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From the creator of Chip’s Challenge comes a new take on an old classic game that lets you create & share your own puzzles.
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Chuck's Challenge 3D coming soon to Steam

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We're very excited to announce we'll be releasing Chuck's Challenge 3D on Steam next month. We've teamed up with Nkidu to bring the mind-bending puzzle game out on Steam.

Chuck's Challenge 3D features middle-aged designer Chuck Sommerville forced into puzzle-making servitude by an intergalactic creature named Woop. 

With 125 levels of puzzley goodness, a full-featured level editor, new visual features, Steam Trading Cards, Achievements and Workshop integration (finger crossed), CC3D on Steam is the definitive version of the game.

Team Niffler

Nkidu & Steam Keys


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... and Chuck's Challenge 3D is greenlit on Steam

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It's been a busy week. First we went live on Desura and then just a few days later we got an email from Value saying that Chuck's Challenge 3D had been greenlit by the Steam Community:

We are really gratefully for everyone’s support and we have been asked will Kickstarter backers and Desura players get Steam keys. Which we are happy to say yes in both cases. If you have any questions please let us know?

And again thanks you all so much for supporting us.
Team Niffler

... and Chuck's Challenge 3D is live


The Chip’s Challenge spiritually successor has launched on Desura for PC, Mac & Linux. Backers your keys should give you access to the game now.

If you have any questions please let us know?

Thanks you all so much for supporting us.
Team Niffler

We really really really need you :D

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Chuck's Challenge 3D is out on Desura for PC, Mac & Linux on Friday and we need your help spreading the word. Luckily there is a neat website that can do it for you called Thunderclap.

A Thunderclap is basically just an automated tweet and/or Facebook post. But set to be posted by multiple people all at the same time. That way the message is more likely to be seen by lots of people. We’ve got one set-up for the launch of Chuck's Challenge 3D:

So there are two parts and it be great if you do first and amazing if you do the second as well:

  • Part One - Join the Thunderclap and help spread the word
  • Part Two - Ask others to join in too

Together we can tell people about Chuck's Challenge 3D and may that's why this post number is important ;)

Thank you so much for your help
Team Niffler