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Help Nix Comics publish two additional Rock N Roll Comics titles in 2014 by pre-ordering or subscribing via Kickstarter!
185 backers pledged $7,459 to help bring this project to life.

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New Nix Comics by Bela Koe Krompecher and Pat Redding Scanlon

Posted by Ken Eppstein (Creator)

Hello Everybody!

I have recently launched a kickstarter to fund my 2018 slate of Nix Comics Titles. Looking at those books, its hard to miss the impact that publishing Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores and Pure Entertainment continues to have on my work today.

"Jenny Mae 'n Jerry Wick" will be the third and final comic Bela Koe Krompecher and Andy Bennett create based on Bela's writing and eponymous blog. Working with Bela has been inspirational and I will miss (read: strive to replace) the authenticity that his story telling brings to my line of comic. Jenny Me 'n Jerry Wick is available to pre-order through the kickstarter as a stand alone comic for $4 plus shipping, as a comic and 7" record set for $12 plus shipping or as part of the Nix Comics subscription options.

Nix Comics Quarterly #10 sports a truly handsome cover and a 6 page story illustrated by Pat Redding Scanlon.  Meeting Pat through co-publishing Pure Entertainment #1 with Pete Friedrich's Look Mom Comics has been one of the great "intangibles" of the project.  Its one thing to be able to reprint the work of people you admire, its another to have one of those people become a regular collaborator!  Nix Comics Quarterly #10 is available for pre-order through Kickstarter for $4 plus shipping or as part of the subscription packages!

I hope that you'll check out my latest!  All pledges and shares help!

Nix Comics  

New Nix Comics Kickstarter

Posted by Ken Eppstein (Creator)
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Howdy All!

I have just launched a new Nix Comics Kickstarter!

The goal of this new campaign is to raise the funds to publish two new books to be released next year on National Record Store Day.  

The first book will be a reprint of Darren Merinuk's "Rockin' Bones" comics in an effort to continue Nix Comics dedication to reintroducing great out of print punk and garage rock comics like the Pure entertainment anthology and Mark Rudolph's Closing Doors graphic novel.  

The second will be the second Nix record and comic combo set starring Pander Bear, the nix comics mascot and pitch man.  The set will feature annotated and revised material originally published on the Nix Comics website, cartoons previously only seen by retailers in wholesale catalog and a 7" record with music performed by cartoonist Matt Wyatt's band, dubbed the Unbearables for this project.

Early bird backers will receive both books for only $20! (Limit 20 pledges, so hop on it quick if you're interested.)

2014 subscribers will receive both books as part of their subscription, but there are swag and original art reward levels starting at $5 that you might be interested in and your pledges would really help support the cause!  

Thanks for all your support on past projects and I hope you'll help me with this new effort!

Ken Eppstein
Nix Comics

That's a wrap folks!

Posted by Ken Eppstein (Creator)

Thanks again to everybody who supported my campaign to get "Pure Entertainment" and "Do You Remember Rock 'N Roll Record Stores?" into print.  All of the rewards for folks who have responded to their survey have been shipped!  

If you haven't responded to the survey yet, well... Your comics are waiting for you!

If you given me your address, but haven't gotten your rewards by next week, let me know and I'll see if I can figure out what's going on through my tracking resources on this end.  Don't be shy about it...  I want you to get your stuff! 

For those of you who like insights into the business ends of comics and crowd-funders, here's a blog entry with a break down of where the money all went.

I hope you will all keep in touch!

All Systems: Hey Ho, Let's Go!

Posted by Ken Eppstein (Creator)

Howdy All!  Just a quick update:  

All of the poster rewards are printed and signed.  (Dig the great pic of Bob and Pete below.  So happy!) 

The printer proofs of books themselves have been approved and should be delivered Friday in time for anyone who wanted to pick up there rewards at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) this weekend here in Columbus.

I really recommend if you are anywhere near Columbus this weekend that you come out to SPACE.  It's April 12th and 13th at the Ramada Plaza  up on Sinclair road.  (Lots to see at SPACE.  In addition to the 150 or so small press vendors from around the country, I'll be part of a panel discussion about crowd funding on Sunday at 3:00pm, so I really do hope you'll come out and see me!)

Bob Camp signing Rock N Roll Hell posters with Pete Friedrich.  Photo by Michele Ford.
Bob Camp signing Rock N Roll Hell posters with Pete Friedrich. Photo by Michele Ford.

Rewards not picked up at SPACE will be mailed the following week.  There are still about 15 backers who haven't sent in their surveys yet.  I want to send you your stuff, but you gotta meet me half way and let me know WHERE to send it!   (If you're leery of using the Kickstarter interface for whatever reason, just email me your info at

Oh Geez! I knew I forgot something!

Posted by Ken Eppstein (Creator)

The Outhouse News and Satire site offered "expanded coverage" to any artist/publisher who pledged $45 or more to this campaign and is also running their own kickstarter or otherwise releasing a new comic.  (Full details at the link below.)

If you fit that bill, shoot me an email at ASAP with details.