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An abstract strategy game based on the sport of Roller Derby. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 26, 2012.

An abstract strategy game based on the sport of Roller Derby.

About this project

Home Stretch!

Just TWO MORE DAYS to get your copy of JammerUp: The Roller Derby Board Game! We're thrilled to have raised enough to get the game professionally produced, and are working hard to pull together a team to help us create a computerized version that you can play in a browser or on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

You'll be able to buy the game online and in stores in May, but Kickstarter backers at $25 and up will get their games first, at $5 off the retail price, and with fancy glass pawns. Read our updates for more info or better yet, get in on the action and back JammerUp today!

About the Game

JammerUp is an abstract strategy board game modeled after the rules and strategies of modern roller derby.

Above: The complete game includes board, 10 pawns, 14 cards, 1 die, scoresheet or tokens, and rules.

In a 2-player game, each player controls a team of 5 game pawns: four Blockers and one Jammer. A player moves her Jammer through the pack, maneuvering around opposing Blockers, to earn points. This is all done while trying to keep her opponent from doing the same.

JammerUp’s rules are simple, but flexible enough for you to develop some great strategies. The best part is that a lot of the same strategies employed on the track are effective in the game.

You can download the entire Beta rule set and watch instructional videos here.


Any little bit helps. If all you pledge is one dollar, you have our sincere gratitude and we'll mention you on's Supporter page (unless you ask us not to).

The Hockey Stop For just $25, you can pre-order JammerUp! Assuming we meet our funding goal, the retail price will be $30 or more, so take advantage of this price while you can. The first edition includes board, 10 pawns (2 teams of random color), cards, die, rules, and score sheet or tokens.

The Hip Check For $40, we'll throw in two extra teams of the colors of your choosing.

The Outside Whip At $80, we'll also include two teams of pewter roller derby miniatures (shown below).

Lead Jammer For $101, you get all of the above, plus an extra copy of the game and your name and/or logo highlighted on our website.

The Apex Jump is a League- or Business-level sponsorship. We will ship 15 copies of JammerUp to any single location in the United States or Canada for $250. That works out to $16.66 per game, and it retails for $30. You'll also get prime placement on the "Where to Buy" page of

Please note that all levels include shipping within the United States and Canada. If shipping overseas, please add the amount indicated at each pledge level on the right.

What exactly are we funding?

In short: Production. You are taking this game from idea to reality.

JammerUp is currently in beta testing. We're holding play test sessions all around the country throughout February to gather feedback and make sure the rules of play are bullet-proof.

Above: Beta testing in New York. Beer optional.

Our goal is to produce the first edition in March. We've determined that the minimum cost-effective run will cost about 12 grand. We're investing a lot of the money ourselves, but we also have two kids and a mortgage to think about. So we need to make sure there's really enough interest to support this. 

Basically, we don't want to risk being forced to move our family into a hut made out of unsold board games.

That's where you come in. If you want to see this game produced at all, please consider contributing a dollar. If you like board games, give this one a shot and pre-order at only $25. And if you're psyched to see a game that will accurately depict roller derby as the awesome, strategic sport that it is, please contribute as much as you're comfortable with to help us reach our goal.

What would you do with additional funding?

Additional funding is being put toward the development of the iPhone/iPad/Android version of JammerUp so that you can play it anywhere, any time, against any one.

Any video game or computerized version of JammerUp will be DRM-Free.

Above: Can you read the Matrix? This is a snippet of the code that draws the board for digital display. If you squint your eyes, you can see it. 

The Back-story

I was on a plane from New York to Vegas kicking myself for forgetting to bring a book. Unable to sleep, I started doodling. I can't actually draw for my life, but I'm obsessed with systems and patterns, and I guess I had derby on the brain. By the end of my flight, I had primitive sketch of a game board and an idea that would haunt me for months.

Then I had to take a break from reffing (Hi Suburbia!) due to some health issues, and I needed some way to fill this derby-shaped hole in my life. My husband and I started tinkering with game mechanics, trying to find a way to translate a fast-paced, full-contact sport to a turn-based tabletop game.

And holy crap, we did it! At some point we realized we weren't designing the game anymore, we were playing it. And it was awesome. 

So I invited some derby friends to play it, and they loved it. And then I invited some non-derby friends to play it, and they loved it, too!

