking the extra effort. I’m sure this must have been a frustrating experience to face all our criticism after publishing the PDF. BUT maybe you can see it this way: for all critique you had to endure, you’ll in the end be rewarded with equal praise. We all appreciate very much that you took our comments serious. And in the end, I believe, you’ll deliver a superior product of which you can truly be proud of - and which will continue to sell positively even after the KS ends. Imagine the situation without taking the extra effort to redo the art...
      Again, thank you very much! Now I believe I really get what I pledged for!

    12. Strand on

      If things get fixed, I don't mind the extra time. The book right now is not doing the game justice.