Pint Craft

by Nick Helmholdt

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    1. NinjaSpank on

      I still havent received my copy. Have they all been shipped?

    2. Aaron Wilkinson on

      I'm in the same boat as NinjaSpank.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mksiege on

      Were things sent out separately? I haven't been home in the last couple of weeks, but I got the bottle opener about 2 weeks ago but not the game.

    4. SuperG on

      I thought it was delayed further...if we're supposed to have it by now, I haven't received my copies.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Kurtin on

      Have to say, I haven't seen mine yet either. Nothing so far at all.
      So. Errata is neat, but without the game

    6. Dave Hamilton on

      Likewise...Are us West-coasters still getting shipped directly from Blue Panther?

    7. Missing avatar

      Christian Burd on

      2) Ending the game: If another player uses a "Spoiled Batch" or "Swap Recipes" card against the player who starts a Challenge Round, then that player is eliminated. Only players who are above the Victory Pint Threshold at the end of the challenge round are eligible for the Face Off.

      Question regarding this end game rule:

      When you say "that player is eliminated" do you mean the person who plays the card OR does it automatically eliminate the person who started the Challenge Round? And further clarification, the person who started the Challenge Round is NOT the leader but rather the person who goes right after the leader?

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Burd on

      I also count 84 Brewery Cards in my deck but the rules list 83.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Burd on

      Follow up for Adjuncts:

      Page 7 Big Tanks Card:

      "The Big Tanks card permanently reduces the cost of Adjunct Ingredients to 3 (SHOULD READ 2) Basic Ingredients."

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      When are custom recipe cards going out? Recv'd my game last week.

    11. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      > Christian Burd > The player who receives the "Spoiled Batch" card is eliminated. And your correction for page 7 of the rule set is accurate.
      > Alex > These are going out after all the games have shipped. I am currently shipping international copies out.

    12. Tann Puckartikom on

      Hi Nick, i live in Thailand. I also haven't received my copy.Have you shipped?