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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
1,516 backers pledged $82,769 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Thank you for your patience!

We've made two quite significant changes for shipping in the BackerKit to help alleviate costs. 

  • First: For all backers, dice are now free to ship if you're getting a physical pledge. If you're not getting physical pledges and you want dice, you'll either need to wait to buy them post-campaign, or upgrade to a physical pledge (just as a note. That was always the case, but we wanted to reiterate it.)
  • Second: For US backers only, we've worked with our shipping, and we managed to get a reduced rate on shipping your books. Now keep in mind, the two core books will likely be pushing 6 to 7 lbs of weight before any extras or add-ons, so these are heavy packages. They'll be well packed, but the weight does make shipping difficult. 
  • Our international rates didn't change as those were already spot on based on the latest information from our international shipping partner. 

Hopefully this helps! Thank you for the feedback as we improve this process.

- The Nocturnal Media team

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    1. Nigel Phillips

      When might the Pendragon PDF be made available?

    2. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @kenny - Sorry for the delay! is the best solution.

    3. sakari lindhen on

      either message him through Kickstarter or

    4. Kenny Riehle on

      How do I reach Alan?

    5. sakari lindhen on

      @Kenny, I am getting one every three days or so....check that it isnt going to spam, and then shoot Alan a message.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      @gallant knight games
      Thanks! I'll go in and update my survey to remove the dice, so there isn't any confusion.
      If you guys remember, could you shoot out an update/email when the dice are live for everyone to purchase a set?

      Thanks for the great KS!

    7. Kenny Riehle on

      I haven't even received a message for pledge manager yet, has anyone else?

    8. João Talassa on


      I have Pledged $60 for a Pledge level of $15 as I wanted to add an add-on (King Arthur Pendragon 5.2, physical product) that is not available in the add-ons lis, on

      On a related note, I backed the physical copies of Wurm roleplay in backerkit especting to get also the pdfs, which never happened. I was Prompted to enter Wurm backerkit though Aquelarre updates.

      I am a regular user of kickstarter and these are the only issues I ever had in this platform.

      I would like to add KIng Arthur Pendragon or get refunded, please!
      And please help me get the Wurm pdfs, now that we are at it, too.

      Yours sincerely,


    9. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Maurizio - Not yet. We'll get that in the next update.

    10. Maurizio Locusti

      Do you already know when pledge manager will be closed and cards charged?

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Velderrain on

      Saved me $1, awesome!

    12. Missing avatar

      David Orna-Ornstein on

      Updated for me in the UK - with the original high p+p every bit helps so thanks.

    13. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @John - it shouldn't have let you. They won't be the exact same price, but they'll be very close. We're intending to consolidate them into sets.

      Let me see what I can do.

    14. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      The original survey let me add dice (and pay the shipping) although I only had the digital backer rewards. Is this in error, or will I just have to wait extra for my dice?

      If it is in error, and I have to reorder dice after release, will they be the same price?

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew L. Martin on

      They have--in fact, my shipping (books and dice) dropped by more than half with the new changes! Many thanks!

    16. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Mike - No one has been charged for shipping yet! Double check your BackerKit, but you should have your shipping charges automatically dropped to the new amount.

    17. Mike Myers on

      If we already paid for the old higher US shipping are we getting the price difference refunded?

    18. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Kevin - Those prices do include media mail as well. It's not a one-size fits all package unfortunately, and part of the cost is the boxes and packing supplies necessary to accommodate 6 to 7 pounds of book.

    19. Jim B.


    20. Kevin J. Maroney

      Are you able to offer media mail shipping for US customers who are only getting the books? You can't use media mail if you include things like prints or dice, but you can if the only thing in the package is bound printed matter.

    21. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Nicholas - If you've filled it out, you haven't been charged, so no refund is necessary. Just go in and double check to make sure it updated for you.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Kosky on

      If we've already filled out our backer kit, can we get a refund to account for the reduced rate for shipping books in the US?

    23. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      And yes, you will want to go into your backerkit and update it if you already finished it!