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$33,247 pledged of $70,000 goal
By Nine Dots Studio
$33,247 pledged of $70,000 goal

The last sprint has started

So, we've got $48,000 left to gather in the next 9 days. The challenge is colossal, but far from impossible. We're starting our last push and I think it's still definitely possible to pull off, and this is why:

"This game could be one of those big indie games that catch the mainstream attention"

The title says it all

"Nine Dots have clearly put a lot of work into the ship models, packing them with animated detail, and I'm also impressed by the art style and ship designs that resemble practically nothing else on the market."

"Quite how multiplayer space-combat dogfighters vs capital-ship game GoD Factory: Wingmen hasn’t raised the mere $70,000 Kickstarter ask is beyond me."

"Two of the hottest things in gaming right now are MOBAs and the Oculus Rift. When you take those two things and whip in a spicy dash of sci-fi space combat, it's hard not to get a tad excited. To the point of twitching."

There is nothing simple about GoD Factory. I got my first taste of the game at Pax East 2013, and I can truthfully say that the game is as deep as it is beautiful.

Arguably, one of the biggest draws to GoD Factory is the deep customization the game offers. Even with an early build of the game, the options are almost overwhelming.

The game also supports Oculus Rift, and we can’t wait to put our headset on and feel like Captain Kirk whilst totally immersed on the cockpit of our own custom-made ship.

with eight ships all zooming around a 1.5 kilometre-long space barge. all firing off laser weapons with different effects and teaming up to take out key systems, it seems like a hell of a lot of fun.

Just listen to the comments at 12:00 and on :)

So this is what's going on. People everywhere love the game once they get their hands on it. If we can reach out to more people and let them know, then we'll meet our objective, I'm sure. And no later than this morning, we've had an article in RockPaperShotgun and another in Kotaku! These websites are huge, and if we can keep this up, there is no reason why we'd fail. Since 7:30AM, we've got 2000 in a few hours. Help us reach out to more websites and channels on Youtube/Twitch and we'll get through this.

We've also completed the space station yesterday, here's what it looks like!

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    1. Matthew Baldo on June 30, 2013

      Man I hope you will continue on this even if the kickstarter doesn't pull through... I think the game looks amazing.