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The Ninja Block is controlled with “if this then that” style tasks and connects your things to the web (Dropbox, Twitter, & more).
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Ninja Blocks

578 backers pledged $102,935 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Andrew Smyk on October 13, 2012

      Starting playing with the Ninja Block and having fun with my kids building wacky sensor apps. So far the best is "touch the cheese" (a human mouse trap concept).

    2. Creator Andrew Smyk on October 9, 2012

      Thank you and thank you for the quick response!

    3. Creator Ninja Blocks on October 7, 2012


      Thank you for your message.
      We've sent the correct case out to you.

      As always if you have any questions or queries whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me on .



    4. Creator Andrew Smyk on October 6, 2012

      Hi Ninja Blocks. Got mine last week but have been traveling. I ordered a BLACK case but got a simple clear case. Thought I was going to get a black case with the Ninja on the front. Pledged the $210 level.

    5. Creator gerry campbell on September 25, 2012

      Yeah! Got mine last night. Lots to explore.

    6. Creator Irawan on September 24, 2012

      @Ninja Block: thank you for the help, really appreciate it. But, I have paid it. I think I just can't wait to play with it : )

    7. Creator Ninja Blocks on September 24, 2012

      @Irawan please send me the details of your customs contact and we'll send them more information on your behalf.



    8. Creator Ninja Blocks on September 24, 2012

      @Mercedes .

      Shoot me an email to and we'll see what we can do!



    9. Creator Irawan on September 24, 2012

      I've got mine today, but the commercial invoice saying the value per unit, and mine come in 3 boxes (1. Ninja Blocks, 2 Cables, 3 Sensors). Then the custom value the whole boxes as three time the value on the Invoice :(. I end up paying the tax about $250 :( I have spent the whole day arguing with the custom. But, still I lost. :(, either I pay the custom tax, or I don't get the item, and they will destroy it, really hard day (monday)

      So, @Ninja Blocks, please if you have not sent other International backers, please list all the items in details in one invoice so it explains that the value is for all items.

      Today, It seems I bought the USB to Mini USB cables for $80, very upset with the custom in here... :(

    10. Creator Mercedes (Mandy) on September 24, 2012

      Just received mine today, and I chose purple but got a clear case. I was really hoping to get the purple one. Sent an email.

    11. Creator Ninja Blocks on September 16, 2012

      Apologies to anyone still waiting. If you don't have a box or a tracking number by the end of the week. Please ping us at

    12. Creator John Chen on September 16, 2012

      Got my Ninja Blocks last week while I was on travel. Thanks for helping me with US Customs! Time to open up and start playing! :-D

    13. Creator kstwmcw12 on August 22, 2012


      I have not received my Ninja Block, as well. Any update on status, etc would be greatly appreciated.

    14. Creator JP Delmé on August 22, 2012

      Hi Guys,

      We still have not received our Ninja Block, could you have a look if it has been shipped.

    15. Creator Danny Wilson on August 4, 2012

      Hooray! Mine arrived yesterday. Time to play with this thing!! :)

    16. Creator Ninja Blocks on May 14, 2012

      Hey everyone. We've posted a big update with shipping status and lots of other stuff over on our website.

    17. Creator Sarathy Srinivas on May 9, 2012

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait :)

    18. Creator Ninja Blocks on May 8, 2012

      @sarathy Big apologies from the whole team from the lack of updates. The team has been flat out building blocks, testing blocks, modding blocks, writing backend software and a lot more. Wait out for a proper update in a couple of days.

    19. Creator Ninja Blocks on May 8, 2012

      @oded Apologies for the slow reply. You can login to the Ninja Cloud at It is going to change a lot by the time you get your blocks.

    20. Creator Sarathy Srinivas on May 8, 2012

      Hi, Could we have some updates please. I realise it may be very hectic at the moment, but taking a few minutes every fortnight to post a quick update wouldn't hurt, would it?
      I'm excited about this product and am anxious about the lack of updates, but don't mind a delay of a couple of weeks as long as I receive regular updates.

    21. Creator Tigaro Wireless LLC on May 4, 2012

      Does the access to the Ninja web was realse?

    22. Creator Eric Crisp on May 4, 2012

      Hey Ninja Block Team - Just checking in on the $265 pledge level estimated delivery status - I'm most excited about this Kickstarter Project. Thanks again!

    23. Creator Stewart Schlein on April 19, 2012

      Thanks for letting me know.
      Once it ships, would you be able to send me a tracking number so that I can make sure to be home to receive it on the day that it arrives?

    24. Creator Ninja Blocks on April 19, 2012

      Hi Stewart - I have your ninjablock on the desk as we speak, and it should go out Fedex either today or tomorrow.

    25. Creator Stewart Schlein on April 19, 2012

      I Am waiting on my naked block as well. I paid the $195 pledge so that I can be in the first batch of blocks that ship out, but I have not received it yet.
      Has anyone else that paid the $195 pledge received theirs yet?
      I have heard that this first batch has shipped out about two weeks ago.
      Is that correct?

