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Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
Beautifully designed, all aluminum body, strongest and smoothest holding clamping mechanism on the market for iPhone and more phones
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    1. Nik Conomos 6-time creator on

      Should be up to date now with all units that went missing in the post or for any other reason. Anyone still having issues or any other questions please e-mail at

    2. Michael Josem on

      My previous comment moments should have said "I have NOT received the item, nor have I even received a reply...."

    3. Michael Josem on

      I've emailed on a number of occasions about my missing device. This includes emails on 1 June, 2013; 24 October, 2013, and today, 10 February, 2013.

      I have received the item, nor have I even received a reply to my three emails on the issue.

      Of course, if Nik or anyone else wants to contact me by email to, they would be welcome to do so. Alternatively, tweeting @michaeljosem would work too.

    4. Missing avatar

      Raphaël on

      Oh, and of course, they don't reply to my email

      "from: Raphaël xxxx
      date: 23 octobre 2013 18:32
      object: No Ultima :(
      send by:"

      4 months for a mail is pretty long...

    5. Missing avatar

      Raphaël on

      Peter W. :

      Me too, , i'll still waiting...

    6. Virago on

      Mine broke within the first couple days of use. No response to e-mail.

    7. Peter W. on

      I still haven't got anything. All my other kickstarter projects find my address so I know address is correct. Are you sure mine was shipped, was there a confirmation shipping number?

    8. Missing avatar

      artguy on


      I've emailed you 2x and no response. My ultimo turned that hideous brown color after a month of use. It's now in my desk drawer at work. I would appreciate some kind of answer as to the finish problem. I know I'm not the only one that had this crop up.


    9. Peter W. on

      Still waiting for mine (2 of them)

    10. Nik Conomos 6-time creator on

      Please if anyone does have any questions or concerns please e-mail me directly at and will be glad to help out. I assume everyone is going well with their new suction cups as I have received little feedback so far with none of it being negative (which is great) so I hope we have finally nailed things for you guys.

    11. Nik Conomos 6-time creator on

      @ KK Chan, thanks for the feedback. The suction cup does need to be nice and clean along with your windscreen/windshield, (using some saliva around the suction cup pad helps quite a lot) then pressing quite firmly onto the windscreen then rotating and locking in should get you a nice firm suction which really shouldn't ever come off until you unlock. Setting things up a little will help greatly with a secure and long lasting hold.

    12. Missing avatar

      KK Chan on

      Have been using one of ultima for 3-4 weeks. Loving it. Once u get it to stick, it holds strong. Trick is to make sure u get a seal all around the suction cup. U can tell by looking from outside the windscreen. U know it's a good seal when it's difficult to turn the locking mechanism. Had some difficulty at the beginning as well with unit falling. Found that I get a good coverage only on the edge of the windscreen which is flatter. Could be due to the size of the suction cup not working well with curve glass. Also, like the holder mechanism that can be set at any position. Only wish it was smoother. Hope it will hold up with daily use.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ryan Ng on

      Nik......Am glad to see that you are 'absorbing' the additional costs for the replacement cups (As u said in your remarks in update #59), but here's my experience so far. Dec 2012, even with the multiple delays, u had requested for an additional amount for a faster and more secure shipping method with tracking number. Which I ponied up without second thoughts..... But when it did arrive in May 2013, I used it for a couple of weeks, then the cup broke, and the locking mechanism got stucked. Wrote to you but have not heard back since........ I don't feel so bad now that I can see people have still not received their units. I can only hope for these people who haven't received theirs, they do get the updated working product with the new improved cups. Other than that, I definitely won't be paying more money for the new improved cups since my set doesn't even lock in place......... Wish u and the rest of the backers better luck

    14. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Bernhardt on

      Patiently waiting...

    15. Missing avatar

      ellislo on

      I am still waiting for mine......

    16. JoshyKyll on

      After using by over two months I love how it looks and how you can set any where but its a problem that the suction don't work in extreme weather it fall down while driving is a serious problem ill recommend this if there wasn't a problem with the suction cup. Ty

    17. Missing avatar


      I backed two units and both of the units had similar problems. I can over look the cosmetic issues but I cannot even get it to remain stuck on the wind screen. Suction cup keeps failing. Please make sure new suction cup is of higher quality. Thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      From the comments it looks like I'm not the only one that hasn't received their mount (original backing). I've contacted Nik three times already about it without response... but at least Nik got a trip to Italy!

    19. Missing avatar

      Colin Paterson on

      @Jesse, It sounds like you’ve had the same problem many of us have had. My Ultima has been out of commission for the past month – after blowing through 2 of the original suction cups in under two weeks. Nik is working on an improved suction cup and is waiting for mold modifications – “Update #57” explains. Hopefully, once Nik is back from his wedding/honeymoon (mid-July), both Nik and the mold will be ready to push new suction cups out to his backers.

