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We are creating a spectacular collection of cleric spell, scroll props to support your role-play, from RPG/LARP to Magical Cosplay
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Upcoming Stretch Spells

Posted by Noble Dwarf Printing (Creator)

Hi all, With just 8 days remaining in the campaign we would like to thank everyone who has backed so far. 

This has been our first KickStarter and it has been everything we could have hoped for.  
That said, we know a lot of people wait until the last 48 hours before deciding to pledge, so for those people, we have the art of the final three stretch goals now available. 

For those of you who have already backed, again, thank you.
No doubt most of you have already shared this with your friends and gaming groups, but we still need your help to get the word out.
 Please share this project with all the other clerics and magic users, and remember there is still more to come!
The crew at Noble Dwarf

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    1. Noble Dwarf Printing 2-time creator on

      Never reply from an airport, because it's a guaranteed way to make mistakes. LOL

    2. Noble Dwarf Printing 2-time creator on

      Just realized that Baleful Polymorph would be Arcane or Druid, so it would probably be included in one of those books coming down the line. But again, thanks for comments, and please keep them coming.

    3. Noble Dwarf Printing 2-time creator on

      And thank you for the comments we love the feedback!!

    4. Noble Dwarf Printing 2-time creator on

      The great thing is we plan to cover level 5 spells in our second volume so you may not have to wait until the third edition to get Baleful Polymorph.
      It took me a bit to notice all the clues she laid as to healing word...the dead coloring and blisters were so subtle. That is what I love about her work is we really can pull what we want from it and use it in our games a million different ways.

    5. Hella101 on

      If I were plating 3rd edition I would guess balefull polymorph.

    6. Hella101 on

      I like the pictures, but from the female with feathers I would have never guessed the spell healing word.