Ultima - Best In Car Holder Dock Mount for iPhone and more!

by Nik Conomos

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    1. Josh on

      Is there any kind of discount you can offer those of us whose original clamps never worked right but who want to convert it to the ultima S to see if it works better?

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      My Ultima is where it belongs: in the trash

      I already wasted $60 I can't imagine giving you more money to "make it right"

    3. Nik Conomos 6-time creator on

      @ Josh Robinson - Unfortunately the Conversion Kits are very expensive to make as they are actually CNC machined and we weren't able to place a larger order so we are trying to offer it as cheap as possible.

    4. Nik Conomos 6-time creator on

      @ Tony - I'm sorry you feel that way, we did run into quite a lot of manufacturing issues and we have been trying to do our best to fix things and keep everyone happy so this isn't another attempt to try and make things right, it's simply an option for those who wanted the option to convert their original Ultima. Cheers.

    5. Rithrade

      I also threw mine away.