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ORCA: Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus, sonic camouflage designed to keep sharks away so you can play. Read more

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pledged of $175,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 16, 2014.

ORCA: Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus, sonic camouflage designed to keep sharks away so you can play.

Kihei, HI Wearables
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About this project

What is the O.R.C.A.?

The ORCA is our solution to the worldwide fear of sharks: an affordable, non-disruptive, and easily understandable shark deterrent, that comes with a NoBite Guarantee of $1 million.

Whether you are in the ocean every day or only on vacation, that lingering thought always remains in your mind. What if...?

You wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and use floaties in an effort to feel more comfortable at the beach, but you can't control what lurks under the surface. Until now. 

After a decade of scientific research and a year in development, we are proud to introduce you to the Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus, or  ORCA. We are so confident that you will not get bitten by a shark while wearing a functioning ORCA that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is, and each registered device will come with a $1,000,000 NoBite Guarantee.  

O.R.C.A. features

COMPACT: the ORCA is about the size and weight of a watch (2"x1"x1"). 

EASY: the ORCA's single button operation is simple enough for even the youngest users. It also has an "On When Wet" feature to save your battery.

LONG-LASTING: the ORCA is designed to give you 12 hours of continuous use.

RECHARGEABLE: the ORCA is conveniently rechargeable with the included USB dongle.  Flush-mounted charging points give great pressure resistance.

EFFECTIVE: the ORCA creates a sonic buffer around the user of about 100ft/30m—the widest in the industry. 

NON-DISRUPTIVE: the ORCA simply emits a sound disagreeable to sharks. Aside from the peace of mind you’ll feel, you’ll hardly notice it’s there... and it’s safe for marine life too—even the sharks. 

ADAPTABLE: ORCA is versatile; it can be worn on the wrist, ankle, strapped to a belt loop, or attached to a surf leash.

AFFORDABLE: ORCA will retail for $179, and family packages of four units for $499. Support our project today and get the lowest price!

How it works

The ORCA emits sound waves that mimicks what sharks are afraid of.

Based on scientific research, the concept behind the ORCA has been proven to work both naturally and synthetically. In the same way that sharks detect and avoid harm in the wild, they find the sound waves emitted by the ORCA intolerable - and they keep their distance. 

Sharks’ best sense is hearing. Because sound travels up to five times faster underwater than in air, Sonic Camouflage technology has a wide effective range, creating a sonic buffer around the user of about 100 feet (30m).

So, just relax and fully enjoy the ocean.

Where we’re at

The ORCA is a highly innovative product that is backed by existing science. The demand for an affordable and practical device that keeps sharks at a comfortable distance is enormous.

The ORCA has gone through many stages of design and engineering before reaching the current working prototype. We have finalized the pre-production phase and are now ready for manufacture.

Your contribution through Kickstarter is helping finance our manufacturing costs, in turn allowing us to offer the ORCA at an affordable price to everyone.

UPDATE: On August 1st, six brave open ocean marathon swimmers have tested the ORCA in the Santa Barbara Channel, and the test was a success! The swimmers entered the water around midnight, surrounded by hundreds of sea lions engaged in a feeding frenzy, in an area known to be frequented by great white, tiger, and mako sharks. "I am considering the ORCA a complete success since there were no sightings of sharks in a channel which at times has an abundance of sharks," said Julian Rusinek, who swam the relay, officially observed by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA).

What you get

$27   - Premium O.R.C.A t-shirt
$71   - Super Early Bird: One O.R.C.A plus t-shirt (100 available)
$71   - Early Bird: One O.R.C.A (200 available)
$91   - One O.R.C.A.

$171 - Two O.R.C.A.
$371 - Four O.R.C.A.
$871 - Ten O.R.C.A.

The ORCA team

In 2013, Maui was ground zero for shark attacks around the world, with eight shark incidents, two of them fatal. The media frenzy was such that a "Shark Watch" was aired every day on the local news, relayed by national broadcasts, and there was even talk about resuming a shark culling program.

The ORCA team was drawn together by a common passion for the ocean and marine wildlife, a will to educate the public and mitigate the irrational fear of sharks, present a real solution. For the ORCA team, culling sharks clearly was not an option. Nor was staying out of the water! 

