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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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How is PALADIN different from PENDRAGON?

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Glad you asked!

We'll let Ruben's intro from the book explain it!

If you have played Pendragon before, you will find that Paladin plays almost the same, though the subject matter is somewhat different. 

Many of the player goals in PALADIN are the same as those of PENDRAGON – fight for your king or for adventure, woo a lady, and become the premier knight of the land or a high noble. PALADIN uses the Pendragon game as it’s basis. 

Most game mechanics are exactly the same between the two games, and players should have no problem transitioning from PENDRAGON to PALADIN.

However, a few changes have been made to reflect the differences between Arthurian Romances and the Carolingian Epics.  

First, is the conceit that God loves Charlemagne, and loves all those that love Charlemagne. Miracles occur through a knight’s love for Charlemagne, not through his love of God. The Pious/Worldly traits have been removed from the game, replaced by the Love [Charlemagne] passion.  

Secondly, the passions of Loyalty [Lord] and Hospitality have been folded into the Honor passion. It is impossible for an Honorable knight to be disloyal to his lord or inhospitable. If you defy your lord or abuse your guests, you lose honor. It’s as simple as that.  

Thirdly, Weapon skills have been consolidated; one and two-handed styles have been combined into a single skill – for example, both one- and two-handed swords use the Sword skill.  

Fourth, the players’ extended family is given a greater emphasis in PALADIN than in PENDRAGON. Players are strongly encouraged to have their characters come from the same extended family, emulating the gestes.  

Fifth, Player characters age quicker and probably die sooner than their PENDRAGON counterparts. Ageing rolls occur earlier, and are harsher.  

Sixth, statistics become harder to increase after 16, rather than 20, requiring the use of bonus points from Glory to improve. The points needed to become a Chivalric, Romantic or Religious knight are increased, so it is harder to achieve those goals.

We are so close to a new stretch goal! And the Nocturnal team is almost done researching some of the other stretch goals we want to add to the project! 

Get out there and share this, so we can get that last adventure and then really get rolling!


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    1. Vincent DiCello

      Ruben - that makes sense, but what about the aging?

    2. Ruben IN 'T GROEN Collaborator on

      @ Vincent DiCello
      We added a required Passion related to each bonus. For the chivalry bonus, you now need an Honor 16, for the religious bonus Love [God] 16 and for the romantic bonus you'll need an Amor 16. It always seemed a bit weird to me that a knight with, say, Honor 8 could benefit from a chivalry bonus, or a knight who was barely in love (Amor 6 or so) could be truly romantic. So, no Passion, no bonus.

    3. Vincent DiCello

      Why do PCs need to age faster in Paladin? And why did the Team decide to make it more difficult to improve statistics and achieve Goals?

    4. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      I would like to heard that you recheck combat from Pendragon. It's a bit slow (either you attack or move but not both in the same turn) and the healing times too. Although it reflect the realities of combat, it doesn't favor the epicness of the songs and legends.