    26. Creator Dave Cooper on April 14, 2012

      Pretty excited to receive my first block! Was just wondering when these guys will start shipping internationally for people who pledged.

    27. Creator Ninja Blocks on April 8, 2012

      Hi Ic3man,

      We're unable to change the pledge amount after the project has come to an end on Kickstarter.
      You can however pay for missed shipping here:

      As always if you have any questions or queries whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me on .



    28. Creator Ic3man on April 6, 2012

      hey :) first of all AWESOM JOB :))))
      second - I completely forgot to add the international shipping - fee and I would like to do that now - but as there is no manage your pledge button I'd like to ask how I can change the pledged amount ... cheerio & enjoy easter :)

    29. Creator Tigaro Wireless LLC on April 4, 2012

      Does the access to the Ninja web was realse?

    30. Creator Gavin Maxwell on March 29, 2012

      Have the $195 rewards started shipping?

    31. Creator Ninja Blocks on March 15, 2012

      The google sketchup files for the case are here:

    32. Creator John Lin on March 15, 2012

      I chose the Naked block (no case) - because I might want to make my own case. Do you have specs (dimensions, openings, etc.) on the case requirements? Can you post or make it available in some way? (a 3D CAD file would be awesome)

    33. Creator Eric Wallmander on March 13, 2012

      Congratulations from Sweden!

    34. Creator Rob Linton on March 11, 2012

      Congratulations on getting funded guys, I think your idea is awesome. Go Well.

    35. Creator Gavin Maxwell on March 10, 2012

      Well done on getting fully funded and also cracking $100K - you must be stoked! Cheers!

    36. Creator Andrew Smyk on March 9, 2012

      Just backed the Ninja Block with a little push from Mark! Hoping to get my ninja block in stealthy black!

    37. Creator Mercedes (Mandy) on March 9, 2012

      Such a great idea! I love the design & purple is one of my favourite colours. I just had to bite the bullet and fork out the money for this hehe. Also, so glad it's an Aussie made product - and the great responses from the team in regards to my email questions has helped sway me to back this project.
      Can't wait to set it up and try Ninja-stalking my cat :)

    38. Creator sean f on March 2, 2012

      let's make 2012 the year of open source and 2013 the year to end all wars.

    39. Creator Ninja Blocks on February 25, 2012

      @Fred - The designs are already up for the world to see on github - Check them out here.

    40. Creator Fred Kinch on February 24, 2012

      Hey gang, great project. At the $35 level you get the designs, do you also get them at the $155 level? I like to have my own block, but I'd also like to play around with the open source hardware. What say you Ninja Block Sensei?

    41. Creator Sarathy Srinivas on February 24, 2012

      Hi Guys. Love the project! I'm thinking about automating my home, and am deciding on the wiring - the dry wall will go up in a few weeks. I'm a newbie at all this home automation stuff, but I'm guessing that ninja blocks could potentially do the work of a home automation system at a lower cost. Am i right? If so, is there any wiring that I need to do specific to where I expect my ninja blocks to be located? CAT5e cables? 5V power points? I'd like to hike up my pledge, but I'll wait for the preview before doing so.
      I'd love to hear back. :)

    42. Creator Rui Lopes on February 21, 2012

      Amazing idea! Great entrepreneurship. Congratulations Guys and Miss Maddy.  
      Portugal is backing you up !
      “To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. 
      Be whole in everything. Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do. ..."
      ― Fernando Pessoa (Portuguese poet)

    43. Creator Gavin Maxwell on February 16, 2012

      HW designs now up on github - cool! :)

    44. Creator Ninja Blocks on February 11, 2012


      Yes, after launch.

    45. Creator Ninja Blocks on February 11, 2012

      @Kieth, this is something we're actively looking into. The exact mechanism on how we do this has not been decided yet.

    46. Creator Charles Alvis on February 11, 2012

      I decided to jump on board this project. Are there plans to sell Ninjas in kit form?

    47. Creator Keith Hall on February 9, 2012

      Hi there,
      I'd be very interested to know if, at launch, the Ninja Cloud will support calling custom web services with the ability to send the sensor data as part of the request?

    48. Creator Dave Cooper on February 4, 2012

      @Maddy, Cheers for the quick response! Sounds great!

    49. Creator Ninja Blocks on January 31, 2012

      @Dave, the plan is to have phone and SMS available as part of the Ninja Cloud. This will be part of the premium account in regard to how many you can send. We haven't looked too closely at pricing but some will be included and then it will be x amount for every one after that.



    50. Creator Dave Cooper on January 31, 2012

      Hi there,

      First of all, just want to say that this looks like it will be AMAZING! As an embedded developer, I'm really keen to see what you guys produce :)

      Quick question - I see an example action will be "send an SMS", how will this functionality be provided to the end user?

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