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Smart and elegant solution for protecting your back when riding on wet and muddy roads.

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What makes Musguard better?

1. It's rollable!

When not in use it packs very small. It can be rolled on your frame or simply stored in your bag, pocket or hung on your key-chain. 

2. It's minimalistic!

It is very lightweight - just 35 grams. No mounts, no extra parts to mess your bikes aesthetic. Completely removable. 

3. It's easy to use!

The application is simple and fast, no tools needed. It fits neatly, very close to the rear wheel. 

Check out the video manual which demonstrates how to use it:

4. It's durable!

It is die cut from a strong, resilient and recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic sheet using a unique folding system for stability and firm fit.

The close fit is crucial - the sooner you catch the water (or mud) spraying from the wheel, the less wet you get.

See how we tested it and what are the results:

5. It fits perfectly!

Originally designed for use on fixed gear/single speed bikes, Musgard fits most frames with paired seat stays and works best on bikes without a rear brake.

Why we need your help?

A lot of cyclists who have seen and tested Musguard so far, really liked it. We believe it has potential on the global market so we want to offer a full service.

What we need is colors!

For now only 5 colors are available at local producers. No producer has enough orders to hold polypropylene sheets in every available color. But we believe it is important to offer such a product in wide variety of colors so you can enhance the uniqueness of your bike.

With your help we are going to be able to buy the material our self and than continue working with a local producer who will cut and print the fenders for us.

Cover our back so we can cover yours!

The Rewards

Items fetured in our reward packs:

1. Musguard

*You will be asked to specify the color of your Musguard when and if this campaign is successful. Then the selection will be much wider!

2. Pocket logo T-shirt
Features a pocket, heat pressed on a quality 220g, 90% cotton, 10% polyester, preshrunk, Ash Gray T-shirt. Comes in a male and female version, sizes S - XXL.

3. Reflective spoke card
Spoke card made of 3M construction grade reflective foil. Makes you cool and safe at the same time.

4.The Benotto
Amazing vintage, completely refurbished Benotto fixed-gear bike featured in the video. Built with carefully selected vintage components and handcrafted, customized parts. 

Components list:

  • Vintage Benotto frame and fork, all chromed Columbus tubing, size 57 cm (C-C)
  • Vintage ITM stem and handlebar with Brooks leather tape
  • Vintage Gipiemme saddle with custom leather covering
  • Benotto crankset
  • MKS Sylvan track pedals with MKS cages and custom leather straps
  • Wheels: J.Bayer polished alloy rims, Sapim spokes, Miche hub, System EX fixed gear hub with Halo cog
  • Modolo brakes with  Promax retro brakelever
  • KMC silver chain

* all rewards include shipping costs

What feedback do we have so far?

We presented the Musguard at the Berliner Fahrrad Schau bicycle fair in Berlin, Germany in March 2013 and got great feedback! Cyclists of all sorts appreciated the idea of packability, its sleek design, they were surprised over its low weight and stability. That gave us the confidence to take the project a step further - to Kickstarter!  

What are our plans for the future?

This is just the beginning!

We have loads of ideas and wish to develop more functional and aesthetic smart bike accessories. Some of them are already featured in our reward list.

We are in the prototyping phase for the frond fender, which will be the next episode of the Musguard story.

About the author

Musguard is a brainchild of me, Jurij Lozić. I am a product design graduate from Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU). Since I have a lot of interests, my work varies from illustration, mural painting, product and interior design to public and gallery art installations.  

The idea for Musguard came about 5 years ago in Milan, Italy, where I studied for a year and also made my first fixed gear bike. I was looking for a simple, removable fender but when I couldn't find it, i decided to make one myself. I was familiar with strong, resilient polypropylene sheets, so I made the first prototype, a one-off laser cut piece. Because of positive feedback from people who saw it, I decide to continue to perfect it.

The concept behind Musguard is quite simple: I wanted a fender that would protect my back, would be removable, would pack small and most important: would suit the sleek, streamlined, light, clean, simple, minimal aesthetic of fixed gear bikes. Like a feather or a leaf. 

In the process of development I took all of the above aspects and worked on them one by one. Structural stability and ease of use, sleek shape and efficient protection, cool look and good function at an affordable price. What I regard as true values of design.

I use the word "We" throughout this campaign, because even with me being the driving force behind this project, I would never be able to do it without help of my overly talented friends. 


for supporting Musguard and especialy to all good people who contributed in the making of this campaign:

Video: Multipraktik

Music: Some1Else

Photo: Tilen Sepič

Graphics: The Miha Artnak

Bike: Ajda Fortuna

Business: Niko Klansek

Support: Slovenia Coworking team

Strategic support: Memo Institute

Community: Muslauf

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

1. Our producer is set and waiting, delays will only occur if they happen during shipment of the bulk material.

2. Small adjustments in design are possible (e.g. the spoke card material might have a different texture than pictured).

3. The straps on the Musguards will all be black.


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    BENOTTO - this unique pledge will get you the amazing vintage, completely refurbished Benotto fixed-gear bike that I'm riding in the video. Built by my good friend Ajda just for the video shoot, I can say it truly is an amazing ride and I hate to give it up! + 1 x Musguard, 1 x pocket logo T-shirt, 1 x reflective spoke card

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