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using dance, spectacle and architecture to explore a world of awkward moments exposed, tender collisions, and survival in high heels Dec. 9-12 in NYC

The Sound Bite:
You may remember 100 Beginnings from the last Kickstarter campaign; we raised over $3,000 to build moving walls for its preview in June. Thank you! The campaign and performance were both a complete success. Now the show is going toward the final frontier: the big one, the first full evening of work in choreographer Nicole Wolcott's career. Wolcott, critically acclaimed dancer and choreographer known for her dynamic physicality and comedic talent, is creating "100 Beginnings" with collaborator Vanessa Walters to be performed Dec. 9-12, in New York City at Dance New Amsterdam. Together the two have gathered a talented cast of characters to use dance, spectacle and architecture to explore a world of awkward moments exposed, tender collisions, attempted fame, and survival in high heels.

The Artists:
They are lucky to be working with such talented dancers as Kira Blazek, Janna Diamond, Tim Edwards, Aston Kyle and Yarden Raz. Omar Zubair of Wooster Group and Lady Gaga fame is doing sound design; Stephanie Dixon and Stephanie Miracle are whipping up smart costumes; Carrie Wood is doing lighting design, Spilios Gianakopolous designed the all important walls and Adam Crystal generously gave his musical talent to the score.

The Pitch:
She really took a big bite on this one: the piece requires two 8x6’ rolling walls, 7 pairs of really high heels for 7 fantastic characters, and um something to cover their bodies with too, rehearsal space, a lighting designer, sound designer, architect, composer and finally she must PAY EVERYONE. Total budget: $14,210. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $3,000 in the spring, Nicole was able to get the walls built. With in-kind donations and more money raised through individual donations she has offset cost with another $9,356 to help pay for all this beautiful talent. After some not so complicated math, that means she needs to raise another $4,854 She is hoping to kickstart the fundraising with $3,000.

As you know, dance is underfunded and it ain’t a cheap craft. But, this is a love affair and as in any lopsided love affair, Nicole and her amazing partners in crime wouldn’t imagine leaving. Nicole is propelled forward in this endeavor by her past success as a dancer and choreographer; She has received awards, rave reviews and managed to make a living from dance in the crazy city of New York ( Her parents are still in shock. With her and the very accomplished Vanessa Walters on the job (, you can be assured that any donation will bear delicious fruit. Yum.

Photography by Matthew Murphy


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