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Scraps: Customisable vehicle combat for Windows/Mac/Linux's video poster

Build a combat vehicle from parts. Components have real functions, and realistic physics support your horrible design decisions. Read more

Auckland, NZ Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on December 18, 2013.

Build a combat vehicle from parts. Components have real functions, and realistic physics support your horrible design decisions.

Auckland, NZ Video Games
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The Scraps Kickstarter is over! Check out for the latest information.


"Build your own combat car and watch it fail hilariously. After all, that's at least half the fun." - Kotaku

Update December 5th: Scraps has been Greenlit on Steam, so Steam keys will be available for $20+ backers. :)

If you're not able to use Kickstarter's system, you're welcome to pledge via PayPal instead. Just enter any amount, and it'll be assumed that you want the reward tier that matches the amount - see reward options on the right of this page. You'll be contacted after the Kickstarter is over about your rewards.

Scraps is a vehicle combat game where you have the freedom to design your vehicle from the chassis up. Start by choosing a chassis and method of propulsion (wheels, tracks, hover), then attach a cockpit, weapons, engines, power and so on to the base or to other parts.

Play a multiplayer game and work within a price limit, or experiment in the freeform sandbox mode. Parts have real functions, and realistically affect the weight and balance of your vehicle.

Scraps is already well into development, and an early builder demo is available to try. People have already made some insane creations with it. You can keep up with development in several ways:

Apart from helping with funding, you can help Scraps become great just by spreading the word. Thanks for believing in the game.


Back in the late 90s I played Interstate '76, which as part of its generally brilliant execution included a multiplayer melee mode where you selected a vehicle, customised its loadout, and went into combat. A while later I played a couple of other notable games. One was Stratosphere: Conquest Of The Skies, which had some horribly clunky gameplay, but it let you build a flying fortress in a similar way to how Scraps lets you build a vehicle, and that part was brilliant.

The other was LEGO Racers, which let you build your car from scratch in a way that Interstate '76 didn't, but with disappointingly little real effect. Horrible un-aerodynamic designs with no space for an engine simply worked as if by magic.

I want to be able to build a car that sucks. A car that falls over whenever it corners or only has enough power to fire its guns once a minute. I want each component you place to actually have a function, and have a physical effect. Not to the point of adding needless complexity to the game, like having to wire everything together; just obvious things, like your vehicle being lop-sided if you put all your guns on one side.

All of the above games came out last century. I've been waiting so long for someone to make a game like this that I gave up and I'm making it myself. I'm excited about this project because I finally get to play it.


Scraps will be a primarily multiplayer game. Single-player will be the same modes as multiplayer, but with AI players. A career mode where you earn money to upgrade your vehicles and progress would be nice, but is simply outside the scope of a one-man dev team.

Initially standard Deathmatch (all-againt-all melee) and Team Deathmatch modes will be available. Think Twisted Metal. Later I'd like to add race modes and so on, but these will depend on the game doing well enough to sustain development. Here's hoping it does because I really want to keep working on this. There will also be a sandbox mode where you can simply construct and test vehicles with unlimited available funds.

The host of each match will be able to specify a price limit, and optionally limit the part selection. You'll be free to build within the monetary bounds: Will you go for speed, firepower, armour? When in a match, you'll be able to scavange scrap metal from the destroyed parts of your enemies, and return to a repair platform to repair or upgrade your own vehicle. Losing your cockpit or chassis will cause you to die and respawn with your original vehicle, but if you can stay alive to repair you'll be better off.

Scraps is a little bit like Kerbal Space Program except the spaceships are vehicles and they fight.

Vehicle Parts

Each part in scraps has some effect. Even if it's a simple extender block, it still affects the weight and centre of mass of the vehicle realistically. The aim is to provide a robust set of different components that provide a lot of freedom and possible strategy in creating a vehicle, while not having the game overrun with slight variations of the same thing.

 What's done so far

  • Vehicles can be built and tested. Construction is fully functional.
  • A basic set of parts is done.
  • A basic sound set is in, including several music tracks.
  • Many game options are implemented and available, including graphics, key config etc.
  • A simple test map exists.
  • Interfaces are done or in progress for the build screen, menus, in-game GUI, and multiplayer join/host/lobby screens.
  • A separate multiplayer prototype is done and working, as a test of the planned multiplayer system. In the main game, multiplayer games can be hosted and joined, but vehicle gameplay is not yet integrated.

