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Creating a small creature sculpture cast in resin.
Creating a small creature sculpture cast in resin.
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Stretch Goal #1: Colors! In addition to choosing the sculpture concept backers will get to vote on color options with the top 3 being produced. Backers will also get to choose which color they receive. This will include at least one UV fluorescent color. Unlocked at $800.


Hi, my name is Sheryl Westleigh. I'm a sculptor and jewelry designer from Maine. I previously ran a successful Kickstarter for my sculpture the Lady of Innsmouth. She was a large involved project so this time I'm doing something small and fun for Kickstarter's All in 1 theme for March: a little creature with an interactive twist for backers.

A few of my past sculptures
A few of my past sculptures

The Creature 

For this project instead of starting with a finished sculpture I'll be sculpting a little 4-inch tall fantasy creature that my backers will get to choose what it looks like. I'll be drawing 3-5 rough concept sketches and after the Kickstarter has ended all backers will be able to vote on which one I'll sculpt. It should be fun to see what is chosen. I want to give backers a variety of creatures to choose from, one option will definitely have tentacles.

After the final design is chosen, I'll be sculpting the creature in MonsterClay. After the sculpture is complete it will be molded then cast in gray resin (unless Stretch Goal #1 is reached) for all the backers to have their very own little creature.

The money from this Kickstarter will go towards purchasing mold making materials, resin, and all the incidentals that go along with casting like mixing cups, gloves, etc.

Concept Sketches

I'll be adding the sketches as I complete them.

March 6:

#1 The Chubberwocky
#1 The Chubberwocky


#2 The Nomgolian Death Worm
#2 The Nomgolian Death Worm

 March 7:

#3 The Baby of Innsmouth
#3 The Baby of Innsmouth


Risks and challenges

Most of the risks and challenges come from the fact I'll be sculpting, molding, and casting everything myself. It's a labor intensive process.

I've tried to give myself plenty of time to create all the casts assuming a run of 25.

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