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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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$30,000 Stretch Goal Down!

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Gain a check to Energetic...

...for we have charged past yet another mighty and strong stretch goal obstructing our path!

This campaign is going stunningly, and we have you to thank for it. We're having a meeting today to talk about potential stretch goals past $50,000 and some other details around the project (add-ons, dice, etc.), so look forward to an update later today.

The Year 791: Conquest of Orange adventure has been unlocked! Here's your preview!

In the Paladin chronology, Lord William Shortnose first conquers Nîmes (790) and then Orange (791). In both cases, he uses a bold and risky subterfuge to confound the occupying Moors. 

If this adventure is played to assist William Shortnose in the capture of another city than Orange, the gamemaster should change some of the names – like Gloriete and Lady Orable. In the original Prise d’Orange, William and his companions are imprisoned no less than three times, but every time they find a way to escape. 

If the captured player knights aren’t so lucky, it is of course possible to play the canon characters (cf. boxed text “The Franks” below). The structure of the scenario is non-linear, so it’s possible to follow several paths. 

Instead of a classic opening with “William’s Boast”, it is possible to put the player knights in Gloriete’s prison (cf. “Escape from Prison”) and start off in media res from there, for example.  

The Frankish prisoner Gilbert escapes from the prisons of Orange and flees to Nîmes. He tells William and Bertrand of the defenses of Orange and of the beautiful Queen Orable. William, who has been in love with this lady for a long time now, swears to conquer Orange. Therefore the two Narbonnais and their friends swim across the Durance river and enter the city disguised as Moors. They are even invited into the white marble dungeon tower named Gloriette (built on a granite rock foundation) where they meet Lady Orable.  

When their black skin paint accidentally comes off, William is recognized because of his nose. The Franks quickly grab some swords, conquer Gloriette and lock themselves up inside. But the besieging Moors succeed in entering the tower via a secret vault and they capture everybody...

Onwards and forwards, fellow knights! We still need to earn some checks to Reckless, and we're working on something to help you out with that!

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    1. Jeremy Downey on

      More stretch goals is a good idea, since you're pretty certain to blow right by $50,000 by the end of the campaign.

    2. Vincent DiCello

      Sounds like grand fun!

    3. Nocturnal Media Creator on

      @Robert - You're in luck! It's already in the book:

      "Chapter 18 gives you the stats for a variety of minor characters, from bandits and peasants to Byzantine Cataphracts. Animals, like horses, dogs and falcons, are a part of a noble’s daily life, but on his adventures a hero may also encounter less common enchanted creatures, or come face to face with the elusive people from the Faerie realm."

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Kimball on

      Any chance that instead of scenarios you may include some "Bestiary" (for lack of better term) which could include NPC mid level leaders and their underlings, maybe a fortified Abbey and its defenders, a band of rogues with NPC leadership, etc etc... we don't overly need stats for lions and bulls but it helps to have a pre-made group of fighting adversaries for wandering encounters ready to go...

      It is just a thought. Scenarios are great but they are "one shots" while a collection of NPC's (ie "monsters") is ongoing. Hope that makes sense