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Producing, mixing, mastering & releasing my album "Integration". Creating platform, LLC, & label for my company Foresee.
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I am raising funds to finalize the mixing, mastering, and production of my album, as well as pay for an LLC and create a legal platform for my company Foresee. My album is electronically produced, though I perform it live in concerts with a drummer, DJ, and guitar player over the beats. I have been performing shows with my band Pine Needle Soul for about 2 years now and have really learned alot about how to book shows, reach out to booking agents, and really just network and put myself out there. That is what inspired Foresee. Foresee (Conscious Conduits Constantly Connected) is a collective of musicians, artists, videographers, graphic designers and visionaries who come together and share each others talents, resources, energy and ideas to sharpen each others worlds and open more possibilities for each other. Foresee also curates music & arts events/festivals with intention to spark inspiration, creativity and the realization of the true potential of oneself. This album has the same intention, and the sooner I get this mixed and masted by my engineer and released on all platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc), I will have a more solid platform to build a fanbase and share my message and connect with my audience. I have 2 music videos shot by one of Foresees videographers, Clayton. One was shot in the art gallery upstairs of Village Gate, another shot in Costa Rica. My album has been recorded, and I owe my producer $450 to mix & master the rest of my album (12 songs total). The remaining $50 will be a start to building Foresee into a legal record label and company. If you donate a $25 minimum, you will receive a reward! A free ticket +1 to my album release party and a free CD and/or electronic download of my album. Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge of this project is building a fanbase and monetizing my music and business. Over the past 2 years of performing, networking, and working on my craft, I believe I am currently at the perfect moment to take things to the next level. With a professional sounding album, I will be able to get more shows outside of Rochester, and set up a tour. I have a videography team, graphic design team, logos, and all of the right presentation. I have developed a sound, message, and plan to reach the masses. Through curating music festivals & events through Foresee, I am able to create large audiences to share my work with people who wouldn't have discovered me otherwise (as they came for their favorite artist who is headlining my event). I do this by collaborating and reaching out to bigger artists with a following, as well as integrating live painting, vendors, and a wide range of genres of music & arts into one experience.

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    Thank you for your support! You will be guest listed +1 to my album release party, which means you may bring a friend for free! There, you will get a free copy of the CD. If you can't make the show (date TBA) I will mail you the CD and/or an electronic download will be emailed to you.

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