Made up of Doctors in marine biology and in engineering, scientists, and designers, the ORCA team has worked thousands of collective hours in their respective professional fields to conceptualize, design, engineer, test and produce the ORCA. 

We are committed to corporate sustainability principles and we will be keeping as much of the production process on Maui as possible. We aim to contribute to the local economy, create jobs, be proactive and responsible members of our local community, minimize our environmental footprint, and raise awareness on the importance of healthy oceans.

Tech Specs

Size: 1"T x 1"W x 2"L

Weight: 5.8oz

Range: 20hz-30Khz

Battery: Re-chargeable Lithium Polymer 

Wrist band: Durable Nylon w/industrial fasteners

Outer-casing: Sonically Welded Polypropylene

Production Process

We have set our goal to $175,000, so that we can produce enough of these devices to deliver them at an affordable price for everyone. As soon as we reach our funding goal, we will immediately start our fulfillment process: custom tooling and scaling, purchasing of long-lead items, electronics production tooling, injection molding process, final testing, assembly, packaging, shipping, and… delivery!  We have developed a strategy for all funding scenarios both big and small.  We are  confident of our capabilities of delivering your O.R.C.A. promptly. 

Common Questions

Q: Has your technology been scientifically tested? A: Yes. Multiple researchers and universities around the world have been experimenting and testing this technology for decades with confirming results.

Q: Is the ORCA a shark repellent? A: No. The ORCA is a proactive deterrent that dissuades sharks from coming any closer, much like insect sprays keeps mosquitoes away from your skin, just with sound. 

Q: Is a shark deterrent more effective than a shark repellent? A: It is really a matter of personal preference. If you prefer to remove the shark from your presence re-actively, when it gets too close for comfort, then a shark repellent is what you want. If you’d rather be less likely to even see a shark around you in the ocean, a shark deterrent would be more effective.

Q: Are there any adverse effects of the ORCA on the human body? A: No. The ORCA simply emits a sound that is barely audible to the human ears. Our testing has shown that the ORCA doesn’t have any adverse effect on your body. It won’t affect you any more than listening to the radio in your car.

Q: Can children and pregnant women use the ORCA? A: Yes. There are no restrictions of age or adverse effects on pregnancy.

Q: I have a heart condition, can I use the ORCA? A: Absolutely! The ORCA is completely safe to use around all known pacemakers and defibrillators.

Q: Is the ORCA harmful to marine life? A: No. The ocean is a noisy environment. The ORCA simply emits another sound, much lower in volume than any motorized boat. 

Q: How do I recharge the ORCA’s battery? A: The ORCA is rechargeable with the provided USB cable onto any USB port.

Q: What is Sonic Camouflage technology? A: Sonic Camouflage was developed by NoBite Technologies, based on the concept of acoustic mimicry, to make the user sound like something it is not.

Q: Is the ORCA patented? A: Currently, NoBite Technologies has patents pending for the ORCA and its unique components. 

Risks and challenges

We have taken each step of the production process into consideration to deliver the ORCA as soon as possible, and we have an experienced team lined up to make it run smoothly. The main risk is our reliance on outside sources and vendors within the production and supply chain. Unforeseen production issues, limited supplies of parts, vendor issues or shipping delays could affect the delivery date. We will work diligently to overcome all challenges presented, and will keep our backers informed all the way.

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  • Yes, the 16 LED top display is dedicated to the status of the device. It provides colored feedback as to the remaining battery life and operational performance of the transducers, computer and amplifier. The display turns from green to red as the battery depletes to a point of recharge.

    Last updated:
  • Most recently, off of the coast of Australia, Sonic Camouflage has been tested on Great White and Tiger sharks. In the waters off of Maui, the O.R.C.A. has been tested in numerous known shark locations. The results have always been that the sharks are annoyed by the sound and casually move away. The O.R.C.A. doesn't produce a traumatic result like other devices on the market that pain the shark.

    Last updated:
  • No. The battery is sealed within the casing. The result is that the device is able to go much deeper (3ATM) while still maintaining optimal performance and reducing possible malfunctions. If the battery fails before the year warranty expires, simply return it and we will replace it promptly.

    Last updated:
  • Since we are using patent pending carbon nanotube, thermo-acoustic (sonic) speakers/transducers which have no moving parts, the transducers will out last other components of the device. All components are designed to last longer that one year of normal use.

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