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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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$45,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked: - Year 801: Venom Sword

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Hail and good morn!

Late in the darkest hours of the night, our brave knights valiantly defeated another foe!

We've unlocked the adventure Venom Sword set in Year 801!

As a note: we've added two new stretch goals to the main page. We're still discussing later ones, but these goals were decided upon. We've added:

  • A silk bookmark that will be added to the corebook!
  • Print-Ready Map PDF - This will contain all the maps in the book in high resolution, print ready files that you can have printed at a local print shop!

Story Synopsis  

The tale presented in this adventure scenario is based on the 13th century epic poem called Gaydon in which Sir Thierry of Anjou, alias Gaydon, wages a feud against King Charlemagne. The year previously, though, young Gaydon had defended the king’s honor by defeating Pinabel in a trial by combat, thus demonstrating the guilt of Ganelon, the traitor of Roncesvalles.  

The following year, the rancorous relatives of Ganelon and Pinabel plot an attempt on King Charlemagne’s life, but when it fails they try to put the blame on their hated rival, Sir Gaydon, who proves his innocence in another trial by combat against Ganelon’s brother Thiebold. However, when Charlemagne refuses to hand him over Thiebold’s hostages, the loyal vassal takes insult and declares a feud against his ungrateful sovereign.  

Charlemagne then comes to besiege Gaydon’s city (Angers) in order to subdue his rebellious vassal. Sir Ogier the Dane is captured in a short battle, but liberated in exchange for some of Gaydon’s imprisoned relatives. The traitors conduct several ambushes against Sir Gaydon and his men, but never manage to inflict much harm.  

 An enamoured Lady, named Clarissa, declares her love to Sir Gaydon whom she wishes to marry, but Charlemagne promises her to a traitor. She flees from court and seeks refuge with her lover...

 Next update we will have a rules update for backers!

As a note, Alan will be on Victory Condition Gaming tonight, talking about PALADIN in an Q&A! There's a link in the comments on the main page!

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    1. Vincent DiCello

      The print ready maps will be a big help at the gaming table, thanks for adding that to the Stretch Goals!

      And the silk book mark is a very nice touch! :)

    2. MidnightBlue

      Loving all of it!