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Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
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Final Update, Suction Cup Stick Pads + 2 Day Silver Super Sale

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New Project 'AirStand' is Now Live!

Hi everyone,

I am extremely excited to announce our latest and greatest product 'AirStand' is now live on Kickstarter, so please check it out and hopefully you can join us all again.

AirStand is an ultra minimalistic, full 360 degree angle adjustable, high grade CNC machined aluminium universal tablet stand!

We have an Early Backer Special of $70 AUD including shipping to Australia, USA & Canada. For all other countries it's just an extra $15 for shipping so PLEDGE NOW to take advantage of the extra saving.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to e-mail at or message.

Also vist our website if your looking to pick up our last Ultima Model S and cool new Multi-Purpose Sticky pads.

Thanks, Nik

Upgrade your Original Ultima to the New Model S


Hi everyone,

You can now upgrade your original Ultima to the new Model S with our new conversion kit.

Now ready to ship but we only have limited numbers available.

We had quite a few original Ultima backers asking if we were going to offer an upgrade option so here it is.

BUY NOW @ with immediate shipment.

Conversion Kit Includes:

  • The entire front plate in Matte Black Anodized (we currently only offer this conversion kit in Matte Black) 
  • Upgraded new Metal Ball Joint, already installed (we recommend using an oil based lubricant - not included)
  • The front sticky pad which is already installed and ready to go, simply remove plastic film Rear plastic part (you can also use your existing one) 
  • Allen Key tool + brand new heavy duty screws to replace the older screws 
  • T8 Torq screwdriver to help in removing the old ball joint screws

 Please note that the conversion kit is only available in MATTE BLACK so those with silver mounts will be the only ones with a very cool looking 2 tone hybrid style as pictured!


We also have a great new product you can check out and buy now from our website. It's a multi-purpose sticky pad that comes in 2 different sizes and as a twin pack. They are great to instantly wall mount your smartphone or tablet plus much more!

I'm also very excited to announce we will be launching a fantastic new product on Kickstarter in the next 2 weeks so will give you guys a sneak peek shortly.

Any questions you may have please feel free e-mail at or directly message.

Ultima Model S Conversion Kit


Hi everyone,

Since launching our new Ultima Model S we have had quite a few of you asking about a conversion kit to covert and upgrade your current Ultima to our new Model S. 

So I'm happy to announce that we are now now taking pre-orders for this kit at and will be shipping in the next 2 - 3 weeks. 

Numbers are very limited and at this stage will only be offering the kit in matte black with the upside to this being that those who have a current silver mount will end up with a very cool looking and exclusive two tone Ultima! Check out some renderings to give you an idea, I think it looks pretty cool. 

The kit will include:

1) The entire new Ultima Model S front plate with sticky pad and new metal ball joint already assembled. 

2) Spare rear ball joint back plate. 

3) New heavy duty screws. 

4) Allen Key for the new screws and a T8 screw driver to remove the older original Ultima ball joint screws. 

We found the T8 head helps prevent the screw head stripping and makes it easier to remove any screes that may already be stripped. Our new screws are have a much larger head and are far less prove to stripping so you can adjust the tightness of the new screws without any issues. 


We will also be selling Replacement Front Sticky Pads as they are fully user replaceable and of course our Replacement Suction cups.

Also we are now taking pre-orders for 2 new products which are a stand alone version of our sticky pads that come in 2 different sizes. These are a Multi-Purpose pad that can be used to wall mount your smartphone or tablet almost anywhere, used as a place mat to help keep your products from moving or slipping off a desk and much much more. They come in packs of 2 and are also great to use around the home or office. 

Production is already complete and will be shipping in 2 weeks.

Check out our products page on our website for more details 

Thanks for checking out all our great new stuff, we will be launching a new flag ship product on Kickstarter in the coming weeks which we are extremely excited about so keep a look out for the update.

As usual, any questions you may have please e-mail at

Thanks, Nik

Final Hours! Ultima S

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