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GoD Factory: Wingmen is a competitive 4vs4 space combat simulator for PC in which you build your ships part by part.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a competitive 4vs4 space combat simulator for PC in which you build your ships part by part. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 6, 2013.

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You can download the game's alpha right here: it will be playable for only one month, please spread the word around.

.zip :

"GoD Factory Wingmen was one of the more interesting titles I checked out at PAX"
- TotalBiscuit

"Quite how multiplayer space-combat dogfighters vs capital-ship game GoD Factory: Wingmen hasn’t raised the mere $70,000 Kickstarter ask is beyond me."
- Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun

"The first game in 15 years that's going to make me buy a joystick for my PC"
- James Portnow, Extra Credits

"Two of the hottest things in gaming right now are MOBAs and the Oculus Rift. When you take those two things and whip in a spicy dash of sci-fi space combat, it's hard not to get a tad excited. To the point of twitching."
- Jarimor, ZAM

"There is nothing simple about GoD Factory. I got my first taste of the game at Pax East 2013, and I can truthfully say that the game is as deep as it is beautiful."
- Alex Coccia, GreenlitGaming

What is GoD Factory: Wingmen?

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space combat game in which the player works with a team of up to three other players to destroy the opponent’s Carrier while defending their own.

Before joining online matches, the player assembles two gunships by individually selecting the twelve parts that compose each ship. These parts are bought from the game's shop using Credits earned by playing games online. Once in-game, the players must destroy different key areas of the enemy Carrier to incapacitate it and ultimately destroy it. Destroying a Carrier part gives penalties to the enemy team, and each broken part inflicts a different penalty. The key to victory will be to work as a team and many weapons and abilities will have secondary uses that can only be triggered by joining up with other players. A game should last about 15 minutes on average and can't stretch beyond 25 minutes. The game will be playable both in third person, to see your ship you've built, or from inside the cockpit, for greater immersion.

Vote for us on Greenlight!
Vote for us on Greenlight!

This is primarily a PC game, but we're very open to the possibility of bringing the game to consoles if the opportunity arises. We will also have a Mac version, but it might not be available at launch. Linux is also a possibility, but no promise as of yet. Anyhow, you'll be happy to know that this game is not hardware intensive, so if you have a decent PC, even if it's a few years old, it should be able to run the game. We are working hard to make GoD Factory:Wingmen accessible to lots of people can play this game, without sacrificing the beauty of the visuals. We're already able to run the game quite decently on 5 years old laptops, so we're pretty confident that we'll be supporting a wide range of PCs.

Key features:

  • Many different gunship classes and parts to choose from;
  • Build 2 gunships and lend the one you're not using to your teammates or keep it for later; 
  • Different weapons and abilities are amplified by cooperating with your allies; 
  • Destroy the enemy Carrier part by part, taking away its abilities progressively; 
  • Complex weapon attributes provide a wide array of strategies to experiment.

A good game isn't just a set of features however, it's an experience, and it has to be approached like one. We're orienting ourselves on four key aspects of the experience that we'd like to deliver:

(Taken straight from the Game Design Document!)


The player wants to feel that he's doing his own thing. He's crafting a ship that fits his preferences, he works on making a play style and strategy of his own. He wants to build his squad by joining like-minded players. Everything must come with a sense of ownership.


We need to convey a sense of mobility to the player. He must be picturing himself moving into a 3D space with both skill and freedom, the ability to go wherever he feels like. The movement of the ship and the camera must give to players the reflex to tilt their heads to follow their ship's motion. They want to feel “there”.


Any player wants to feel like he's playing an important part in his team. In order to do so, we must reward every actions done as a group and make sure that victory is achieved when everyone acts toward a common goal. In order to convince the player to be a team player, he must feel the presence of his allies in the fight.


An aspect that will hook our players is the strong sense of progression when playing the game. Not only will his ships become better as he plays, but learning the complex systems and the meta-game will always give him something more to learn. One reason to keep playing is that you always get better.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that was immensely successful here on Kickstarter. VR replaces your vision by the environment of the game by placing monitors in front of each eye. Motion tracking and stereoscopic 3D make this even more convincing. 