We set up a Facebook page and within days had over 1000 fans. My inbox flooded with questions about where you could play or how you could order. I knew I had to get up off my butt and get this game produced.

What can I do to make this happen?

  • Spread the word, far and wide. Mention it at practice, talk about it the next time you're playing Settlers of Catan, and encourage your friends to support this project.
  • Like us and SHARE us on Facebook. That's where we usually make new announcements first, so you'll be among the first to know what we're up to.
  • Comment & share on Twitter and other networks. Did you know there are still some people who don't use Facebook? It's true! And they deserve a roller derby board game, too.
  • Contribute today. Every little bit helps, and we appreciate the support immensely. 

For More Information

Backers can leave comments here. If you have ANY questions, or just want to say hi, I'd love you to contact me by:

Thank you so much for supporting this project!


  • Yes and no.The foundation, such as the layout of the track, the rules that govern pawn movement, and most of the game parameters are final. However, we are play testing through February 24, and may make some additional changes based on the feedback of our beta testers. The aesthetic of the board will also be updated, though it will still be a clean, minimal design to allow for easy customization by leagues and teams in the future.

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  • Robin, my husband/partner and co-creator of JammerUp, has been developing a computerized version of the game in his spare time. We think this will make an awesome iPhone/iPad/Android app, and will put any over-funding toward that effort. He's doing all the heavy lifting with the game logic, and we'll need to work with an iOS and Android specialist and a graphic artist to port it to those platforms.

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  • YES! But to do that, I first have to get the game produced. Please help make that happen by spreading the word and encouraging people to back this project.

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  • All of them and none of them. Read more here:

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  • We're thrilled that over 400 people have applied to be beta testers, but we can't possibly accommodate everyone. The rules, board design, and demo videos are on our website at, and while you may not have an opporutnity to play until you've purchased the game, we welcome and encourage any questions or feedback you may have about the materials we've posted.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely. We recommend it for ages 8 and up. It's not as complex as chess, but definitely more difficult than checkers. My older daughter is almost 4 and I've already started teaching her some basic moves. By the time she's old enough to join a junior league, she'll be a derby strategy expert!

    Last updated:
  • Right now we are targeting April 30, though that's based on minimal design changes and a relatively fast turnaround from our manufacturer. We will immediately post any updated estimates as we gather more information.

    Last updated:
  • In our experience, yes. We intentionally invited a mix of people intimately familiar with roller derby and people who barely knew anything about derby to play test for us. It took the non-derby folks longer to learn how to play, but once they did, they had positive things to say about the experience.

    As an abstract strategy game, JammerUp's mechanics and objective are solid, even without the underlying metaphor. And as an added bonus, those who had very little exposure to real roller derby became interested in learning more about it after having played this game.

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    Spare a buck? (maybe a little more...?) Appear on's list of early supporters, and a personal thank-you from the designer.

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    - You are pre-ordering one copy of JammerUp: The Roller Derby Board Game, shipped anywhere in the US or Canada. The game includes board, two teams (5 pawns per team), cards, die, score sheets and rules.

    Non-US/Canada supporters-- please add $10 to your pledge for shipping!

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    - One copy of the game shipped anywhere in the US or Canada, PLUS two additional teams (total of 4), all with your choice of colors. (Pick any four out of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, or white.)

    Non-US/Canada supporters-- please add $10 to your pledge for shipping!

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    TO MANY SKATERS ON THE TRACK Designed for those who can't get enough glass pawns, this reward level grants you one copy of JammerUp and one team of every color. That's 8 teams, 5 pieces per team, 40 little glass derby beads headed your way.

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    OUTSIDE WHIP - Everything listed under the Hip Check, PLUS: Two teams of Pewter Miniatures! 10 miniatures total: two pivots, two jammers, and 6 blockers. Non-US/Canada supporters-- please add $20 for shipping and handling.

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    LEAD JAMMER (UPDATED) - Everything listed under Outside Whip, plus one additional copy of the game (total of 2), and a special call-out on as a top supporter, including your league's logo if desired. If we're shipping the Pewter Miniatures outside of the US/Canada, please add $20 for shipping and handling.

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    Designed for derby leagues and retail businesses! Get 15 first edition copies of JammerUp shipped to any single location in the US or Canada for just $250. That works out to $16.66 per game. Retail price is $30. You'll nearly double your money AND help us get the game made!

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