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Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
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First Shipment Update


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Shipping Update - First Order

Hey guys,

Well we did our best but weren't able to get all units out before Chinese New Year, we do have a bunch of units along with extra pads and suction cups on their way to our order fulfilment centre in the US so will break it down for you.

As mentioned before this is quite a complex design and had not been assembled before so there was a learning curve for the assemblers who also needed to implement quality control etc so assembly went slower than expected.


Apparently there was an issue with the silver anodising so all parts need to be redone so no silver units will be sent out for this first shipment.


So this means that most of those who ordered only black units should receive theirs within 2 week depending on shipping and processing times.

At this stage to keep things as simple as possible, those who ordered multiple units in multiple colours we will need to send those out in our second shipment.

It is going to be a bit of mission to break the orders down especially with extra pads involved but that is what is needed to be done.


As all orders shipped from the US centre are for US and International customers, we will have a small number of black units that will be sent to some Australian backers, I actually tried my hardest to have the manufacturer send me ALL remaining black units so I could assemble myself but it just wasn't possible for them to do so so there are about 20 black units on their way that I will assemble myself and start sending out to Australian backers. This will depend on the quality of the parts too so those numbers may be lower but either way all remaining orders will be sent in our next shipment.


The factory will be back and up and running on the 18th so I would estimate to have all remaining units sent to our fulfilment centre by the end of the month. It takes about 3-5 days to reach the order centre and then a day or so to process with 2 -5 days for delivery for US backers and a little longer for International backers, this will of course include the remaining Aussie orders too.


There are still quite a few final survey responses we have not received so to make sure you are in our second shipment please make sure you do so.

Again I thank you all for your continued support as even these first orders would not have been possible without you.

Any further questions, address changes etc please e-mail

Regards, Nik

Delivery Update, Packaging Sample, Final Surveys

Hey guys,

It has been very busy times and we are now on the final leg!


We now have over half the parts completed with all remaining parts expected to be done by early next week. Some images of mass production below:


Package design has been completed, going quite simple with a plain white box with foam insert and full colour printed sleeve for the outside. Here are some images of our first samples, more images can be viewed at



As Chinese New Year starts on the 1st of Feb till the 22nd of Feb we need to make sure all parts are completed, assembled, packaged and shipped out before then as all manufactures will close for the break. We are on track at this stage and will have enough units to fulfil all Kickstarter orders so you should start receiving your units very early February but will keep you posted once units are at the order fulfilment warehouse.


We have received mostly all surveys with still a few who haven't filled out and sent through. I urge those who haven't done so to please do asap to avoid missing out on our first shipment otherwise they could run the risk of missing out until March when we receive our next lot of units.


Make sure you follow us on instagram @nkmos as it is much much quicker to post new images which we do quite regularly. We will also be holding our first give away very soon so again follow us to be the first to know.

I again thank you all for your patience and support, it is greatly appreciated and of course any further questions you may have please e-mail me at

Close Up Pics and Final Surveys

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a nice holiday break with the family.


As requested I have some nice large close up pics of the black and silver to help you decide which colour you would like. The photos are quite large so may take some time to load.


Now that the Christmas holiday is over I thought it best to start sending out final surveys so e-mails wouldn't get lost or anything so we will now start doing that going through each pledge tier so please give us a few days to get all of these sent out.


Make sure you follow us on Instagram as we will keep posting new pics of Ultima and will also be holding regular competitions so follow from now @ NKMOS

I am so excited to finally be only a few weeks away from delivering, I again thank you all for your continued support and patience.

Should have some packaging pics very soon too so again keep an eye out on Instagram first.

Again any questions at all please send to and if you can keep spreading the word for our new website

Mass Manufacture, Silver Anodising, Green Ultima, Final Surveys & More

Hey guys,

Sorry the new update is a little late, our new samples package was caught up in customs so lost a couple of days.


We are now moving into mass manufacture so this means we should be about 4 weeks out from having final product to then be assembled, packed and shipped out. So will be doing our absolute best to have them shipped within the month of January but of course will keep you all updated.


We have made the final decision to not go ahead with the Green 'Ultima', I do apologise for this and thank everyone for their feedback and understanding. We will be including extra rubber pads and a replacement suction cup for all who pledged for the Green colour to make up for the price difference. This will also avoid any further delays for those who pledged for Green.


We will now be sending out final surveys so everyone will have the option of choosing which colour they would like even if they pledged for a specific colour. Again we will no longer be going ahead with the limited Green and those who pledged will have extra rubber pads and suction cup included with their order.

Surveys will be sent out over a week or so so keep an eye out as we will need to know final colour choices so we can keep things moving.


The new samples are really good, below are images of the black matte and silver anodised so you can see just what both look like and then you can make your final decision on which colour you'd like.


The new silver sample has been done by anodising. When attached to the windscreen it looks really good, up close the finish isn't quite that polished. It is a little more shiny than the painted sample we have and a little ruff with the finish. It's not as clean as what you may be accustom to with say Apple products. Again this is due to a different aluminium needed to make these parts with die casting as machining these parts would make the product about 10 times more expensive. I think it's the best option we have as it won't run the risk of peeling as with oil painting and doesn't add the extra thickness to the aluminium. It still does look very very nice but i'd say that the matte black anodise has a little more consitency with overall finish.


The ball joint is just right now, it's still quite smooth but very strong so I think we have that nailed. It will get a little smoother and lose it's strength a little when keep in very hot heat but it should still be strong enough even when in heat to hold the weight of any smartphone. Once the temperature cools it will return to full strength again. This is simply because of the rubber material.


The clamping mech has also been sorted, it is now consistent and should be able to improve even further in mass manufacture when some materials will be even stronger. We will still be monitoring this just to make sure as it is the most important part and do not want to disappoint anyone.


We have recently launched our new website so check it out and send any feedback to and if you can also pass the link on to all your friends and family. An easy way to help out is to simply LIKE the facebook and twitter buttons on our product page section here - SILVER - BLACK


We will be holding competitions with prize giveaways via instagram once we have sent out all units so you can follow us from now to be all ready to go so just follow @nkmos -

We would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you all agin for the tremendous support and patience.

Again any questions forward to

Regards, Nik