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Niryo One is an accessible connected 6 axis robotic arm, powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Use it at home, at work, at school !
Niryo One is an accessible connected 6 axis robotic arm, powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Use it at home, at work, at school !
Niryo One is an accessible connected 6 axis robotic arm, powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Use it at home, at work, at school !
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    1. Niryo Creator on June 8

      Hi @Jason,

      We have just posted a new update which will answer your question !

      Also thank you for those supportive words.
      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason on June 5

      Hi Niryo One Team,

      Thank you for all of the hard work you have been doing to make this product a reality.

      I was wondering if you could post a list of which backer numbers have been shipped, and when you plan on shipping the others. That way, we can all know when to expect our robots.

      For example, you could post a Google Docs list numbered 1-153 (one for each backer) and place a date next to each one for when their pledge was shipped or will be shipped. Only we know our own backer number, so there should be no privacy concern. You could update the list as needed without having to make another Kickstarter Update Post each time.

      Hang in there!


    3. Niryo Creator on May 23

      Hi @Marco,

      We apologize for the delay. In April-May we were busy with our new production setup (suppliers, storage, hiring), and also one of our suppliers took a long time to ship a critical component.

      We plan to ship the next batch next week (~ 15 robots this time), so it will arrive at the beginning of June.

      Thank you again for your patience and your support.
      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco Poles on May 21

      Hi Creator,
      could you please put some updates about shipping planning?

      Thanks and regards,

    5. Missing avatar

      Amit on April 9

      Hi Creator,

      Ok, sounds good. Thank you.

    6. Niryo Creator on April 5

      Hi @Amit, @Jared,

      We are preparing a shipping planning for all the robots we still have to send. You will receive it shortly so you will have an estimated date of delivery :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Amit on April 3

      Hi Creators,

      Still waiting for my order to arrive. I know you guys are working hard to get all the orders fulfilled and I appreciate all the work you guys have put in to make this project get to this stage.

      Is there a way to know if my order has been shipped out? It would be helpful if the backers could check the status of their order.


    8. Missing avatar

      Jared Watkins on March 27

      Hi Niryo,
      I'm wondering if you can give some idea when I should expect my Niryo? I'll be traveling some in April and would like to know if the delivery is coming up anytime soon. Thanks!

    9. Niryo Creator on March 9

      Hi @Maximo,
      We've just sent you the instructions :)

    10. Maximo Ortega on March 8

      I already received the mini niryo. It looks great! However I didn't get the email with the links for instructions and software. Please send it to

    11. Niryo Creator on March 8

      Hi @Martin,

      STL are available on github :

      Step files will be published soon (work in progress) !

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin Bienz on March 1

      Hi @creator
      all fine! It works... thank you. I have received the package and will start assembly probably this evening with my kids.

      Are the STEPs / STLs available as well? Just in case I need or would like to to re-print / modify a part?

      Best Regards

    13. Niryo Creator on February 28

      Hi @Martin,

      The video was set as "private", we've just fixed that ! You can now watch it.

      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Bienz on February 28

      Hi Niryo
      I am scheduled to receive my Mini today and I have received the email with the link to the assembly video but it's not working (not available). The other links to the desktop application and the how to video work just fine.

      Best Regards

    15. Niryo Creator on February 28

      Bonjour @Besnard,

      Nous venons d'envoyer à tous les backers du Mini Niyro les instructions de montage (video) ainsi que le lien pour télécharger le logiciel bureau.
      Une fois que vous aurez regardé la video, s'il vous manque une pièce, merci de nous contacter via, nous verrons avec vous ce que nous pouvons faire.


      In English for everyone :
      We've just sent the assembly guide (video) to all Mini Niryo backers, as well as the link to download the desktop app. Once you've watched the video, if you find that there is something missing, please send us an email at, we'll see what we can do for you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Besnard on February 27


      J'ai reçu aujourd'hui mon mini Niryo (en kit).
      En attendant le guide de montage promis, j'ai regardé comme il se monterais (mécaniquement parlant).
      Et j'ai beau chercher, je ne trouve pas comment monter la pince. Je pense donc qu'il est possible que vous avez oublié de mettre une pièce dans mon colis.
      J'ai 4 pièces imprimées en bleu, et 6 pièces imprimées en noir.
      Quand est-ce que vous comptez publier une nomenclature, que je puisse contrôler que j'ai bien toutes les pièces ?

    17. Niryo Creator on February 19

      Hi @Michael,

      Glad that you received your Maker Kit, and we hope you'll enjoy it !

      We have also published a full assembly documentation on our website (for the arm and the tools) :

      And you can now register to our Niryo forum, to share your progress, tips, etc with other Niryo Makers :) :

      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Jackson on February 18

      Got my makers kit today! I am impressed with the quantity and quality of parts. Add to that all the software on Github and wow. Are you sure that there are only two of you?

