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Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
Charge into the exciting medieval world as a paladin of the great Charlemagne! Based on the award-winning game King Arthur Pendragon!
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    1. Hugo Barbosa 3 days ago

      Another for the errata:
      Page 60: Enfances Roland, as a follow up for year 752. However, the previous year is 750 and not 752.

    2. Hugo Barbosa 4 days ago

      Since the Paladin section in the Nocturnal forums doesn't have an errata section, here are a few of mine.
      Page 29, Patron Saint: As roiled above. Some branches of the family can have different patron saints, this is perfectly alright. ("roiled" should read rolled)
      Page 52, Anno 739, On the road, Orson steals the ring and sells his companion as a slave. (Shouldn't it be Hugo stealing the ring? Mind you I haven't read the books so I may be missing something.)

    3. Ronaldo Mascarenhas 6 days ago

      Hi, the layout is good, but part of the pictures are way inferior to Pendragon last edition. And the map on page 256/257 could be larger and take more space on the pages. I think there is a lot of red space with no function around the borders.

    4. Ruben IN 'T GROEN Collaborator on March 12

      @Tobias and others, here's the Nocturnal forum page created for Paladin comments:…

      I'll do my best to address all questions and remarks.

    5. William
      on March 12

      As an update on the art is still incoming I won't comment on it in depth now. (Though that was what I had come here to do. I simply agree with the comments that it is easily the weakest link: I wouldn't want to share most of the art with my players, which I liked doing in Pendragon.)

      However I really enjoy the level of polish the rest of the book received - and am very, very much looking forward to starting my first Paladin campaign soon! :-)

    6. Matthew Paluch
      on March 10

      Woops found it, sorry!

      p27 Fathers may also pass down directed traits or passions to their

    7. Matthew Paluch
      on March 10

      @rubin sorry for another rules question but i am not sure where else to ask. I *adore* the grandfather and father stuff, but have a couple questions. Do passions such as Love[God] of 1 pass down?

    8. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on March 8

      Hey folks. We'll have an update tomorrow re: the art and all your feedback.

    9. Jetstream
      on March 8

      @Christ Sijtsma Errr, it's almost certainly far, far too late to be talking about major aesthetic changes, mate.

      I mean, if you see a typo or something I'm sure they'd love to hear about that but... The book's laid out :P

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Sijtsma on March 5

      The small 'art' pictures look cheap and are mostly just pictures instead of illustrations of the text. I would prefer if you leave those pictures out in the hard cover edition. They only consume space and don't add to the text. The introductory pictures per chapter aren't the greates art I have seen in RPG rule books, but they do contribute, so I don't mind if those stay.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kai-Uwe Ratzeburg on February 27

      Mathew...content-wise I will not complain! They have done an amazing job. But it looks like I have a different book then...artwork (as an example) on page piece 424. I’m not good at math but I guess 3-4 pages look different. The bestiary is acceptable as it is. Great is different but it serves its purpose. What about cultures and society? Why isn’t there a piece for every country that shows us the differences? Instead there is 1 (ONE!) piece from page 341-371. But even the Franks themselves have only been blessed with one marginal picture.
      NPCs (HEROES!) have no portrait at all in 18 pages. And there are A LOT of NPCs including Charlemagne. The maps are really not to bad (yes, quite good) but great....I wouldn’t go so far.

    12. Matthew Paluch
      on February 27

      the artwork, lore and actual history sidebars, maps on pages 258-259 and 318-319, exceeds my expectations. Full page excellent work before each chapter, GREAT maps, and art every 2-4 pages - much denser in bestiary. just my opinion

    13. Matthew Paluch
      on February 27

      thank you Ruben! Makes perfect sense now!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kai-Uwe Ratzeburg on February 27

      Rodolphe - I see your point but as for myself I actually mind it a lot if there is just a low amount of art. The state NOW would not even have been nearly enough for me to pick up the book and buy it. It’s already far less and sub standard quality compared to an average RPG book nowadays. But Paladin was advertised as being a superior book. And stemming from the comparison with KAP and Greg being involved, this disappoints very much. It really hits the bottom when I consider the “more art”-stretch goal. How was the book supposed to look without that? And, yes...I also was hoping to get a split book instead of one, if the division would have been a sensible one.

      ART is very important to me. Apart from the aesthetic value it also drives home theatmosphere of a setting better than a thousand words. Contemporary clothing, architecture, weaponry and can only discribe this with words to a certain degree. Have a good drawing and you can skip a whole page of text instead...

    15. Ruben IN 'T GROEN Collaborator on February 27

      @Matthew Paluch
      You don't have to create a grandfather, nor a father, to create new characters. Chapter 2 is there for those who want to embed these new characters in a legendary (family) history. As is says in the intro of ch.2: creating your ancestry is a nice way to familiarize yourself and your players with the Frankish past before you get down to play.

    16. Matthew Paluch
      on February 27

      Im rules-confused and dont know of a community-based PALADIN forum yet so i apologize for asking here. Assuming my 3 players all have the same grandfather (and optionally father!), dont i need to really go to Chapter 2 and create him before going back to Chapter 1 and making their characters?

    17. Michael Lowery on February 26

      I have tried to download the pdf but the file is corrupted and wont download. Can you please provide a link that will work.

