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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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Stretch Goal Update

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Hail loyal knights!

We've found further treasures! You'll see the stretch goal list on the main page has been updated with some new goals and goodies!

Let's talk a little about them:

$60,000 - Additional Dice

At $60,000, we'll be adding new dice as an add-on! We don't want to spoil the surprise yet, as we're still waiting on mock-ups, but these will be new add-ons to fill out your collection (and yes, they will make all of you very happy)!

Keep in mind they are an add-on, which means they'll require an additional amount of money, but we're working to keep it reasonable.

$65,000 - Additional Art

At $65,000 we will be increasing the amount of art in the books dramatically! We will commission new pieces, putting our artist to work illustrating this book with even more beautiful art. This will additionally increase the size of the book, which leads to our next stretch goal...

$70,000 - Splitting The Corebook into Two

At $70,000 we will split the massive tome of the corebook into two books! We'll create an index for each book and include references between both books in order to make it easy to use in play. The final split has not been determined yet, but this will have two major effects:

  • One - It will increase the longevity of the binding of both books
  • Two - It will allow newer players to only buy the Player portion of PALADIN, and make the game more accessible!

Now, you'll be getting both books for your pledge, so you're still getting the same great value! 

As a note: Steve and Alan from Nocturnal Media will be at GenCon next week (and Alan is travelling to visit family starting the 11th, so he'll be updating you from the road as we continue forth)!

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to hitting these goals and increasing the quality of the book for all our backers!

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    1. Lewis Jardine on

      Hi Paladin team, I'm really looking forward to this but also wishing you luck in your late push because the extra art and two volumes at 70K would make the product truly awesome.

    2. Roberto Mandrioli

      @Dani: Even if Nocturnal decides to keep the 1-volume PDF (not probable if the paper version is split in 2), it's really easy to merge the two files into one. In fact, it's a native function of Preview in macOS, and I suspect of most PDF-handling programs.

    3. David Crowell on

      Upped my pledge to get both sets of dice, and hopefully two volume hard cover.

    4. Dani Jang

      But how I wish pdf would stay as 700 page tome. Faster navigation on mobile devices

    5. Vincent DiCello

      Splitting the book sounds like a very good idea. Much easier to handle, and easier to find what one is looking for in each book. Plus the beneficial effect on the bindings, as you mentioned. :)

    6. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Tirelli - We will soon!
      @Aldo - I can say that it covers a few options ;)

    7. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      Then let's hope we get to 70K cause a monster tome of 700 page wpuld be to hard to manage in a table jejejeje. Also any teaser on the new dice? Arthurian? Coats of Arm? something?

    8. Missing avatar

      Tirelli Matteo

      Any idea of the new dice cost?
      (I want them and i want to raise my pledge XD)