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TapCaps, the Phone-fooler's video poster

TapCaps make any glove (leather, ski, motorcycle) touchscreen compatible. They give you back your choice of what goes on your hands! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 9, 2012.

TapCaps make any glove (leather, ski, motorcycle) touchscreen compatible. They give you back your choice of what goes on your hands!

About this project

Thank you very much for visiting my page!  My name is Alice Ning and I like solving problems.  Here's my project!

Your phone works for you, not the other way around!

TapCaps are patent-pending capacitive stickers that you just stick onto any glove to make it useable with a touchscreen.  It's fooling your phone into believing that this little sticker is you by mimicking the capacitance of the human body!  They work on leather gloves, motorcycle gloves, biking gloves, and even thick ski/snowboard gloves so you can use iPhones, iPads, and anything else with a touchscreen.

Like many things, the small size disguises its full power but don't worry about it shocking you or anything.  TapCaps automatically caps at the maximum amount of electricity that is currently in your body so it's an always-safe perfect extension of you!

I know how to get the TapCap even smaller, even thinner, more flexible and durable but I need your help!

I need your help to gain access to the in-studio machinery and materials needed to make the final professional prototype. 

Why a professional prototype?  The following optimizations, which only the correct machinery and tools can deliver, will allow the final model of the TapCap to integrate so well with your glove, you won't even notice them.

  • Refined precision cuts
  • Professionally decorated exterior
  • Compressed unit
  • Heat sealed edges
  • Precisely applied adhesive

The Final Prototype

The final prototype will be a tiny soft sticker with the subtle design of a fingerprint -- I thought this was fitting!  It'll be comfortable, safe, waterproof, coldproof, reliable, stable, and the only thing that will let you wear any glove that you want.  The adhesive will be durable but won't leave a residue when removed.  Eventually, you'll be able to choose a color that blends perfectly into your gloves of choice or pick a bright design that shows up like a statement. 

The Project Timeline

May 10th:  As soon as my project is funded, I'll be able to give my prototypers the green light on proceeding.  We've already discussed this project and determined how to optimize the design.  They are a research, development and prototyping company with an amazing team of engineers and designers.  I've seen their amazing work through friends at NASA and have no doubt that they are the only ones for the mission!  The company is Solaris Design, check them out!

June 10th:  The final perfect prototype will be completed by Solaris Design!

June-July:  Solaris Design will assist me in locating manufacturers who can produce TapCaps properly and en mass.  I'll meet with manufacturers and negotiate prices for a first batch run.

August 6th:  My follow-up Kickstarter Project will launch to raise the funding needed to produce the first batch run of TapCaps!  This project will be structured very similarly to the Cosmonaut project.  My goal amount will cover the initial manufacturing costs, providing TapCaps to the qualifying funders of this project as well as the funders of the follow-on project.

You should have the choice of what goes on your hands!

Don't get caught out in the cold again this winter -- please support my project!  Thank you very much for your time and have a great day!

This invention is patent pending and TapCaps is trademarked.  TapCaps' intellectual property is handled by The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC.

The TapCaps logo was designed by the talented Yee Chan.

The photorealistic rendering was created by the talented Philippe Jacques.

The music in the video was based on "You're So Cool" by Hans Zimmer, as obtained through SoundCloud.

The video was filmed and edited by me so please excuse all that is awkward and hokey (I'm new at this).


  • Though you might have missed this Kickstarter project before it closed, you can still be a part of the TapCaps story. Go to the TapCaps website ( and enter your contact information to receive updates from the project.

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  • TapCaps will come four to a set because that's what is needed for full functionality on a smartphone, tablet, and most touchscreen devices. The product line may be expanded to include a set of 10 in select colors depending on demand. But the standard package of TapCaps will come with four.

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    MY HEARTFELT THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting an independent inventor and closet (or not so closeted) nerd. Every little bit counts and I will make sure your contribution is used to its fullest!

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    MY HEARTFELT THANK YOU and the OFFICIAL TAPCAPS DECAL! An appetizer sticker, if you will. Rock your support on your shirt, backpack, notebook, bumper, window, friend's forehead, dog's rump...anywhere you see fit to stick it!

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    A set of the first TapCaps along with everything in the above rewards! You'll have first dibs to the first batch. This reward is dependent on the successful funding of the next phase of this overall project (see the timeline) and the outlook is excellent! With all the support of Kickstarter and elsewhere, these babies will be on your fingertips in no time.

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    Two sets of the first TapCaps along with the rewards and stipulations in the above rewards!

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    A limited edition TapCaps T-shirt that says you supported from Day One along with all the rewards above! This will be the official shirt from this Kickstarter campaign.

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    I will personally tell you the secret to how TapCaps work and show you the logic and research behind the magic! You'll know what numerous experts, much less the rest of the world, haven't figured out yet. Of course, you'll also get all the above rewards!

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    Your fingerprint will become THE FINGERPRINT associated with TapCaps from this day forward. YOUR fingerprint will be the basis for the main TapCaps design. You'll be on everyone's fingertips, an important piece of each of their lives, digitally keeping everyone connected. You'll be featured forever on the website as the person who lent their fingerprint to this ingenious device. We'll use your left ring finger because it is the least used and unlikely to occur alone naturally.

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