    20. Jesse on

      So this worked great until the weight of the arm and clamp (no phone) ripped the mount out of the suction cup. Now I can't get the mount into the suction cup because of the custom "fingers" that stick in. What do I do? I didn't really even get to use it that much before this happened.

    21. K Bowers

      No product. Will I ever see anything?

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      So I got a message from nik today, and mine is shipping from Australia to a fulfillment center, in the us. So they are still in the process of shipping.

    23. Rithrade

      Yup. Throwing it away. I can't understand way I paid for a broken screw.

    24. Rithrade

      Hi Nik.

      My unit can spin 360. And one of the screws broke. Means I can't dismantle the ball joint.

      This is getting irritating.

    25. Benni Klomfass on

      ok Nik, sonow after a long period an many many updates now your silent... what cann you tell/say these people / about all the problems with your premium priced car holder dock mount ?

      i didn't even use it- its still in the box...

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Has anybody heard from nik regarding their order not arriving?

    27. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Just had a pretty big issue with my Ultima. I got the black version and its been in the 90s this week, and while in my car, the mount overheated my iPhone. The Ultima is extremely hot to the touch, a combo of the black finish and the metal. Because of this, I'm not going to be using this anymore. Back to the cheap plastic one for me.

      My black unit is also slightly discolored now as well, almost like a dark black/copper color.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      So people are still receiving these, good to know, I'm still waiting for a message back regarding my order

    29. Missing avatar

      artguy on

      FYI - I installed mine with no issues in my MINI coupe, and then had to remove/move it yesterday to a different spot. I was quite alarmed to see the black finish has become a deep brown on the side facing "sun up". That is, the finish has remained a deep black on the underside, but a weird champagne brown on the UV exposed side. Not sure if this is a serious concern, but it does make it look a little odd. Anyone else noticing this?? Nik, should this be happening so quickly???

    30. Missing avatar

      Tom Danylczuk on

      Does anyone know of a good quality one available?

    31. Joseph Spiegel on

      I do want to report that Nik wrote to me and made a fair offer to make me whole. It was my choice to go no farther but I appreciate what he offered and want to say that here too. I do wish him luck and hope Ultima does eventually live up to its name and his concept.

    32. Joseph Spiegel on

      At least I don't feel alone anymore. Since I bought this piece of junk, I bought a new car and would not dare attach this to my windshield to just have it fall off and damage my new baby. I wrote back to Nik twice and heard nothing. No matter, I'm writing it off as my only total fail Kickstarter project. To those that got one that worked, good luck. We'll see how it handles the summer soon enough.

    33. Eddie on

      Tried the ultima on the way to and from work:
      - The ball joint seems to hold fine, quite smooth - no issues
      - The retracting mechanism that holds the phone in place is not smooth at all and the button that released the hold is awful! You have to apply some force to it and it some times clicks while sometimes it doesn't...? eh..?
      - The twisting mechanism to lock the suction cup to the windscreen got stuck once... but i've only ever taken it off twice... a bit tentative to keep putting it on and off so often
      - Temp during the day was ~20degrees celsius, but my car was parked undercover all day, so no proper test there
      - I've got an 18min footage of me driving like Mrs Daisy from work on the FWY.. my car isn't known for its ride comfort, although not back breaking, the footage in my Mitsu Evolution is quite stable, exactly what I was expecting. I've got another event in mid June, will get more footage then which will stress out the suction cup ability.. but no way i'm not putting it outside of the car, i'll leave that to my trusty GoPro

    34. Eddie on

      Has anyone's car alarm gone off because the ultima has fallen off the windscreen?

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I'm just wondering when mine will ship, the site says that they are sold out of the black, but I had ordered mine way back in January which I only ordered because I had a credit to the site because they were not producing the green, and he had been holding a sale to sell out the excess inventory of black.

    36. Missing avatar

      W Dodd Russell on

      I had mine for a week and bought a different product because this one just doesn't work...period!

      -The suction cup doesn't work
      -The cheap plastic holder doesn't retract so you can't get the phone out
      -And it dropped so many times I stopped counting

      Appreciate the try but very under whelming product but GREAT Marketing on Kick!!!