Oculus Rift is not ideal for every game because it completely replaces your vision.  For a game with a character that moves and jumps, it can feel a bit awkward as the player is sitting in a chair.  However the experience from GoD: Wingmen is within a cockpit, creating the perfect environment for simulation.

It is our intent to support the Oculus Rift for GoD Factory and we hope that we'll be ready on time for launch.

Nine Dots is a team of 7 developers working full time. We've got two programmers, three artists, one game designer/studio manager and a recently added game designer. Most of us have been working on this game for a year now with no salary. Before that, we had worked on a different game, Brand for over a year, also with no salary. So needless to say, we're a bunch of extremely committed developers doing all we can to make a great games!

Nine Dots was created to fight back against management practices from the game industry which we think are holding us back. We want to change how we make games, and what games we make. We are vehemently against crunch time, we believe in building our own intellectual properties rather than working on the projects of others and we make sure that everyone has a meaningful creative input on the game. If you want to read more about this mission, we were featured in a related article on the Penny Arcade Report not long ago:

We are giving everything we have to make this project a reality. However, sometimes that's not enough. We have a very solid alpha, which was thoroughly enjoyed by hundreds over hundreds of people during PAX East, including TotalBiscuit! Dave Voyles, former Editor-in-Chief of Armless Octopus and coordinator of the XBLIG Indie Uprising, also had kind words regarding the game:

"The space shooter genre has been sorely missing in action since the critically acclaimed X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter in the early 90's. After my time with GoD Factory at PAX  East, I think GoD Factory is as close as we've come to that experience since so many years ago."

However, we might be unable to bring the game to completion. We've been working for 2 years at Nine Dots now, without salary. Our personal savings and resources are spreading thin, and even though we haven't paid ourselves salaries, we still have business related bills to pay. We have to pay for insurances, rent, licenses and many other things to sustain the business. We are surviving on a $25,000 bank loan, but that won't suffice.

Realistically, in order to put absolutely everything we'd like to havein GoD Factory: Wingmen, it would take around 300,000 dollars to pay for salaries, software licenses, servers, sound effects, music, marketing (we really need to populate our matches to make this game interesting!), rent, insurances, bank fees, accounting fees, etc. Obviously, the biggest chunk of that money would go to salaries so that we may sustain ourselves while we make the game.

However, we don't need all of that money *right now* to be able to progress. With 70,000 dollars, we'd have enough resources to at least bring the game to a sufficiently polished state to start the alpha funding process. Alpha funding is the principle of selling the incomplete game for less than it will cost once finished and using the feedback of early supporters to better polish the game and iron out the details. It's how Minecraft, Project Zomboid and Path of Exile funded their development, to name a few. It's a great way to leverage a community and funds, which are the two resources we need most to pull off this kind of game.

We are also currently under consideration for a loan from the Canada Media Fund to finish the game, but in order for them to back us, they require that we have a minimum of funds ourselves to invest in the project. So if we don't meet our Kickstarter goal, we pretty much have no chance of receiving their help either.

Here's a breakdown of what we can add to the game depending on how much we raise:

$70,000: We can bring the game to a polished enough state to start selling it following the alpha funding model. Features that might not be included when the alpha funding starts include some of the gunship parts, the progression system (all parts would be unlocked from the start), it will probably be still a little bugged and some balance issues, etc.

$100,000: If we reach that much, then we can guarantee that we'll make a different cockpit model for every species, which will be especially cool for Oculus. Of course, we'll also get closer to a more polished game for any amount above $70,000.

$150,000: The ability to choose between at least two different carriers, with very different layouts and major gameplay differences.

$200,000: We'd REALLY like to raise this much since we've been in talk with a famous composer to make music for our game, and we would be incredibly happy to have him do the soundtrack for our game.

$250,000: More complex levels, including space stations that must be captured to gain benefits for your team, such as power-ups.