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric on February 8


      Thanks!! That perfectly answers my question and definitely helps to approximately gauge relevant time frames.

    20. Niryo Creator on February 8

      Hi @Eric,

      First thank you for your encouraging words.

      We have shipped all the Maker Kits today (~ 25 robots).

      Next week we will work on the Mini Niryo One to send all the rewards.

      Then, the following week, we will ship around 10-15 robots, and the same amount each week after that (mix of Full Kit/Fully Assembled).

      We hope this gives you more understanding ! This is the best estimation we can give today, we'll keep you informed in a next update.

      @Michael, glad you feel that way ! From now we'll keep on updating more frequently :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric on February 7

      @ creator

      Thank you for the update. IMHO you are doing a great job.

      However, it's still unclear how fast the shipping will proceed. You say things like "a few weeks" or "a batch per week". What do you mean by "a few weeks". 2, 4, 8 .... or 10 ???? And "a batch per week" does not mean anything either for anybody else since we do not know how big your batch sizes are and how many units of each type of pledge there are in total.

      So, for example, for somebody who has pledged for a full kit, what is your current estimate for shipping out units, i.e. when approximately will you start shipping full kits and once it's started at what rate do you think you will be able to get units on it's way to backers?

      I am asking because with the info in the update it's still impossible to know if it will take three weeks or three months to receive my pledge (I know, you can't give exact shipping times because it depends obn the destination as well, but you should know when you get things out the door and on it's way to backers, right?)

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Jackson on February 5

      Thank you for the update. Many of us are makers and appreciate the difficulties of a project this complex. So completely understand and definitely prefer quality over just quick. It's just that with no feedback the mind starts ruminating on all the things that could go wrong :)

    23. Niryo Creator on February 5


      @Michael, we have updated the ROS repository with new functionalities, and the repository with STL files will be updated this week (also with the list of material).

      This took us a little bit longer than we thought, because we wanted to triple check everything (material list, make sure that all the 3D parts are perfectly designed for assembly, ...), and we are also finishing a great tutorial video, to show you step by step how to assemble Niryo One (Maker Kit and Full Kit).

      At the end you'll have : all 3D printed parts + list of materials + assembly video tutorial + detailed 3D view of assembly steps + Niryo One Studio video tutorial

      @Edgar, once we have finished to ship our current Niryo One batch, we'll focus 100% on all the Mini Niryo One rewards.

      We have planned to post an update before the end of this week to explain you all our delivery process, and also explain what are the new stuff around Niryo One.

      Our priority is to ship everyone as fast as we can. We also could go faster and spend less time on details, but we found that we prefer to offer you the best possible product, even if it takes more time.

      We hope you understand, we also thank you for your patience, and we are excited to ship your robot soon !

      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    24. Missing avatar

      Edgar Obenaus on February 4

      do you know when the Mini Niryo One will be shipped?

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Jackson on February 3

      Ok it's been another month and I'm starting to get worried about this project. Please do not let a whole month go by without an update even if its more of the same. Especially since the last message below specified that the Github repository would be updated with specific informatin and that hasn't happened either.

    26. Niryo Creator on January 12

      Hi Michael,

      We will update soon (during January) our github repositories with all the needed information to print, assemble, and use Niryo One.

      We are also starting to ship some robots! More news about that soon :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Jackson on January 6

      Sorry, the last update was Dec 17- so not quite a month yet. I have started printing my 3D parts from the GitHub STL files and that is coming along fine. I was wondering if there might be some information about fit and finish or final dimensions of the parts that have to fit together with other items that I don't have yet?

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Jackson on January 6

      Been over a month without a shipping update. Any new information?

    29. Niryo Creator on November 28, 2017

      Hi Marco Poles,

      We've just posted an update for backers about production progress :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Marco Poles on November 27, 2017

      Hi Creators,
      could you please write some news about shipping status?

    31. Missing avatar

      Amit on October 17, 2017

      Hi Creators,

      Thanks a lot on the long detailed update. Enjoyed reading through it... you guys made lot of updates in short amount of time. Looks like you guys had lot of learning and fun along the way. Excited to learn that CAN and ROS-Industrial are enabled and the panel looks pro! Glad to hear production schedule is around the corner. Thank you very much again for the update!

    32. Niryo Creator on October 12, 2017

      Hi Amit,

      This big update post is planned for next week ! ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      Amit on October 11, 2017

      Hi Creators,

      I hope everything is going well. I am still waiting to see the huge post with details you promised back in late August. Can you please provide updates on progress so far and outlook on the delivery timeline? It will be appreciated.