TODO for the initial alpha release

The initial alpha release will happen when the game is in a solidly playable state with basic multiplayer. I'm hoping for mid-2014 at the latest.

  • Create at least a couple of balanced multiplayer maps. Improve the test map.
  • A proper damage system.
  • Vehicles dropping scrap metal when damaged, and ability to pick it up.
  • Finish the multiplayer lobby.
  • Lots (lots) of multiplayer code.
  • Bug fixing, testing and balancing of part values.
  • Maybe a few new parts, so the free builder demo players get a decent update for once as well.
  • Shader effects etc for Kickstarter backers.

TODO for the 1.0 release

The 1.0 release will be done when it's done, but hopefully not a 3D Realms-style When It's Done.

  • Better vehicle physics.
  • More chassis propulsion types. Tank tracks at least; preferably hover as well.
  • More parts. Energy weapons and cooling systems, melee weapons, other cool stuff.
  • Proper aerodynamics calculation.
  • Proper tutorial.
  • Graphics tweaks.
  • Better GUI design.
  • Custom weapon groups via the build screen.
  • Vehicle construction needs optimisation for complex vehicles. General optimisation in other areas.
  • Better controller support in-game.
  • More testing and balancing.
  • More bug fixing and code cleanup. Lots of other small tasks.

An early pre-alpha sandbox release is already available, where you can try out building a vehicle and driving it around. Please be aware that much of this is unfinished and doesn't fully reflect the final product. Having said that, people are already making some incredible builds with it.Check out the Cool Vehicle Designs thread on the forum.

I've already been developing Scraps full-time for over a year now. The plan all along has been to complete a sort of minimum viable product of the game first, with basic, but solid multiplayer gameplay and a subset of chassis types and parts. This early alpha version will be available to purchase at a reduced price, and will also get you future versions of the game at no extra cost. That way I start to get some money coming in to pay for living expenses, while early adopters get rewarded by getting the game at a reduced price.

This is still the plan, but once I really started building this game, I realised that it was going to take longer than I originally hoped. Right now, I can see that it's still going to be months until the alpha is ready (see the TODO list above), and it's been a long time already. Kickstarter has just become available in this country, so I've decided to offer this stopgap solution to get a little bit of income coming in. Backing this project is essentially a way for you to buy into the game early, before the alpha is ready, and to show your interest. Thanks to those who've already been following the game, some of whom seem as excited about it as I am.

Where Your Money Goes

This is a solo project and most of the Kickstarter money will simply go into my living expenses, and if I'm lucky, some left over as salary. Your money goes towards making Scraps.

Mostly I can create the assets I need, but occasionally I need to buy something because I'm not exactly the world's best 3D modeller. Your support will also help cover the costs of software I've needed to purchase for this project like Unity Pro.

A chunk of funds also simply go to Kickstarter and the payment processor.

The amount I'm asking for here won't cover all development costs - $23,000 on its own is hardly a decent salary for a year and a half - but once the alpha is done then the game will become available for purchase again, providing supplemental income.


Note: Special backer weapon and part rewards will still be balanced against the default set. You'll get something special, but this game isn't pay-to-win.

You will have an account in-game (most likely tied to your email), and special awards like the gold effect will be tied to your account, making you immediately cooler and more attractive than everyone else. This prestige in-game will most likely also translate to increased confidence and success in real life.

Honestly, a lot of stretch goals are somewhat hypothetical on video game Kickstarters. I mean, the extra features aren't made up, but the exact funding level at which each one will be possible totally is. No-one knows that it'll cost them an extra $20,000 to "implement lava planets." Wildly overfunded projects often find themselves lumped with a much less doable task than they went in with despite the extra cash, and everyone ends up disappointed in the end.

Any extra funds will let me make Scraps generally more awesome. More funds = more awesome. Some "stretch" stuff I'd like to do:

- Flying vehicles. Wings, thrusters etc. Flying vehicles will require modelling lift as well as aerodynamics and hence will take significant extra work.

- Better graphics. I'm doing all the graphics myself at the moment. More money at least means more time to create better content, and at most means the possibility of hiring a real 3D artist.