$300,000: We'll have a clan-based ladder ranking system. We'll also be able to guarantee that we'll support the game for at least a year from launch. We'll put extra money into our servers and release the game early in August so people can start interacting with it, even if it's not final! That will also give the players a bigger say on how the game will turn out.

Straight from the first reward tier, you pre-order the game, for probably less than what it will cost at launch. So many things could happen during development though, so don't take the release date for granted. 

Many tiers give you access to exclusive content that will only be available to our backers, such as the Super-Gold material for your ships and some vanity items that alter the look of your ships in unique ways. The best rewards however allow the backers to directly influence the game's look for everyone to see. You get to change the game in a way that everyone will experience. We're also very open to suggestions! So if you'd like to contribute but you don't see the kind of reward you're looking for, just send us your suggestion and we'll see if we can make it happen. No promise here, but it's always worth a shot!

All our backers will also be thanked in the game's credits.

So here's a more detailed explanation for every reward tier.

$10 or more

This is exactly the same offer as $15, but for less. The thing is, it's a limited offer!

$15 or more

Pre-order the game. You get the game as soon as it's ready.

$35 or more

Pre-order 4 license for the game, meaning that you can assemble a full team with your friends. You also get two exclusive cosmetic additions that are only available to backers who paid enough to reach this tier: one is a Wing Lamp that adds some kind of flare effect in front of your ship, while the other is a highly reflective, Unique "Super-Copper" material that you can apply to any of your ships.

$50 or more

Add to the package a single access to the Beta, meaning that you get to try the game before everyone else, give us feedback on how to make the game better and start mastering the game before everyone else! You also get the exclusive "Super-Silver" material to apply to your ship and a vanity item that will add a blazing fire to your trails. Finally, you get one of four unique ships designed only for our backers. These ships are made from the three major ship parts, which are the wings, the hull and the cockpit. There is one unique ship per species.

We will reveal the look of the exclusive ships as we make them in the FAQ!

$100 or more

Not only do you get all the previous rewards, you also get all future expansions and DLC to the game. We intend to support the game for a while and frequently update with new content, and it will all be available to you without spending one dime more. You also get all 4 unique ships, and the unique super-gold material to apply to your ship. You also gain access to a special plug-in that allows you to make your own holographic emblem, in a similar fashion to guild emblems in many MMOs. 

$250 or more

There are big billboards on space stations and satellites that will appear in some level environments. These billboards will shuffle through a bank of images. You get to provide us with an image of your choice (we need to approve of the image first) and your image will be displayed on those billboards. You would like to promote your own game? You want to make a joke to make our players laugh? You like kittens? Show it on our billboards!

You also get a vanity item that alters your ship by adding big Diamond gems to your ship.

500$ or more

You get to design your own stellar Constellation, which all players will see in the sky surrounding the battlefield. You will have a maximum of 12 stars for your constellation. Note that not every constellation will necessarily appear at the same time in every match.

You will also get a Vanity Item that produces an Ornate Luminous Halo on your ship.

$1000 or more

For this amount, you can either design a custom Planet that will be up for everyone to see in the game *or* a custom Vanity Item, similar to the other vanity rewards such as fire trails, diamond chunks, star flares in front of your wings, etc. Tell us what you'd like to see, if it's reasonable we'll do it. We won't do anything offensive or which concerns intellectual properties we do not own the rights to. The planet will not appear in every match and will be one of the randomly shuffled level element.

$2500 or more

Design a GoD Monument (instead of a Planet or a Vanity Item), which are absolutely ASTRONOMICAL statues or monuments. These colossi have a big visual impact on levels, even more so than planets or space stations, and will usually be the main piece in a level environment. Just like the planet, the GoD Monument will not appear in every match. It will be one of the random elements that composes a level's environment. Believe us, all players take notice when a GoD is there. In some cases, we might even be able to animate the GoD monument, depending on the complexity of the concept.

