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pledged of $62,500pledged of $62,500 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 11 2014
Nimble VRBy Nimble VR
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Nimble VRBy Nimble VR
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pledged of $62,500pledged of $62,500 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 11 2014
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    1. D. Russell on

      I have thought about it for some time, and facebook lost a customer. Im done.

    2. Missing avatar

      Zachary Wheeler on

      Congratulations, I suppose, though I cannot help feeling betrayed and upset. It seems disrespectful and base of you to build up so much support, collect more than twice the money you asked for, and then decide to abandon it all. What about the people who don't WANT to invest in Oculus Rift and just want a desktop sensor for computer interaction? Did you stop to consider them? As I said, I feel disappointed and upset at this news - I had no plans to invest in an Oculus any time soon, which means I will not be getting my hands on a NimbleVR device either, it seems. Oh well; congratulations and good luck anyway.

    3. Jose A. Atiles on

      Actually this is good news.. We all benefit from this, no more guesswork. There is a chance that CV1 will be bundle with a standard control scheme. Who knows maybe we will be able to track not only our hands but our full body. Lets see what John Carmack is going to do with this device.
      Congratulations and Godspeed

    4. Markus Hofer on

      Noooooo! and Yeaaaaah!
      Even though I'm very happy about the prospect of having this integrated into the headset, I needed this sooner rather than later!

    5. Andrew - Armikrog Army on

      Terribly disappointed in not having possibility to get early devices.
      This is just not good and disrespectfull to backers.

    6. Paul R. Dillinger on

      Awesome! Congratz guys :)

    7. Fris13

      Awesome news! Lets hope we see your product as part of the Oculus Rift CV1!

    8. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      I think the rift max price target was $400, so I think we can expect almost 25% or so of that to go to Nimble.

    9. Missing avatar

      kate wolf on

      drat, drat and double drat!!!
      Muttley, do something!

      Actually huge congratulations - it must be a huge sense of relief that what you worked on so hard is going to go mainstream, Do I feel a bit like the day I found out that facebook had bought Oculus - yes a bit. But this is really really important stuff - I just hope you guys got a whole chunk of change!! The biggest downside is that I'm probably going to need to wait longer for stuff to come out. But seriously well done to all parties involved in making this happen - the only people this is a bad day for I suspect is leap motion!
      Do you want to go and start an indiegogo campaign so we can all contribute to you guys getting a case of champaign!!
      congratulations again

    10. Ahmed Jaber on

      If the acquisition means built-in hand tracking in the Rift CV1, then I'm happy. I just don't want to have to shell out $149.99 for an item that was mere hours away from only costing me $99.

    11. Cameron Swartzell

      Aww yeah, native motion sensing in the first Comercial Release of Oculus (hopefully!). A little sad I wont see it sooner, but as others have said; "we are backing the company, which has just succeeded greatly with our help. We were not ordering a product, but rather may have recieved one as a gift".

    12. Missing avatar

      Josh Farkas on


      Sweet news for Oculus and VR users. Can't wait to see where this goes next.

    13. Missing avatar

      tcboy88 on

      It is a good news that Oculus bought Nimble VR
      but I wonder why no body buys LeapMotion?
      Google, Microsoft or Oculus should defintiely buy LeapMotion and continue improves the device.
      I am afraid that LeapMotion might be struggling with funding and won't improve anymore, which is a waste.

    14. Missing avatar

      pedrocp on

      Mixed feelings.
      Great news because we will have better VR technology soon, but closing the project like this makes me sad. I had plans for this piece of hardware and now I don't have a clue for the release date.
      Still great news form a bigger picture.

    15. Ahmed Jaber on

      Sucks that I'll have to pay a lot more than the early-bird pricing now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tom G on

      Congratulations, and thank you for letting us know before taking the money. I think this is a far better outcome for everyone than most other commenters are making it out to be. The most important thing is that this technology is successful and available in the long term, and this turn of events drastically improves the chances of that happening. Luckey just said the other day that he doesn't want Oculus to be a kingmaker, but at the same time one must be pragmatic about solving the chicken and egg problem of hardware so that developers can have something widespread to target. I hope to see your technology integrated into future Rifts to great effect.

