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$6,924 pledged of $25,000 goal
$6,924 pledged of $25,000 goal

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New rock N Roll Comix Kickstarter!

Howdy All- I wanted to let all the greta folks who have supported me in the past that I have a new Kickstarter running in an effort to publish two additional comics in 2014

Cover by Eric Cartier
Cover by Eric Cartier

One is a reprint of Pure Entertainment Comics #4. Originally published in 1983 by Look Mom, Comics!, brought together some of the best cartooning talent in alternative comics from the New York area (and beyond!) to celebrate, denigrate and generally disseminate Rock Music. Many of the artists in Pure Entertainment went on to bigger and better things and this reprint will provide a great "Then and now" perspective on these great cartoonists. Pure Entertainment will be a 72 page, B&W 5" x 7.5" pocket book edited by Pete Friedrich and featuring pieces by Bob Camp, Peter Kuper, Mort Todd, J.B. Bonivert, Dave Simons, Bobby London, Gary Hallgren, Gene Fama, Michael Fontanelli, Eric Cartier, Voss, Liberatore, and much more! The book includes a huge range illustrated of bands and songs – from early Roxy Music to New York Dolls to Devo to Geza X and everything inbetween, plus lots of original storylines! Many of the artists in Pure Entertainment went on to bigger and better things and this reprint will show their amazing original stories and also provide a great "Then and now" perspective on these great cartoonists. 

Cover by Andy Bennett
Cover by Andy Bennett

The second is a true story about about record stores, sketchy night clubs and meeting the Ramones! "Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores" is adapted from Bela Koe-Krompecher's self titled blog about his life back in the early 90s and is illustrated by Andy Bennett. As always, thanks for your support in whatever form it might take, be it pledges or just throwing up the link on your twitter and facebook feeds!

Nix Comics To Publish Mark Rudolph's Closing doors

Howdy All- I hope things are going well for everyone. I wanted to let you all know about the latest Nix Comics Project:  Mark Rudolph's Closing Doors Graphic Novel.

I met Mark two years ago at SPACE in Columbus and we hit it off right away as collaborators.  Mark's 74 page Graphic Novel, originally completed around 10 years ago, follows the story of record store owner Elvin Cherry who is coming to grips with some inevitable decisions about his shop, Boogie Records.   Closing Doors, though, us about more than just one man's struggle to stay in business, its about the changing landscape retail experience from one of community driven diversity to the that of big box store homogeneity.

Frankly, I had to see this great book in print again, and offered to repress it for Mark under the aegis of Nix Comics.

For this project, I've jumped ship from Kickstarter to Indie Go Go.  If you'd like to support this new project, (Or subscribe to Nix Comics 2013: 3 Comics, 1 Graphic Novel, 2 minis and counting for one low price!) you missed please take a look at the

Thanks so much!

Ken Eppstein,
Nix Comics

Nix Comics thanks you all so much!

Well, that’s a wrap! 

 I thank you all for your pledges and your active tweeting, facebook posting and other word-of-mouth type efforts. (We'll get it done next time!) 

For those of you who phrased your social media support in terms of “Ken/Nix Comics really deserves this,” I am particularly humbled by your estimations. I will do my best in the coming years to live up to your expectations.

Which means I gotta keep making comics, right? 

Luckily, giving up my day job was never a scheduled stop on this kickstarter campaign trail. I should still be able to beg, borrow and steal my way into three or four issues of comics in 2013, starting with Nix Comics Quarterly #5 due out in February 2013! 

(For Special post kickstarter deals, please visit:

For those of you who would like to offer your support despite the Kickstarter not reaching its goal, I’ve added an option on for pre-ordering Nix Comics Quarterly #5 at 30% off cover price. 

Additionally, for those of you who have a little extra cash and faith in me, I’m offering a special $25 subscription rate to every Nix Comics title I release in 2013. (Like I said, that should be 3-4 books. Maybe more!) 

For those of you who want one of the two t-shirt designs that were offered as rewards, those are being offered as well for $20 plus shipping. The shirts will ship in early February, at the same time as Nix Comics Quarterly #5. 

Whether you choose to act on these offers or not, I hope you’ll keep in touch! 

Ken Eppstein, Nix Comics
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These are the Kickstarters I'm currently supporting:

My good good good friend Donovan Roth's effort to get a tour van for his band:

Dara Naraghi and Brent Bowman's Persia Blues Grpahic Novel

Kara Barrett's The Bargain

A Break in the Action?

For those of you who haven't been following my facebook and twitter posts, I wanted to let you know that I've taken a brief break in the kickstarter action to help support an institution that I count as one of my biggest influences: Norton Records. (Their Brooklyn warehouse was nearly obliterated by Hurricane Sandy.  Read about it here:

Norton is currently asking for donations to help rebuild their stock, primarily picture sleeves for the 1,000s of 45s that they were able to salvage.  I want to contribute, but like all comic self-publishers, I don't exactly have a lot of money on hand.  So, in an attempt to raise some cash to help the label that introduced me to the likes of the Real Kids, Andre Williams and Untamed Youth I'm making the following offer:  All sales from the Nix Comics Website will be donated to Nortn Records rebuild efforts.  Please pass it on!

Campaign Promises... Nix Style

We're about half way through the Nix Comics 2013 Big Ask campaign.  Thanks to all of you have already pledged, those who have reposted/tweeted/emailed the link and those who plan on helping.  I hope those of you who are in the Columbus area will stop by the Ace of Cups on Thursday 11/8 so I can thank you for your support in person with a cupcake! 

In the mean time, on this day of promises and votes of confidence, here are some promises I'd like to make about Nix Comics in 2013:

Nix Comics Will Maintain It's Unique Voice:

As a 100% CREATOR OWNED company, Nix Comics will always be a reflection of the (admittedly rough hewn) hearts and minds of its creators, not a pretty-polished corporate production standard. Nix Comics will always be wonderfully grotesque, marvelously baroque and most of all FUN.

Fair Pay For All Artists:

Nix Comics is no giant mega-corporation. Owner/lead writer Ken Eppstein runs a small creator owned DIY operation and pays his artists out of pocket. No artist has gone unpaid for his or her work. If early books ever go into reprint, the artists will all GET PAID AGAIN.

Timely delivery of Comics and Rewards:

What else does Ken Eppstein bring to the table? (Besides his own subversive sensibilities and rapid fire storytelling style, that is.) Twenty Years of small business and non-profit work. If this campaign is successful, you are GUARANTEED that he will navigate the sometimes choppy waters of self publishing to bring your comics in to port.

No Variant covers. EVER:

I mean… come on! The major comic publishers have made a habit of repackaging the same books in slightly different packages, in hopes to build sales from the crowd who speculates on the "value" of these "limited run" items.  You going to let them prey on your “collector’s mentality” like that? Don’t speculate on the future value of Nix Comics, count on the quality entertainment you’ll get here and now! That's where true value lies.

Nix Wholesale will Kick Diamond Comics in the nards and run.
You know that there is only ONE major comic book distributor in the country, right?  What has been termed "the local comic shop" in modern parlance is essentially a box store, local in only the most dismally jaded and proximal sense.  Indie comics distribution can be framed in terms of David and Goliath terms. Nix Comics has no sling, but in true-to-classic nerd form will do the best to rack the neighborhood bully.  And then turn and run for the hills. That’s where the truly indie friendly comix shops are. And the record stores. And the coffee shops. And any other store that will carry Nix Comics. And I’m bringing the rest of the Indie rabble with me.

Please spread the link!  30 Days to $21K is a tough road and I need all the help I can get!