$5000 or more 

Design a new Carrier Cannon (instead of a planet, vanity item or GoD) This cannon will have its own unique shape and projectile special FX. You also choose whether this cannon will only appear on your side when you're part of a match, or if every player in the game has access to it.

$10000 or more 

For this much, we actually make a game that will be available in our game. In the Crew Quarter menu, where a player can see his stats, trophies and codex entries, there will be an arcade cabinet which can be selected to play a game. This game will be your idea, which must not take more than 2 weeks to make. We'll discuss this at length to make sure it ends up being something you're satisfied with, but you need to have realistic expectations. This arcade cabinet will be available for any player to try.

We need your help, and the simple fact that you're here reading this, that you've spent time considering our project or watched the video means a lot to us. If you like what we are doing but can't afford to contribute at the moment, know that you can help us a lot by simply talking about us and sharing our Kickstarter. We're very grateful for this kind of help as well and we know all too well that sometimes you're just strapped for cash and can't help this way.

Risks and challenges

Even if we meet our goal of $70,000, there is always a risk that development would not go as planned. We could start our Alpha funding model for sure, but if we don't receive enough support afterward, we might have to stop development before reaching the fully fleshed out game we want to make. That's a worst case scenario however, especially considering how far in development we already are.

With this being said, we've been extremely committed so far. Considering that we've been doing this for a year with no salary working on GoD Factory, I think it's pretty safe to think we can bring this project to completion if we get the cash and the support from our backers. We've completed a game project before and we know what it entails. We made mistakes with our first title and we do not intend to repeat them, so we are ready, more than ever, to take on this challenge.

There is also the risk that the game might turn out to be something different than what you expected. Games are subjective, so the experience will vary from player to player. No matter what, we intend to deliver the best product our resources will allow us to make.

But really... we have no intention of dropping the ball. Our entire company, Nine Dots is dedicated to this project alone, if the project does not succeed, neither will we. We're betting the farm on this project. So we'll do everything we can to be successful and worthy of your support.

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    Pre-order the game, save money!

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    Pre-order the game.

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    Pre-order the game + a Unique Copper material that you can apply to your gunship, only available to Kickstarter backers! + An exclusive vanity item that adds a unique star flare FX in front of your ships.

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    Pre-order a 4-pack so that you may assemble a full team with your friends + a Unique Copper material that you can apply to your gunship, only available to Kickstarter backers! + An exclusive vanity item that adds a unique star flare FX in front of your ships.

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    All previous rewards + 1 access to the Beta + a Unique Silver material + An exclusive vanity item that produce fire blazing trails + Select one of four Unique Ships (unique Hull, Cockpit and Wings) that will be completely exclusive to backers!

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    All previous rewards + all future expansions and DLC available for free on your account + 4 accesses to the Beta + Unique Gold material + all 4 Unique Ships + an exclusive customizer to design your own holographic emblem to decorate your ship.

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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    All previous rewards + An exclusive vanity item that adds huge Diamonds decorations to your ships + You provide an image to display for the billboards on the space stations and satellites that will be part of the level environment. Yes, you can use this to advertise your own project!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 12 backers
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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    All previous rewards + exclusive "Ornate Halo" vanity item + you design your own Constellation that will have a chance to appear in the sky in every match (every player will see this, even if you're not playing!)

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer
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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    All previous rewards + you design a Planet that will sometimes be part of the level environment (every player will see this, even if you're not playing!) *or* design a Vanity Item that changes the look of ships when equipped.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 6 backers
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    All previous rewards but you design a GoD monument (instead of a Planet or a Vanity Item), which is intricately detailed, may be animated, and is of astronomical proportions.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  11. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    All previous rewards but you design a Unique Carrier Cannon and its firing FX (instead of a planet, item or GoD). You choose if it will be available either only to you or to every player.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  12. Select this reward

    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    All previous rewards except you design a game that we'll make and put in an arcade cabinet which will be available in-game for all players, in their Crew Quarters menu (instead of a Planet, Item, GoD or Cannon). The game must be doable in two weeks of work for our team; we will see with you what is feasible and what is not.

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