      This is all so much more important than "did backers get reward X for Y dollars by Z date". I hope the upset people below will realize that and look at the bigger picture. Things could be SO MUCH worse. Just look at the KS for Control VR as an example.

    17. Malachi de AElfweald

      "Nimble VR, 13th Lab, and Chris will all be winding down their existing projects to focus on VR full-time at Oculus as part of both product engineering and Oculus Research."

      Like the others, I feel the project was more dropped than wound down. I was looking forward to the Nimble Sense. Hopefully, you will get something out the door soon.

    18. Edward Laverick on

      While I want to wish Nimble well with what is undoubtly a fantastic move for their business, their approach to this kickstarter has been handled very badly. Dropping the campaign at the 11th hour due to a more attractive source of funding just seems unprofessional, and highly discourteous to your backers.
      I'm not naive about kickstarter projects, and backing a campaign is not the equivalent to pre-ordering a product. I also appreciate that delicate negotiations cannot be held in the public view, however there must have been ways to manage this better, and avoid alienating and upsetting so many potential customers.
      I hope we hear a little more from those behind Nimble VR to help smooth over some of this friction.

    19. Andreas Aronsson on

      Oh, a shock that it got cancelled, was really looking forward to this! But as a VR fanatic I have to say I'm excited to see even more brilliant minds going to Oculus :) I do wonder if you will keep developing this same system or if you will actually do other things... exciting times for sure!

      It's a bit sad of course, the Nimble looked like a brilliant piece of kit, but I'm all for Oculus delivering a more complete solution when it comes to both a headset and input, so I'm seeing a bright future ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex Whalton on

      Congratulations, Oculus is a great move for the team. Same question as all of the other backers. What is the plan for the backers who are eager for a development version of the nimble? Will there be a way for us to pre-order somewhere else? 1,076 potential customers are at stake with this decision.

    21. Osman EL-BABA

      Ok , first good news for you getting into Oculus but ... While negotiating your way in you should have included this kickstarter and its Backers. You could have continued and delivered nimble under Oculus Hat and got Backers who do not have an Oculus a special deal making it a win win win situation for everyone (You , Oculus , Backers ) . Instead now we feel left alone without appreciation ...

    22. Gabriel Morgan on

      Though I'm glad that you announced this now instead of dropping it AFTER the project was funded, it still stinks.

      I'm not sure what would have been the best option, but the way you did this was wrong. Everyone that wanted you to succeed and put their money up for you just had a door quickly slammed in their face.

      I mean it's great that you don't have to worry about funds (I assume) any more, but...
      I dunno. Like I said, it stinks.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tobias Lauridsen on

      congratulations just happy for you guys good you get a big backer and can work close whit octulus

    24. Steve Sabram on

      Congratulations! Don't forget us backers when you ship. I'm sure many here will beta test.

    25. David Mulder on

      Getting bought is all great and that... but cancelling a kickstarter like this... is definitely **not** normal. I mean, by starting a kickstarter you already make certain promises to the community, cancelling a kickstarter just before the end of a campaign for such a reason... well, maybe others won't feel about this like me, but I find this highly dubious.

    26. Missing avatar

      JoeB on

      "joining forces"? Is this an acquisition?

      Any news about the future availability of NimbleVR or how/when we might be able to get our hands on it?

    27. Missing avatar

      gofaster on

      Congratulations and good work! Looking forward to the experience.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Kulik on

      Wondering the same as everyone else. "But do I still get my Nimble???"
      The announcement really should have addressed this question more clearly, I think.

    29. Dave Coleman on

      Same question as everyone else... Is the kickstarter being cancelled?

    30. James Shannon Brooks on

      So do I still get my Nimble?


    31. Lee Bledsoe on

      Awesome news, What does this mean for the pledges? Will you still be shipping units to backers?