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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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Update on PALADIN

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Hail, loyal knights!

We've heard your feedback and comments on the art inside PALADIN, and so, we've elected to acquire new art to replace some of the pieces inside the corebook. 

This will delay printing of the book a bit, and necessitate some changes to the physical upgrades to the book. 

Below are some rough sketches (these are not finals.) 

Very Rough Sketches of Replacement Art
Very Rough Sketches of Replacement Art

 Thanks for all the feedback

- The Nocturnal Media Team

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    1. Hugo Barbosa on

      Some of the art is amateurish, for instance, the pagan lady on page 170 is awful. Reminds me of some AD&D art circa 1978. Also, although this is just a minor quibble, and perhaps others share this but the cover is too digital for my tastes. I'd rather have a more artistic depiction of Charlemagne (like the cover of Pendragon 5.2 or 1st edition, now that's a cover!)

    2. Stuart Kerrigan on

      I have to admit I wanted Pendragon Campaign style portraits of all the big players in Charlemagne's reign.

    3. Ronaldo Mascarenhas on

      Thanks for the new pictures! It's a big improvement. After seeing the complaints, I compared the pdfs of Pendragon and Paladin. Paladin's art resembles that of an amateur fanzine and such a good system deserves an art that lives up to it. I just show the art of Pendragon to advertise the game. The question is: would anyone do that with the actual art of Paladin?

    4. Patrick Healey

      I am grateful for the pause as well. Thank you.

      I am also cool with some great public domain art. There is some great stuff out there.


    5. sakari lindhen on

      has the backerkit been charged yet? I havent noticed any debit on my account....

    6. Kai-Uwe Ratzeburg on

      Great work Grailknights! Thank you for listening to our remarks. The sketches alone are already an immense improvement.
      Apart from that, it’s nice to have beautiful beasts, but this is not D&D. So please concentrate more on art depicting contemporary styles of architecture, clothes and scenes to help players (and the GM) to get a feel for the setting and atmosphere of the game.
      Thank you again for not rushing the product and giving this another go. I’m now really looking forward to get the finalized product and unleashing my players onto the world...

    7. Shan Lewis

      Moreover, in just a quick look I found lots of really very serviceable public domain art that would have a great fit with the subject matter.

      From an art direction POV I think an opportunity was lost in not providing a clear unifying direction like “ it need to have an ‘illuminated’ manuscript feel” or “it needs to have the look of something like the ‘Bayeux Tapestry’” or “it’s got to evoke ‘woodblock’ production techniques”

      But yes the modern comic book type jocular art seems out of place.

      I’m really glad your paying so much attention to this and your concerned that the visual cues in the game evoke the spirit and intent of the text and the adventures it implies. Thank you.

    8. Shan Lewis

      It’s the right choice - it was very jarring to be reading through the book, with its historicity and strong flavour, only to glance down and see art that looked like it was straight out of “Dragons Lair” the video game. There’s a place for that art no doubt. However I think the game deserves a more “noble” or realistic art treatment than some of the pieces. For example the piece on p28, just has too much of a comic book - Dragons Lair “vibe” for my tastes. Whereas you look at say p54 and get a more “in context” feel from the art. I feel a missed opportunity for the art, I’d have like to see a consistent period appropriate approach much like what Eric Hotz produces ( might be worth reaching out to him, he may have pieces that are just right).

    9. Missing avatar

      Saul Morales on

      I agree with all of the previous comments. I didn't really look at the art that critically, but after seeing the comments and looking at the art again and comparing it to Pendragon previous editions it was rather bland and lacking. Kudos to those at Nocturnal for listening and not pushing out a book. I will wait for a beautiful book. Great job for all those involved and those that posted about the art and raised the issue.

    10. Simon Stroud

      These do look better, but I would really like to see more portraits of the major NPCs and depictions of each of the major cultures for male and female. I know I can go but an Osprey boom to give me the latter, but something to give players a handle on the setting is really important.

    11. Franck Florentin

      That looks great, great job Nocturnal!

    12. Missing avatar

      Greg Stafford Collaborator on

      This is fantastically wonderful news, and an example of the care and concern for quality from Nocturnal. Thank you all very, very much!