    34. Niryo Creator on August 31, 2017

      Hi Amit,

      Thank you for your understanding and your support !

      We will share all those details in a huge post, as soon as we are done with the tests, so we will give you 100% exact information :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Amit on August 31, 2017

      Hi Creator,

      Thanks for the update. I personally have no issue with a slight delay especially it results in a better quality product.Thanks for not charging us extra. I appreciate that.

      Could you share more technical details about what hardware issues were fixed, what the new hardware is that is driving the cost up, what new functionalities are there now and quantify the behavior of the arm that makes it close to industrial robots? All that sounds exciting but would love to hear the details.


    36. Niryo Creator on May 1, 2017

      @Peter we will send a survey in about 2 months to get the shipping address and tool selection from all backers ! We'll let you know when we send it via a Kickstarter update.
      @Thomas we sent you a private message to handle this ;)

    37. Peter Höppner on April 30, 2017

      Hi, you wrote:
      +++ You can add any tool(s) you want, with any quantity, by adding the corresponding amount to your pledge. A survey will be sent after the Kickstarter campaign so you can tell us which tools you chose. +++
      When do you want to do this?

    38. Missing avatar

      TomTo on April 28, 2017

      Hello Niryo, congratulations !
      I would like to add all tools, how could you help?

    39. Niryo Creator on April 27, 2017

      That was an amazing crowdfunding campaign, thanks to all of you !

      @Herbert we sent you a private message to handle this ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Herbert Wikheim on April 26, 2017

      How do i add more end effectors to my pledge?

    41. 1 on April 25, 2017

      Pop the champagne corks! Congratulations Niryo!

    42. Brian
      on April 24, 2017

      Congrats on surpassing your stretch goal!

    43. Abed on April 24, 2017

      Really nice project! glad it succeed!

    44. Zael on April 21, 2017

      Nice project, but what's up with the price? One can get an industrial robot arm for around ~$4k these days. (And fancier ones from $20k-$100k..) It's the software that's the limiting factor, not the hardware. Really like that there's an effort to make these accessible to the hobbyist space.

    45. Niryo Creator on April 21, 2017

      Hi Mike,
      Yes, as stated earlier in the comments, during the Kickstarter campaign you can add a mini Niryo One (Maker Kit) if you have pledged for a Maker Kit reward. For this kind of pledge, instead of adding 119€, you can only add 99€ to your pledge and also get the mini Niryo One, without the 3D printed parts.

      After the campaign ends, we will send a survey to everyone to get shipping info for the Kickstarter pledges, but we won't use a pledge manager. Instead, we will start taking pre-orders on our website :)

      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    46. Mike Barker on April 20, 2017

      Sounds good to me, but I thought you said there would be a 99 maker kit version for the mini niryo in the pledge that still programmed?

      I sent you a private message, I would like you to answer back asap, please...kind of rush...

    47. Niryo Creator on April 14, 2017

      Hi Mike,
      We don't propose an education kit for the mini Niryo One, however if you want to get 5 of them, then you can just add 5*119€ to your pledge :)

      On Kickstarter we don't have a mini robot maker kit, but after the campaign we will surely pre-sell Niryo One and the mini robot, both in full kit and maker kit.

      And yes a 125mm^3 printer will be enough for the mini robot (not for the full size one).

      Best regards,
      Niryo team

    48. Mike Barker on April 12, 2017


      I was thinking about an educational pack with the mini niryo, could you make possible a x5 MiniNiryo pack as an add-on? In maker and fullkit versions? that would be great!!

      I have checked the requirements for the printed parts, and i have a 125mm^3 printer..but the specs say that i will need a 200mm^3 one, ¿ that's only for the biggest piece or there are many other pieces that need this printing volume? If you state that clearly in an update, you would be very welcome.

      Thanks in advance.

    49. Mike Barker on April 11, 2017

      Will you keep the kickstarter campaign prices some time?

      I am think on adding some mini niryos, but running shot in funds a the moment...are you going to use a pledge manager or something like this?

    50. Niryo Creator on April 10, 2017

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your pledge!

      - Change the tool for the mini robot it's totally possible if you tune the robot for it but the issue could be the payload (max 80g for the mini robot).

      -If after the end of the campaign you want to add something, you will need to pass directly by us (

      - NiryoOne integrates a Raspberry PI 3 (wifi and bluetooth), the bluetooth will only permit to connect the robot to the wifi of your home. After that, all the communications will be by wifi.
      The software will be open-source, so if you like programming, a communication between NiryoOne and a 3D printer is totally possible. We will work on it, NiryoOne will be all the time updated so it's totally possible to imagine this king of features in the future.

      Best regards,
      Niryo Team

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