    18. Rodolphe on February 26

      That's true that the interior art is disappointing. Only the art opening each chapter is acceptable, the artist showing potential, especially in composition.
      The Additional Art stretch goal was: "At $65,000 we will be increasing the amount of art in the books dramatically! We will commission new pieces, putting our artist to work illustrating this book with even more beautiful art. This will additionally increase the size of the book, which leads to our next stretch goal[ Splitting The Corebook into Two ]..."
      I don't mind having less art and only one corebook. However the art included should be up to the standards of Pendragon and current RPG books.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kai-Uwe Ratzeburg on February 26

      Hey...I’m awfully sorry to write this but probably I know where Aileens terrific layout skills come from: there is just almost NO artwork, sparsely scattered, and only poor to medium quality, some good. This severely disappoints me especially since we unlocked MORE ART. And compared to KAP or almost any other game nowadays, this is truly saddening. Apart from that the book and content look nice so far. So there was a great potential there, but also a missed opportunity...
      It’s even more saddening as you include the map only as printable PDF instead of an oversized printed piece. At least this could have helped a bit to compensate. Or a sturdy GM screen.
      Gold edging and all that fancy stuff look great and I’m a huge fan of them, but they don’t raise the quality of a product. You should better use the money on that. (Art). Right now it does not deserve gold edging.
      Sorry sorry sorry!

    20. Matthew Paluch
      on February 24

      that worked thanks! Although i couldnt actually figure out how to add add-ons to my pledge, luckily the only option i saw (change pledge entirely) worked just fine as the next lvl gave me exactly what i wanted. only after i had changed my pledge did it offer me add-ons (which i no longer needed hehe)

      long story short, it worked :D thanks!!

    21. Jetstream
      on February 24

      You can upgrade your pledge on the BackerKit, Matthew. I don't think they've locked it yet.

    22. Matthew Paluch
      on February 24

      So Im a PDF guy, sometimes buy physical product on KS but its rare, so this is new territory for me - is there a way for me to get a physical copy of the core book? The PDF was so gorgeous id really like to have a physical copy. backerkit or POD drivethruprg, or just wait until it hits retail? thx in advance

    23. Joel M Bridge on February 24

      I’m going through the book but should there be an option when your grandfather gain title?

    24. Matthew Paluch
      on February 23


    25. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on February 22

      So far I love the book. Great job guys and specially to Aileen, the layout artist, for the sorcery of reduction of the layout.

      Thank you very much for the great work and happy gamings guys!

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Warble
      on February 22

      Oh my god I am so excited!! (forgive the fanboy!)

    27. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on February 22

      Hey Tobias! When we send out the Episodes book, we'll provide a form for feedback. We want to make sure we collect it all in one place!

    28. Missing avatar

      Tobias on February 22

      The PDF looks terrific!
      Is there a place where we can leave comments on its content?

    29. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on February 20

      @Joao - I've received your email. I'll reach out to you.

    30. João Talassa on February 16


      I am still waiting to receive King Arthur Pendragon 5.2, physical product, along with the Wurm pdfs.

      Can you please update me on the current situation regarding those items?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tobias on February 13

      The crown and eagle symbols on the d20s appear not to be centered. I think it would look nicer if they were.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brad Littman
      on January 20

      Any chance for some pictures of KAP 5.2 in the next update? I'm also hoping all of these books come in a sturdy box when shipped. Since I imagine it will be a very heavy box. Haha.

    33. Torbjörn Johnson on January 11

      Great to read the latest update. I am really looking forward to the books. Do you know when you are going to collect the funds for add-ons? I remember something about the end of December, but I guess that have changed.

    34. sakari lindhen on January 8

      I wrote to Alan requesting updates on Wurm and Paladin, and he answered that he was literally writing them at the moment, so here's hoping for news oon!

    35. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on December 22

      Merry Xmas and a Happy New Years! The best for you in the next year. And a lot of PALADIN books and gaming.

    36. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on December 17

      @Mabov - I'm so sorry! If you need further help, please reach out to me at

    37. Missing avatar

      Mabov on December 17

      Ignore my post. Although more help would have been nice I found out myself after serveral searches...

    38. Missing avatar

      Mabov on December 17

      Still no response regarding my message about the not accessable Pendragon 5.2 PDF, so I´am wirting here again...
      Please answer my questions/messages...

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin Miller on December 13

      When will you be pulling the backerkit funds?

    40. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on December 5

      @JB - Only the KAP 5.2 PDF is out! Paladin is still being finalized.

    41. Missing avatar

      JB Urvoy on December 5

      It was the $15 tier.

    42. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on December 4

      Hey JB! Do you mean the Paladin PDF or the KAP 5.2 PDF?

    43. Missing avatar

      JB Urvoy on December 4

      I've backed the PDF and have no idea how to access it. Could anyone help me?

    44. Demandred
      on December 4

      @Mart that should be correct, backerkit usually only charges your card after the survey is locked down and can no longer be altered. until that time you can still go in and add or remove items.

    45. Mart on December 4

      (stupid comment box)

      According to backerkit I should add $34 for shipping for my pledge+addons. This, however, is still not charged on my Credit Card. Is this correct?

    46. Demandred
      on November 30

      @Gallant Ah ok, so when should the PALADIN PDF be available? Are we still looking at April 2018?

    47. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on November 30

      @Kjellberg - The only PDF that went out was the Pendragon 5.2 PDF. You both only backed for the PALADIN PDF and didn't add on the Pendragon 5.2 PDF! Sorry for the confusion!

    48. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on November 30

      @Aaron Scott & @George: The only PDF that went out was the Pendragon 5.2 PDF. You both only backed for the PALADIN PDF and didn't add on the Pendragon 5.2 PDF! Sorry for the confusion!

      @Joel - I've had your survey resent to you. If it still doesn't arrive (and isn't in spam or junk folders), we might need to correct your email. Email me at if that's the case.

    49. Demandred
      on November 30

      @Pontus allot of people have not received the PDF but Gallant is working to fix the issue.

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