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Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
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VIDEO: Up Close and Recording Driving Test

Here are a couple videos showing Ultima a little more up close and while driving, note the camera is shaky not Ultima.

I also show using Ultima with your smartphone to record the road while driving. More videos coming soon. Also if you haven't done so, if you can 'LIKE' the front Project page :)

Ultima Suction Cup Holds 10kg! (22 pounds)

Here is the test a lot of people have been waiting for, the strength of the suction cup on 'Ultima'.

Again let me know what other features you'd like seen in a video, the next video demonstration will be showing video recording while driving.

Universal Smartphone Testing

Images of a range of different smartphones working with 'Ultima' to give you an idea of what your phone may look like being held in a way that all buttons and charging ports are free and not blocked at all.

These first set are renders but are positioned in a way that is natural, again all phones have full access to all buttons and charge ports.

Below are actual full scales working with the current prototype. All phones fit even the very large HTC Sensation XL so once we have the new prototype with the extra width i'm sure we will be able to fit all the phones with most cases too! The LG mini was also thrown in to show how narrow we can also go.

Will have more video updates soon.


VIDEO: Ultima holding 3.75kg!

Here is a quick video demonstration of our current prototype of Ultima holding 3 x 1.25kg weights with ease.

Will have more videos and pics to come within the next week.

If there are any specific features you'd like shown in a video just comment or message and will see if we can make it happen before the campaign finishes.

Keep spreading the word as even though we have more than doubled our funding goal, that is still nowhere near the cost of tooling and manufacturing so the more pledges we get, the more financial burden it takes off us but also the more we can give you! such as retail packaging.

Facebook and Twitter the link -

And keep tipping all the blogs sites with the link too.

Cheers, Nik

Final design refinements, prototyping & Custom Install possibilities

Hey guys,

Just a quick update to let you all know where the project is at.

We have just finished making what we hope are the final adjustments to the overall design.

Things that were included:

Width Increase

As pictured, the current design which was originally measured 2 years ago before some of the much larger phones were ever made, we had a max width of 70mm or so which covered most phones but would maybe fall short with some of the larger phones when it came to using a case. We have now been able to achieve a max width of around 75mm without changing the small form factor of the holder itself.

This will quite easily ensure the fit of all mobile phones and smartphones that aren't with-in the tablet territory such as the Galaxy Note. It should also accommodate for the very large majority of cases too, except for maybe some of the Otterbox cases but all Otterbox iPhone cases will be fine.

Custom suction pad - We have made the internal part out of metal to ensure durability and longevity of function.

We will then look into what material the actual suction pad will be made out of, we have had a few people asking in regards to this, I would love for it to be clear from a pure aesthetic point of view but it may possibly be all black or tinted to protect against UV  and higher temperatures.

More rubber side-pad compression - We also made more room for our side pads to sit in easier and to also add more clamping compassion.

There was actually quite a bit of work done but was mostly internal work to improve on the design, again for even more durably and longevity.

                                                 New Prototype

We should have the new prototype parts by the end of the week and will give a big update with our results and some more video showing 'Ultima' in action such as using your smartphone and Ultima as a dash camera so will show recording while driving and will also show more on the suction power and clamping mech, as many have requested.

If all goes well with the new parts we will then be moving into tooling and manufacturing.


I have been playing around with some potential custom installs of Ultima for those who have the room and would prefer a more permanent solution that doesn't attached to the windscreen. This was done by removing all of the suction cup section and attaching straight to the armature. This is just to give an idea of the possibilities for a custom install and what it might look like. Pics were also taken with an actual Galaxy S 2 for reference.

Will have more to update once we receive the new prototype parts, again any questions feel free to ask.

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