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The Ninja Block is controlled with “if this then that” style tasks and connects your things to the web (Dropbox, Twitter, & more).
The Ninja Block is controlled with “if this then that” style tasks and connects your things to the web (Dropbox, Twitter, & more).
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Wireless Ninja Block goodness!

Hi Guys,

In today’s update we’d like to show you the RF 433 Mhz module that we offered as part of the “Thank you for your patience whilst we get stuff organised” bonus Ninja accessories.

We think it’s a game changer for the Ninja Block.

After viewing the video you will want to switch your bonus Ninja accessory for the 433Mhz Module. Because of this we’ve decided to extend the “Pick your Ninja Blocks Extra” for another week ( ).

If you’ve already answered the survey, you can (optionally answer it again) and we’ll update your choice.

If you haven’t answered the survey we’ll assume that you want the RF 433 Mhz kit.

We have ordered the dongles and special 5pin mini-b to mini-b cables. We expect (well hope) they will arrive next week. However, we haven’t had the world's best run with getting things on time, so it could slip. If you just want us to send now, choose the “Just send me my block” option.

Thanks for your patience and support. So close now, we are really excited!


The Ninja Blocks Team

Ninja Blocks Update Video

Checkout our video update for July 2, 2012. 

We will be providing future updates on our Blog (

Ninja Blocks Video Update

Checkout our video update for June 29, 2012.

Bonus Kit + Shipping Update

Hey People, 

Just touching base to let you know that we have a super über mega blog post about receiving a Bonus Kit + a Shipping Update over at our blog here:


Maddy and the Ninja Blocks Team!

Shipping Update

Hey everyone. First up, apologies from all here at Ninja Blocks for going dark over the last few weeks. This whole process has been a blur, time has just flown by, but we are back on top of it now. Without further ado, the question you are all asking...

When will I get my Ninja Block?

Soon! We said May and we are still aiming to ship most rewards in May and pre-orders in June. We've put together a mega update over on our shiny new website that hopefully sheds some light on what we've been up to. Check out the whole post for details

Speaking of the shiny new website, its got a forum that we will be watching. So please post any questions, suggestions, or crazy ideas there so we can all discuss.

We can't wait to start sending out Ninja Blocks en masse and seeing what you guys do with them. Shouldn't be too long now.


Team Ninja

p.s. sorry about cross posting everywhere if you got this more than once.