    37. Eddie on

      oh..... hmmm.... i just got mine today after work. Haven't tried to put it in the car yet

      I'm in Perth, Western Australia and we are at the start of winter here and i park under cover every day.. so my car barely sees sunlight except for the 15mins drive to and from work, but 20 degrees is def not hot at all.

      heat def can be varying factor, but in this case, i believe it can be factored out under these conditions. Perhaps the answer is simply, poor material choice for the suction cup? If that is so, Perth experiences in excess of 40degrees Celsius during summer.. which means the temperature inside the car on a hot day will far exceed the daily temp... yikes!!!

      i did raise initial concerns over heat issues back in May last year, but was reassured that "..Ultima will have the highest possible quality suction cup that will be made of material rated at very very temperatures so there shouldn't be any issues with heat. I have add even the prototype sitting in the sun for hours and even days at a time with no issues."

      So if the build quality of the suction cup and the QA process were done correctly... can't be user error, surely??

    38. Ze Wong on

      @Eddie Phan, Wintery day here at most was 20c? Coldest in the morning was 6c. If you call 20c heat issue i am very worried.

      Anyway the suction cup is only half the problem. Twist mechanism is stuck and release button is really terrible

    39. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      @Eddie Phan - I am near San Francisco, CA. I usually park in a multi-level parking garage so I'm out of the direct sunlight; but the other day I parked in an outdoor lot while at work.

      Nothing excessive just a day's worth of sunlight; and it's not like I'm in Death Valley, CA.

      I'm not sure what Nik is going to be able to do with this issue... the fact that it didn't come up in testing is rather confusing.

    40. Missing avatar

      Carlos Chacon on

      @Johnny - My suction cup is similar, but not as bad condition, as yours. Also, the sticky part of the dashboard disc couldn't stand the heat and it came right off after a couple of hours parked.

      My Ultima is also in poor shape already. The release clamp aluminum piece falls off on its own, the release mechanism is "stiff" like @Ze Wong mentions, and it takes multiple attempts to release it without forcing it.

      This product just keeps getting worse the more you use it.

    41. Eddie on

      @ze wong & @Johnny
      on both your instances when the suction cup "deformed", were your cars in the sun for a prolonged period of time? and was it hot on the day, perhaps excessive heat caused this?

    42. Ze Wong on

      Sorry but after having it for a day, mine is already broken.

      First of all the suction cup was deformed, secondly the twist to suck trigger cap came out and also didn't want to twist. Then the release mechanism isn't even smooth and good. After attempting to reattach to my windscreen, the suction cup was stuck and unable to pry it off due to the twist mechanism being broken I had to rip it out.

    43. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      I want other backs to see if this happened to them - but my Ultima won't stick to my windshield because the Suction Cup became deformed after I parked the car outside.

      The suction Cup was nearly/perfectly flat when I got it - but here's what it looks like after I got in my car today.

      As you can see the surface area of the disc has increased and the disc is now deformed along the area that the lever would normally "pull back" on the disc. So now the disc forms almost no suction since there is a large volume of air already between the disc and the window even before turning the lever to create suction.

      I have contacted Nik to request a new suction cup; but I worry all of his suction cups are like this. As it stands I have a mighty expensive paperweight.

    44. Hayden Beswick on

      Can we please get an update on the Black Ultima for Australian Orders?

    45. Benni Klomfass on

      received mine too -
      i must say that i agree with carlos -

      i've expected better quality of the mechanism (or at least make it replaceable easily)
      i hope it will last as i could just buy a cheap plastic holder -

      for this premium price i expected a+ quality but it rather is b - b+ ...

      i'm pretty sure that the retail price of 99.95 is way too high

      anyway good luck

    46. Grant Leung on

      Got mine a few days ago; I did the fixes (tape, graphite), and it works great. Though, I almost burned my fingers adjusting it after I left it in the sun. All in all, thanks for the great holder.

      On a side note: the word "accurate" is misspelled on the bottom of the box.

    47. Missing avatar

      Carlos Chacon on

      Well, I just got my Ultima (in Mexico). So far it looks like it works ok (no need for the "fix" yet), but all the mechanism is made with plastic parts (covered with aluminium) and I just don't think it's built to last, what a shame. This is the part that saddens me the most, as I've bought plenty of cheap plastic car holders and they all ultimately fail after a couple of weeks, hence why I was so excited about this product.
      The original side-rubber pads came off on their own, and overall it feels cheaply made. You should really look into the Elevation Dock build quality.

      Also, I ordered with upgraded shipping and it was sent with regular international shipping and an extra set of rubber pads, so much for those extra $20.

    48. Missing avatar

      Craig F on

      Still waiting for a reply Nik, my mount won't stay on the window. Tried several things but in a short amount of time it just falls off. Windows is flat and clean. I've send you two messages now.

    49. Missing avatar

      Colin Paterson on

      Nik, my Ultima arrived yesterday. It looks great. Works great. It's easy to use. Congratulations, you hit the mark!

    50. Missing avatar

      JGuilhem Perrichet on

      Received it this morning !
      Great !

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