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Ninchanese harnesses the power of games to make learning Chinese fun and effective.
Ninchanese harnesses the power of games to make learning Chinese fun and effective.
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Happy Birthday!

Posted by Ninchanese (Creator)

Happy birthday! One year ago, you helped the campaign end successfully!  

Can you believe it's been one year already? Time sure goes fast :) 

I thought this was a fitting time to write to you and update you on what we've been up to recently. 

Especially since you may be interested in our newest big piece of news: In keeping with our Kickstarter promise, after months of research and content creation, we've officially started beta testing the advanced Chinese level (code name: World 5) on Ninchanese! 

How exciting to be finally preparing World 5 to a public release! It's a big step, both for us and for you, if you're learning Mandarin on Ninchanese. 

Few learning sites offer advanced Chinese content like this, and we're happy to soon be a place where intermediate and upper intermediate learners will be able to take their Chinese to a near-fluent level. 

Ready for the new advanced Chinese course?
Ready for the new advanced Chinese course?

  With this new course, you'll be able to:

  • chat comfortably about over a hundred of new topics, from credit cards to mobile technology, 
  • master 1400 new words, enough to take the HSK 5 if you are so inclined,
  • and learn to use over a hundred new sentence patterns so you ever so more accurately know when to use informal and formal Chinese, develop your thoughts, debate, offer counter-arguments... 
  • and generally, talk like an adult in Chinese, and not like a 15-year old.  

Once you finish the advanced course, you'll be able to talk about pretty much anything you want, and accurately express your thoughts and describe your actions. All that will be left to do is for you to open your mouth, and start talking. At a near-fluent level, what better way to practice than to actively use everything you've learned?

Early access available for you

You, of course, get early access to this meowsome new learning material, and your early access starts now. It's thanks to you that it got made. It's only normal that you get to see it first. Enjoy :)

A whole new world is waiting for you!
A whole new world is waiting for you!

 If you're a Nincha Learner, Super Nincha, Lucky Pack and all upper tiers level backer, all you have to do is sign in to your Ninchanese account and click on World 5, which now appears on your homepage, to get started

If you're a different level than the ones mentioned above, but would still like to get early access to the new advanced course, that's also completely possible. 

See, we want this new content to be as puurfect as possible before it's released to the general access. So we chose to open this new world to anyone who wanted to try this new course. All we ask in exchange is that you send us feedback on what needs improving :) Just go to this page to sign up, and your access will soon be in your inbox! 

I hope you'll want to check out the new course, see for yourself what it's all about, and share feedback with us on it :) 

Boy, this update is long! Almost as long as the new course :) 

I'll wrap up here by first, wishing you guys a wonderful weekend! 

Oh, and two, I'll also be sending you a goodies-related update soon (spoiler: I'm waiting for the plush Ninchas to arrive so I can send you a picture what our office looks like when the invasion starts!). 

'till then, have a wonderful summer! (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere....Hi there Australian friends!) 


Sarah and the Nincha Team

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