- More parts. This one is obvious, but there's a lot of stuff I'd like to add. Not slight variations of the same things, but totally unique stuff. Examples: Booster rockets, stabiliser wheels, mine layers, radar jammers...

- More maps.The base game will start with only a few maps to play on. With more funding, maps can be more detailed, and there can be more maps eventually overall.

- More testing. More funding will give me more time to test and the possibility of hiring people to run some QA on the game.

- More TIME. Everything above basically boils down to this. Money = time.

Hi. I'm a developer in New Zealand with experience in Unity, C#, and a crazy proprietary language that my previous employer invented. I also do some music work in Pro Tools and model stuff in Blender. I play the instruments on Scraps' music tracks.

I'm @_Nition on Twitter because @Nition's company closed down and they apparently never bothered to delete their Twitter account. My personal website is Moment Studio.

Risks and challenges

Scraps is a big project for one person, one that's already taking longer to put together than I'd originally hoped. The good news is that after working on it for some time already, I now have a much better idea of how long it's going to take. Of course, estimates can always slip. If the game takes a really long time, eventually I'll need to look into getting some part-time work on the side, which will of course slow things down further. The main thing is, I'm committed to getting this done eventually - I've been wanting to make this for a long time. I'd like to think that Scraps is a more dependable investment than many video game Kickstarters because it's not just a concept, but something with a playable prototype already.

There are risks on the programming side of issues cropping up, but the main components of the game have already been at least prototyped, and some are near complete, so at least the basics of it have already been proven to work.

The other big risk is simply lack of exposure. Eventually I'll be relying on actual purchases of the game to supplement further development, and many an indie game has been lost in the nether of obscurity. I'm putting significant time into getting the word out about the game as well as just developing it. If you like the game and want to tell other people about it, even better.

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  • It will be something cool - not just like another machine gun or cannon. I am thinking some sort of special energy weapon but the honest answer is that I haven't made a final decision yet.

    Please note is that it won't be *better* damage-wise than the standard weapons, although it will look cooler. The game won't be pay-to-win where those who pay more have an in-game advantage.

    Last updated:
  • Hopefully yes. It's great to see the amazing stuff people are making for the likes of Kerbal Space Program. Parts are already being loaded in automatically from a folder but the way everything is packaged needs to be properly sorted out. You will need Unity to create custom parts but only the free edition.

    Last updated:
  • Yes

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    Pledge $5 or more

    14 backers

    (approx. $4USD) EARLY SUPPORTER: Thanks for supporting Scraps. If you use the Scraps forum, you'll be entitled to a Scraps Supporter title.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $20 or more

    599 backers

    (approx. $16USD) GAMER: As above, PLUS access to a digital download copy of the full game from the first available alpha onward, including the actual release version. Windows/Mac/Linux. Special early-adopter price!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $35 or more

    174 backers

    (approx. $28USD) BACHELOR OF ARTS: Everything from the previous tier PLUS a special weapon in-game only available to backers, and a digital copy of the full Scraps soundtrack when it's complete.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $50 or more

    90 backers

    (approx. $40USD) AFICIONADO: Everything from the previous tier PLUS a second Scraps game key to give away, and a custom fancy “bronze” effect that you can apply to any vehicle parts in-game.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $75 or more

    8 backers

    (approx. $60USD) CONNOISSEUR: Everything from the previous tier PLUS a custom fancy “silver” effect that you can apply to any vehicle parts in-game.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    16 backers

    (approx. $80USD) BON VIVANT: Everything from the previous tier PLUS a custom fancy “gold” effect that you can apply to any vehicle parts in-game.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $200 or more

    6 backers

    (approx. $160USD) KNIGHT: Everything from the previous tier PLUS a special mention in the game credits, and a special icon beside your name in-game to show your exalted status

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $600 or more

    0 backers Limited (8 left of 8)

    (approx. $480USD) MASTER: Everything from the previous tier PLUS receive a unique vehicle part that only you can use. You will be given several options to choose from.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    2 backers Limited (4 left of 6)

    (approx. $800USD) MASTER AND COMMANDER: Everything from the $200 tier PLUS I'll work with you to create a custom part of YOUR design that only you can use. Note that this will still need to be balanced for fairness – backers won't be getting super-weapons that obliterate the poor donationless plebs.

    Estimated delivery:

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