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A constant current load for testing your projects. 6 amps, 60 volts and 25 watts in a workbench-friendly package with a USB interface.
A constant current load for testing your projects. 6 amps, 60 volts and 25 watts in a workbench-friendly package with a USB interface.
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A reminder about insulation kits

Posted by Nick Johnson (Creator)

Previously, we wrote about an issue affecting the first hardware revision of the Re:load pro, and offered an insulation kit to anyone who purchased one which remediates this.

We're posting out the insulation kits in the next week to everyone who's requested one. If you haven't already, and you would find the kit useful, you should fill out this form before Wednesday 1 April in order to ensure you get one promptly.

Arachnid Labs' next Kickstarter, the Tsunami, is out!

Posted by Nick Johnson (Creator)

Greetings, loyal Re:load Pro supporters!

We've just launched our second Kickstarter, for the Tsunami. The Tsunami's an Arduino-compatible signal generator, frequency counter, and all around analog experimentation board. We built it with the goal of making experimenting with analog signals as easy as the Arduino made blinking an LED.

Emboldened by how well the Re:load Pro did with your support, we've launched it on Kickstarter with a £10,000 goal. If we reach that goal, we can produce the Tsunami at an affordable price so everyone can get one and start experimenting. If that sounds like your sort of thing, please check it out and back us now!

Thanks again for all of your support!

Fan kits are shipping!

Posted by Nick Johnson (Creator)

The fan kits are shipping now to customers outside Europe!

Shipments for customers in Europe will go out in a day or two once Shipwire has finished receiving and storing the shipment.

This means that everyone who preordered a fan kit using Celery or Tindie should have an email notifying them that their order has shipped in the next few days. If you haven't got yours in a week, please get in touch and we'll look into it!

Meanwhile, MacroFab are making all speed with evaluating options for the insulation kit. We've almost got it pinned down, but they've just found another option for thermal insulators that should have even better thermal performance, so we're going to try those out before we ship them out to everyone.

An important note about your Re:load Pro

Posted by Nick Johnson (Creator)

We have recently been made aware of a significant issue affecting the first hardware revision of the Re:load Pro. If you have a Re:load Pro, it's important that you read this notice and decide for yourself if the issue affects you.

Due to an undocumented connection of the regulating transistor in the Re:load Pro between the drain pin and tab, the enclosure of the Re:load Pro may be connected to the positive terminal of the load.

We do not anticipate this causing significant issues for most users, but although the Re:load Pro is designed exclusively for use with low voltages below 60 volts, in certain circumstances any exposed voltage can pose a safety issue. Further, contact between the Re:load Pro enclosure and a grounded metal object may cause an unexpected short across the load if the Re:load Pro enclosure surface coating is damaged, which could damage equipment under test or other connected equipment.

A straightforward remediation is available, involving the installation of a mica insulator and a bushing around the regulating transistor in the Re:load Pro.

If you purchased a Re:load Pro through the Kickstarter program, an insulation kit, containing mica spacer, bushing, additional screw, and instructions, is available free of charge. Please fill out this form with your address and order number, and a kit will be posted out to you as soon as they're available.

We're really sorry that this issue slipped through the design process, and we're doing everything we can to remediate it. Please don't hesitate to speak up in the comments, or by email to, if there's anything else we can do to straighten things out.

Good news on the Fan Kit!

Posted by Nick Johnson (Creator)

Preorders on the fan kit have been going well, and there's been a couple of questions about the price and the finish.

First off, the price: the special £20 price is available to everyone only until preorders close on the 1st of December, but as promised, Kickstarter backers will get a 20% discount off the retail price indefinitely. After the preorder period is over, I'll be posting an update with a discount code for future purchases of the fan kit from all you loyal Kickstarter backers.

Second, a couple of people have asked about the finish of the mounting plate for the fan kit. In the photos, it's silver, since the photo shows a pre-production prototype. I've just heard back from the manufacturers, however, with good news: the fan plate will also be black anodised, to match the rest of the Re:load Pro.

If you've been holding off on preordering, now's the time! Get your fan kit here.