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Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
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Ball Joint Tighten/Fix Tutorial


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Shipping Has Begun (U.S only)

Hey guys,

Thanks to the team at Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment our first Kickstarter Orders have been processed & shipped extremely fast and hassle free!

Unfortunately there was a mistake with the shipment from the factory and all EXTRA backing pads were not in this shipment.

So anyone who ordered a black unit with extra backing pads, we will need to wait until the fulfilment centre receives the backing pads in stock to fulfil your order. The pads are being sent from the factory today and should arrive in the U.S by Saturday, the good new is that Fulfilrite is ridiculously fast in processing and shipping out units so once they receive the pads they should be shipped the same day.

Please note: There have been a handful of orders already processed who ordered the extra pads, so you will receive the extra side pads but not extra backing pads until we get the stock in so again apologies for this but no other orders have been sent out until we get the backing pads in so if you have received your unit with no extra backing pads and you did order please let me know at

If you are from the U.S and have pledged for a Black Ultima without any extras then your Ultima has shipped.

Shipping was done via USPS Priority (2-3 days) so most of you should recieve your unit by today or tomorrow.

E-Mail Notification and Tracking

I do apologise, I originally posted that once shipped you will be notified by e-mail and given your tracking number but this isn't possible as this feature does not exist so that is my mistake as I thought that would be the case.

If you haven't received your unit by the end of the week please e-mail me at with your full name and e-mail and I will e-mail you your tracking number. Again you need to make sure you have pledged for Black unit without any extras.


There are a handful of Silver Ultima units that have been sent already as they had been completed before Chinese New Year but only a handful, all remaining Silver and Black units will arrive by the start of April.


There a quite a few International orders with extras so most we need to wait until stock arrives to start sending.

Those who have ordered a black unit with no extras, I am in the process of gathering those orders to be processed and shipped out. So I will let you know in the next update in regards to those.

All Australian orders will be shipped in April once we receive the stock.


It must be noted that these orders are the first production run, it is the first time the product has ever been assembled and again we can't stress enough the complexity of the design and that they were also assembled at the busiest and most rushed time for any Chinese factory, right before Chinese New Year.

So all units may not be perfect, they should be pretty damn close but there could be some possible minor flaws. The parts production and assembly will be an ongoing thing to perfect the product.

I truly hope you are all extremely satisfied with the product and if you have any questions or concerns at all I am here to help so please e-mail at and if you love the product and are very happy with it please feel free to let everyone know by posting a comment.

Again I can't thank you all enough for the support and patience but we still have work to do so the thank you's will need to wait for now.

As usual, any questions or concerns please e-mail me at

Regards, Nik

First Shipment Update

Hey guys,

Just a very quick update.

Of course after all of that the package was held up in customs, it took a few days to get released and tracking information has finally been updated which says 1 day to go to be delivered to the order fulfilment centre.

Again thank you to everyone for being so supportive and understanding, at least we know they are in the states and now it's just a matter of processing and sending out. It will take a little time as things have become a little complicated with limited number of units and some having pledged for extra pads or suction cups so it's not so simple to group them all together but it will be done and I will update again once I know units are actually starting to ship out individually. (These first orders will be a mix of US and International deliveries)

It is unclear how long it will take to process over 600 individual orders but I would say that they all should be out by the end of next week but again will update everyone.

At this stage we don't have an exact date for the reaming units but work has already started and we are pushing to have these sent from the factory by the end of the month so I would say to expect to start receiving by at least mid April.

As usual any further questions just leave a comment or e-mail directly at


First Shipment Update


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Shipping Update - First Order

Hey guys,

Well we did our best but weren't able to get all units out before Chinese New Year, we do have a bunch of units along with extra pads and suction cups on their way to our order fulfilment centre in the US so will break it down for you.

As mentioned before this is quite a complex design and had not been assembled before so there was a learning curve for the assemblers who also needed to implement quality control etc so assembly went slower than expected.


Apparently there was an issue with the silver anodising so all parts need to be redone so no silver units will be sent out for this first shipment.


So this means that most of those who ordered only black units should receive theirs within 2 week depending on shipping and processing times.

At this stage to keep things as simple as possible, those who ordered multiple units in multiple colours we will need to send those out in our second shipment.

It is going to be a bit of mission to break the orders down especially with extra pads involved but that is what is needed to be done.


As all orders shipped from the US centre are for US and International customers, we will have a small number of black units that will be sent to some Australian backers, I actually tried my hardest to have the manufacturer send me ALL remaining black units so I could assemble myself but it just wasn't possible for them to do so so there are about 20 black units on their way that I will assemble myself and start sending out to Australian backers. This will depend on the quality of the parts too so those numbers may be lower but either way all remaining orders will be sent in our next shipment.


The factory will be back and up and running on the 18th so I would estimate to have all remaining units sent to our fulfilment centre by the end of the month. It takes about 3-5 days to reach the order centre and then a day or so to process with 2 -5 days for delivery for US backers and a little longer for International backers, this will of course include the remaining Aussie orders too.


There are still quite a few final survey responses we have not received so to make sure you are in our second shipment please make sure you do so.

Again I thank you all for your continued support as even these first orders would not have been possible without you.

Any further questions, address changes etc please e-mail

Regards, Nik