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$33,247 pledged of $70,000 goal
By Nine Dots Studio
$33,247 pledged of $70,000 goal

GoD Factory: Wingmen will find its way on Mac!

After some preliminary considerations, we came up to the conclusions that we should be able to port GoD Factory: Wingmen to Mac. Not only this, but players on both PC and Mac will be able to play on the same matches. The one thing left to determine is whether or not we'll be able to support it at launch.

We don't need to set a stretch goal for this either. Given the technologies we are using, this should be a relatively straightforward process. So here's to more people being able to join in on the fun with us :)

By the way, we've been endorsed by two new very good sources recently. First, we've had TotalBiscuit vouching for us on twitter. Secondly, we've been added to the Kickstarter Staff Picks! It's so thrilling to see more and more people vouching for us and believing in our project, it means a lot to us!

Just for fun, here's another example of a ship design you can achieve within the game, this time for the Ar Blossom:

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    1. Nine Dots Studio Creator on

      It's hard for us to commit to the OUYA. We don't have it in hand and previews are a little worrying. The userbase is also quite slim at the moment, too much so to justify the development of a port.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Fürmann on

      Will it also be possible to port it to OUYA?
      I think this game could be really great on OUYA. And if it is true what you tell about hardware requirements, maybe it could run like a charm.

    3. Nine Dots Studio Creator on

      Argh, forgot to put a link to a bigger image and we can't edit posts after a certain time, here it is: