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LLSTOL is simple, comfortable and multi-functional lounge chair, consist of two identically "L" shaped elements.
LLSTOL is simple, comfortable and multi-functional lounge chair, consist of two identically "L" shaped elements.
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    1. Niko Klansek 2-time creator

      Hi Nekola! So sorry to hear you still haven't received your chairs! :(
      We have send you an e-mail with further instructions.
      LLSTOL team

    2. Nekola Noel Prosperie on

      Hi...I still have not received my chairs :(

    3. Bert, not Ernie on

      Thanks Niko, got them and love them.

    4. Louis on

      @ehsman814 - did you get a tracking number?

    5. ehsman814 on

      My chairs arrived today - look great and are very stable and comfortable. Great job.

    6. Steffen Beth on

      Go my chairs today, they look great....

      Looking forward to getting home from work and really test them....

    7. Niko Klansek 2-time creator

      Hey Chris,
      I'm happy to tell you that today we have started shipping your LLSTOL chairs out!
      So looking forward for you to finally receive the chairs.

    8. Bert, not Ernie on

      Hey Niko,
      hows the production and shipping going?

    9. Missing avatar

      Janja Majhenc on

      I am surprised how comfortable it is. Great. My mother bought two of the early rex chairs, but I have a small apartment, so one LL will do.

    10. Steffen Beth on

      Hey Niko

      Good to hear you are on top of things, and that we will get the best quality.

      I am really looking forward to getting these chairs...

      Best regards

    11. Niko Klansek 2-time creator

      Hey Steffen,

      things are going well now and everything is ready. Manufacturers are required to compress the chairs by the end of this week, then take a further 14 days to complete chairs, but we do not want to announce the exact date of shipment until we will be sure that is really fixed. We don't like to make same mistake and again shift the date.
      In the first series happened that the quality was not as we required, and that is why we must now repeat the series. Some things we have learned and I think that quality is no longer the issue.
      By the end of the week you can expect the exact date of shipment.

      Thank you and all best!

    12. Steffen Beth on

      So are there any news?

      Do not get me wrong I understand delays, and things there are out of the our hands. But you did say they would ship mid January and it is now mid February?

      And when updates are so easy to make, there are actually no excuse, I do not require a essay with pictures, just a couple a lines, so we know thing are happing. Silence is the worst thing during a delay.

      And just be honest, if the product does not meet the standards and it will take a month to get correctly, just tell us that.
      I would rather wait longer and get the best product, instead of getting it quickly and half finish. But you need to tell us this, if this is the case at the moment....

    13. Missing avatar

      hedges Capers on

      Thanks for the update

    14. Niko Klansek 2-time creator

      Hi Hedges,

      I understand your expectations and we are very grateful for your patience. We are aware that this is taking too long and I really want to apologize you and all the supporters for inconvenience we have caused. But the fact is that we do our best to deliver all the chairs as quickly as possible.
      In January we were able to sent out first chairs and now we are waiting for new series. We aren't looking for any excuses, problem that we currently have is our inflexible manufacturer that are continuous busy and shifts series and as a result we can't deliver chairs when we have promised.
      In the meantime, we were also searching for a new manufacturer, but their production quality was not good enough because we really want that you get the best we can do. We now have a new delivery date, but we still want to wait a week with the announcement if there will be some changes. I can insure you that you and all supporters will get your chairs and they will be great, just when is a thing that isn't depending only on us, but it's very close! Thanks again.

    15. Missing avatar

      hedges Capers on

      I think the chair is great and a wonderful design ... don't tarnish that!

    16. Missing avatar

      hedges Capers on

      It is difficult to start a new business,,,, more difficult when you don't deliver. Where, and when?
      It is now February.... the last post said delivery in Jan Do what you say you will do.
      By the way ..being busy is not a good excuse for a commuynication that takes only minutes with this kind of media.....

    17. Niko Klansek 2-time creator

      Hi guys!
      We are sorry for not having heard from us for soo long!
      But we have been so busy the last month with developing the LLSTOL chair.
      And now we have some good news and bad news.

      A good news is that the LLSTOL looks perfect now and we are very excited to send it to you! And a bad news is that there will be delay in delivery. Looks like we will be able to send you the LLSTOL chairs in January.

      Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

    18. Missing avatar

      Mav on

      Hi guys, I contacted them last month and am informed that a survey will be sent out to us somewhat in December. So my guess is we'll hear something real soon in the next following week(s). Hope this info helps.

      Fingers crossed.

    19. Louis on

      December is almost here, how is the project coming along?

    20. Bert, not Ernie on

      Hey Niko,
      Any news on the chairs?

    21. Missing avatar

      XD on

      I just realised that the miniature chairs look cute, and can probably be used as a simple smartphone holder! If only they can be available at a lower cost for Kickstarters. ;)

    22. Bert, not Ernie on

      Congrats on the funding! I can't tell you how excited i am to be getting these chairs. what a great design.

    23. Steffen Beth on

      Great... looking forward to hearing the next steps...

    24. Jernej Oset on

      First Slovenian Kickstarter project succeed! Congrats/čestitam!