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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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$20,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked! + Some Q&A

Posted by Nocturnal Media (Creator)

Hail and well met, loyal knights of King Charlemagne! 

During the dark of night, we overtook another foe, surpassing them mightily! 

Ok, I can't do that long term!

But we unlocked our $20,000 stretch goal and we're closing in on $25,000 already! WOW!

There's been a lot of questions asked, so I'm going to attempt to answer them here...right after your adventure preview of Year 778: Battle of Roncesvalle. This is the big one! There's a lot to unpack here, so get ready. (Remember, these are previews so we've edited some spoilers out!

This is it. The biggest and most dramatic confrontation between the Moorish and Saracen pagans and the Franks, culminating in no less than three consecutive battles. The first one is the famous Battle of Roncesvalles, where Count Roland and all other paladins come to a bitter end. If the players decide to participate, their knights will not survive either.  

 This adventure – which probably needs more than one session to complete – presents the players with challenges different sorts. 

Narrative parts with less player implication alternate with action-packed sequences presenting difficult choices as well as opinions, arguments and advice to be given. The diversity in encounters ranges from a simple hunt, an ambush, a tricky embassy, travel through hostile terrain, to the resolution of various battle events.  


Anno 778. 

During the general assembly at Poitiers, the king receives Emir Marsile’s councilor Blancandrin, who comes to negotiate a peace treaty. Roland is opposed to this peace, and names his stepfather Ganelon as ambassador to Marsile. 

Ganelon curses Roland and together with Blancandrin, who accompanies him to Spain, he conceives a plan to get rid of Roland. King Charlemagne enters Spain with a mighty army, including troops from all regions, even Bavaria. As the grandson of Floris of Asturias, the king claims the throne of Spain. He also wishes to avenge the death of Basin and Basile, and to pacificy the important southern trade routes.Charlemagne takes Saragossa and the Moors send horses, silver and gold as a peace tribute.

When Charlemagne hears the Saxon are raiding Westphalia and Hesse (again), he withdraws. Charlemagne leads his army back to Frankland. On Ganelon’s advice, Roland will be in charge of the rear-guard. With the help of the treacherous Basques, the Moors ambush the baggage and rear-guard in the Roncesvalles Pass... 

WOW! That's quite the adventure. I can't wait to see the whole thing (hint: It's all awesome). 

Now, there's been a lot of questions in the comments so I'm going to attempt to address them. If I don't answer your question, don't worry. More answers are forthcoming!

Question: "What about X Pendragon book as an add-on?"

  • Answer: The reason Pendragon 5.2 is offered as an add-on, is we have an offset print run of that book on it's way to us. Right now, the other books (such as the GPC and more) are available in print on demand under the Nocturnal Media DriveThruRPG account. Essentially, the core 5.2 book is the only one we will have physical stock to offer.
Question: "Are any other Pendragon books being upgraded to the 5.2 versions?" 

  • Answer: Maybe! Right now we're focused on getting PALADIN out. There is more Pendragon on the horizon (in one form or another) but that's not really a question we are prepared to answer right now. Sorry.
Question: "I don't see X on the Map. Where is it?" 

  • Answer: Well, first, the map is a work in progress. Additionally, it's not meant to be historically accurate in the fullest sense, but accurate to the legends and myths of King Charlemagne and his Paladins. 
Question: "The book is huge! What else is in it?"
  • Answer: Yeah. It's pretty big. Here's a brief synopsis of what's included (this is subject to change but should remain very accurate - this is from the author and was already shared on the Nocturnal Media forums!)
  • 1. Character Creation  
  • 2. The Past (a year-by-year account from 700 to 767, the history of your character's grand-father and father)  
  • 3. Personality and Passions  
  • 4. Reputation: Glory and Attitudes (Attitudes are like reversed passions, i.e. it shows how others feel about your character)  
  • 5. Skills  
  • 6. General Mechanics  
  • 7. Combat  
  • 8. Mass Combat  
  • 9. Magic (religious magic for players)  
  • 10. The Winter Phase  
  • 11. Ambitions and Ideals  
  • 12. Wealth and Treasure  
  • 13. Frankish Society  
  • 14. Frankland  
  • 15. The Future (a year-by-year account of Charlemagne's reign from 768 to 814)
  • 16. NPCs  
  • 17. Foreign Cultures  
  • 18. Opponents and Creatures  
  • 19. Adventures (2 complete adventures and 18 short-forms) 

Question: "Does this game have a Great Pendragon Campaign equivalent?"

  • Answer: Not explicitly as such, no. It does have a wealth of adventures and suggestions for events during the various years (as you can see above), that will enable you to run a long and exciting campaign! Additionally, all the stretch goals will add to that list. 

I hope that answers your questions! Keep asking in the comments if you need to no more!

And as always, we can use YOUR help getting the words out! If you want that check to Loyalty (Fellow Backers), you can get on social media, share this campaign with your game group, and generally help us get it out there! We're doing our best!

We've got some upcoming Q&As, video chats and more to talk about PALADIN so we'll make sure you're kept in the loop!

Talk to you soon!

- Alan & The Nocturnal Media Team!

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