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Nine Dots StudioBy Nine Dots Studio
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Nine Dots StudioBy Nine Dots Studio
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pledged of $70,000pledged of $70,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, July 6 2013 10:33 AM UTC +00:00

First impressions of GoD Factory: Wingmen on the Oculus Rift

Posted by Nine Dots Studio (Creator)

Oculus Rift!

We received our development kit for the Oculus Rift a few weeks ago. We were quick to try the new tech using the demos we already had available and immediately after that, we started the preliminary work to get it running for GoD Factory: Wingmen. Check out the video below if you want to know a little more!


It's worth noting that we've amassed over 15,000 dollars so far. This is no small sum for a small indie group like us. We need more to reach our objective, but it's quite encouraging to receive this much support! Thank you so much, from everyone at Nine Dots!

Other cool projects!

We've been backed by Frogdice, who are currently making Dungeons of Elements. If you liked Dr. Mario, this is something worth checking out!

We've also been backed by Happion Laboratories, who are making Energy Hook. It is inspired by the swinging mechanics from Spider-Man 2 and adds jetpacks to the recipe. There's only 4 days left, so hurry to check it out!

Fun stats :)

We have 346 backers so far and the average pledge is of $45, which is quite generous.
We've had 566 facebook shares, which means we've had 0.6 backer for every share.
If you combine these facts, it means that every share is kind of worth about $27.

I know, this is not really it works and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, but it's still a very strong indicative of the power you have simply by sharing our campaign. Social medias are powerful and every new supporter is making the difference.

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    1. Nine Dots Studio Creator on

      Yes, the current view was just a plceholder because the cockpit isn't done yet but there will definitely be a full fledged cockpit view in the final version.

    2. Allen Wan

      The design for how the game is going to viewed with an Oculus Rift looks so cool and really makes me want one now more then ever. Out of curiosity though considering it looks like a hybrid cockpit view. Is a standard cockpit view going to be available in the game to have a first person view to the game?

    3. Alexandre Maltais on

      I think this is the perfect game for a techno such as Occulus Rift. Cool stuff.

    4. Nine Dots Studio Creator on

      Well we can't do it for this particular video for technical reasons, but we could eventually make a new one with both eyes. Maybe even make an Oculus Demo? I'll see with the guys if that would be feasible without diverting too much efforts from development.

    5. Pilotry281 on

      This looks awesome! Any way you could release the same video with the Oculus split screen view so I can watch it on my Rift?

    6. Missing avatar

      philip on

      What the- 0_o Dude. That's both cool and also overpowered, since it'll make tracking enemies in dogfights so much easier...

      Hopefully you can compensate by making it easy to look around when using the mouse or controller as well to balance it out.

      .......Modsbannit. Now I want an oculus rift. This looks even more fun with that. XD

    7. Nine Dots Studio Creator on

      You're welcome!

    8. Happion Laboratories on

      Thanks for the shout out!