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Brew your favorite craft beers and earn victory pints in this brewery-themed card game!
446 backers pledged $14,357 to help bring this project to life.

Two Thirds!

Posted by Nick Helmholdt (Creator)

If Pint Craft was a football game, we would be in half time. With 23 days done, you have helped Pint Craft reach (nearly) TWO THIRDS of its funding goal! You all rock!

There are a few things I ought to mention:

First: Backers who pledge at least $25 AND connect to Pint Craft on Facebook (or Twitter) will get two handmade Pint Craft coasters included when the game ships!

Second: Backers who pledge at least $125 will get 10 handmade Pint Craft coasters AND 2 bottle openers included when the game ships! (I know the $125 reward level does not specify this, but Kickstarter does not allow me to change it after people have selected it.)

Third: Pint Craft T-shirts will be available through Skreened after the Kickstarter campaign is over. If you really want a T-shirt, pledge at either the $26 OR $65 level and you will get one as soon as possible.

Fourth: If you happen to live in lower Michigan then you can play Pint Craft at Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor on November 15. (If you live somewhere else, then go ahead and share the Print and Play link with your Friendly Local Game Store or Craft Brewery and see if they're willing to test it out at their establishment.)

Fifth: If you’re like me, you’re a geek for numbers and graphs. Kicktraq has some nifty charts that illustrate Pint Crat’s progress over the past 23 days:

Sixth: I want your feedback on the stretch goals and the possibility of doing a Google+ Hangout. Please give me your feedback through this anonymous survey:

And finally thank you again for choosing to pledge to Pint Craft!

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    1. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      Hi Stephen,
      Nope, you're all set. I will survey all the backers at the end to match up twitter/facebook usernames with your name on kickstarter.

    2. Stephen Perkins on

      I followed on Twitter (@ragnarhedin); didn't know if there was anything else I needed to do.

    3. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      It turns out a few people are having trouble connecting to the facebook page. The only reason that comes to mind is an age restriction on the facebook page. It is currently set up to obey alcohol laws, so 20 year old US residents may not be able to view it. Let me know if you think that might be the problem - if so I will see what workarounds I can offer.

    4. Estelle Soria on

      I am having the same issue as Casey - otherwise I'd be connected.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cara on

      Not on facebook and not likely to be- am not a fan of it. Do you have a google + page?

    6. Casey Poluk on

      Every time I try to access your page on facebook, it just takes me to my home page. Any one know why and how to fix? Thank you.

    7. Azuretruth on

      I will hopefully be there on the 15th!