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As the sun sets on mankind's last day, a young couple gives birth to new life and new hope amidst an uncertain future.
As the sun sets on mankind's last day, a young couple gives birth to new life and new hope amidst an uncertain future.
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The finish line.


The movie you helped fund, that you put your money and faith into is nearing the finish line. Our editor, Matthew Hickney, composer Nigel Wiesehan, VFX artist Ryan Baxter, title designer Austin Anderson and music supervisor Brandon Dorsky have been working their asses off and delivered some of the best work I've been lucky enough to put into one of my films.

So, after the Sundance submission deadline on September 23rd, we will have a finished version of the film. From there, we will be releasing a trailer shortly after that you will get the first look at, and at that point I will be asking you all for your addresses and full names to begin sending you your rewards. We won't be sending copies of the film until it premieres at a festival, but you will get first look and all access as we go along.

This has been one of my most fulfilling journeys as a director and I feel incredibly proud of what we've all pulled off. It all started with each one of you, and this film would not be a reality without your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Post Production and some VFX stills

Dear Backers,

We are deep in post production and through the very hard work of our editor Matt Hickney, our VFX artist Ryan Baxter and our composer Nigel Wisehan, we re very close to being finished. The sundance deadline is approaching at the end of September and that's when we aim to finish. We are of course pulling off some pretty spectacular work for a shoestring and we appreciate everything you've contributed to help us do that. I'm attaching some test stills from the VFX artist that are exclusive to our kickstarter backers. Once the film is finished, we will be collecting the mailing addresses from those of you who are receiving perks to send them out. Cheers and Thank You!

-Team 8.31

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In the can.

Hey everyone, the short film is in the can, as they say. We've shot nearly all of 8.31, minus a few pickup shots to come. We are so excited, the crew and cast completely nailed it and it's in the hands of the very talented editor and VFX artist. We can't understate our appreciation for your contribution. We already pushed the boundaries of low budget to the breaking point on this one and it just wouldn't have become a reality without your support and involvement. Here's a little taste of what's to come, we will keep you posted as we progress through post and premiere the film sometime in the fall. Cheers!


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Lights, Camera...

Hey everyone, we are finally rolling on production for 8.31 beginning tomorrow. Thank you all again, for your generous contributions, your total support and your continued interest in the project. We will post some behind the scenes stills, eventually some video and updates on our post production and visual effects. Your money is literally creating a world that would not be there without your support. From the burning Los Angeles skyline to the birth of a child, it will all be possible because of you. Stay tuned.

8.31 Short Film Update

Hey everyone. It's been a bit of a whirlwind the last month, but we have gotten the project back on track and begun heavy pre-production. We have done some location scouting and started work with production design and test shoots. We shoot the last weekend in June and we couldn't be more excited. We will keep you posted with behind the scenes stills and maybe some video. Thank you all again for supporting the film. Cheers!