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Nine Dots StudioBy Nine Dots Studio
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Nine Dots StudioBy Nine Dots Studio
First created
pledged of $70,000pledged of $70,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, July 6 2013 10:33 AM UTC +00:00

Recent updates


The new kickstarter is up!

Posted by Nine Dots Studio (Creator)

All right, this is it, our second kickstarter attempt.

We tried to implement as much feedback as we can in the short time we had, and I think the campaign is better for it. The launch is critical in any crowdfunding campaign, so if you could make your contributions as early as possible it would be very appreciated and would increase the chances of GoD Factory getting made and reaching its full potential!

New kickstarter coming up

Posted by Nine Dots Studio (Creator)

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New build with various fixes

Posted by Nine Dots Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone!

There are less than two weeks left to the free demo of GoD Factory: Wingmen but it doesn'T mean the experience shouldn't improve. To give you an early taste of what kind of updates to expect if we are to start alpha funding the game, here's a new build for you to try:

Furthermore, we've made a list of changes on the forums, head there to see what has change and judge if it's worth revisiting the game.

We know that it can be hard to find enough players for a full match, so please consider using the forums to schedule matches with others. If we see a possibility of joining ourselves we definitely will as well!

Kickstarter failed, but...

Posted by Nine Dots Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone. As you know, we've been unsuccessful at raising the funds for GoD Factory. However, we've started building a community and achieved a lot during the campaign, which helped us make many connections.

Thanks to these connections, while one doors was shut, others were opened. We don't intend to give up yet. A lot of people suggested that we were in fact almost ready to start alpha funding and many of you said you would jump on the occasion to back us again. We may relaunch a kickstarter campaign in the future, or we may just start the alpha funding sooner than we expected and see how it goes.

Now that the kickstarter is over, we won't be making as many updates anymore. We'll still do it for major announcements, such as if/when we'll launch the alpha funding for instance, but if you want to keep a constant stream of news from us, I recommend that you like our facebook page. We use it regularly to send updates, inform of new videos or articles about us. We also have a website of course, and we also have a forum in which we'd love to see more of you!

The game will stay available for a few weeks, so we hope that you'll bring in some friends! We don't have that many players at the moment, and one thing that isn't helping is that you can't see games when they are in progress, giving the impression that there are even less players online than what we really have!

Finally, I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who pledged and who helped spread the word. During the final weeks we've had a very strong push and we went from 500 to 800 backers in a very short period of time. For us, that's a really big number. The average pledge was very high as well, and a lot of people upped their pledge in the last days in order to help us achieve our goal. This is incredible. I thought I'd be really down if we didn't meet our objective, but my takeaway is that we have an amazingly supportive community building around GoD Factory and that alone is good enough to keep my smiling through it all. Thank you so much everyone. The whole team is honored to have you all. We'll find a solution, we'll persist as much as we can.

By the way, Scott Manley did a let's play video of our game, so if you want to see someone playing and commenting for almost 20 minutes, here it is!

A quick recap

Posted by Nine Dots Studio (Creator)

With only a few hours left, I thought it would be fitting to list everything that happened since the start of the campaign.

We announced Mac and Linux

It took us some time to confirm this, but we confirmed that we indeed could make a Mac and then a Linux version of the game. Not only that, but no matter what version you play, you'll be able to play with your friends.

We made and revealed the 4 exclusive ships for backers

We've outdone ourselves, being able to come up with 4 sets of wings, hulls and cockpits for the exclusive ships. We made sure they all had a very unique look that would set them apart from the rest as a thank you to our backers.

We made videos of a match seen from both teams

We're game developers, not video editors, so believe us when we say it's a lot of work for us to make decent videos :-P Still, we were quite happy to show how tense games can be in GoD Factory.

We made a video showcasing the Oculus Rift

As we said, we aren't very good at making videos, but we still wanted to show somehow in what ways Oculus is a definitely great addition to the game.

We got tons of extremely favorable previews

We were constantly pushing to the press to get mentions. It was a late during the campaign, but we've had mentions in some very big websites, including Kotaku, Joystiq and RockPaperShotgun. But even better, we've been piling up many favorable previews over the weeks, although by smaller websites who did take the time to try out the game and fly around with us. None were left unconvinced after trying a few matches.

We were on the Greenlight Supershow!

It was quite a long day! Alix of Robot Loves Kitty organized a 13 hours long marathon on twitch to feature great Greenlight games. We were glad to take part in this event and we met some really awesome people in the process. We even announced at the very end that we'd make a special hat as a vanity item for every backer on kickstarter :-P

A fan made a trailer for us!

This time we can't even take credit for it, Matt Brown offered to make a trailer for us, which added to the video material during the campaign. Thanks again Matt!

We made tons of screenshots

To provide with more material, we got a big library of screenshots to look at, showing the game from various angle and displaying the variety and quality of the visuals in our game.

We released a build for everyone to try

Oh boy, was this one a huge deal of work for us. We were far from ready to do this when we started the campaign. After a lot of focused work, we got a build that was sufficiently stable and with a good enough quality to release to the public. There is still a whole lot of work to do, but this way you could get a really honest view of where we are at, what's done, how fun it already is, and what's left to do.

We also had a very frustrating issue, as the link for the .zip on the kickstarter page at first was leading to the wrong build :-( It's fixed now, so for those who encountered this issue, know that it was us, not you!

We now have forums

Among all this, we also got a forum running for anyone who want to start discussion on GoD Factory, inform us of bugs, provide feedback, schedule matches or exchange build ideas.

We played with many of you :)

One of the greatest boon of this campaign was this. We got to play with you guys, and the reception was once again quite good. We've been surprised by how quick some of you got used to the games intricacies. Glad to see some very talented gamers among our ranks!

Needless to say, we've been busy. However, a lot of these efforts was taking us away from the development of the game. The kickstarter will be soon over and we'll move back to full-time development and try to catch up.

So of course, there are many things we forgot to mention, but I think we can fairly say we did all we could. No matter the results, we can be proud of what we achieved in so little time.

Thank you everyone for your support. We're so happy to have found people who believe in our project.

- Guillaume