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Brew your favorite craft beers and earn victory pints in this brewery-themed card game!
Brew your favorite craft beers and earn victory pints in this brewery-themed card game!
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    1. Peter "Wizball" Wilson

      Got my game today :D Have big gaming weekend coming up at Beer and Pretzels guess what I will be playing :D

    2. Peter "Wizball" Wilson

      Still no sigin here in teh UK anyone in teh UK got theirs?

    3. David Larson on

      OK, and by now I've opened the box. Wah, those chips are nice quality. They look and feel great. Thanks for springing for such quality. Obviously, this was a labor of love - it shows and it paid off. Cheers!

    4. David Larson on

      I just found my copy in my mailbox. Ann Arbor to Hong Kong in a little over a week. Nice. Thanks!

      I haven't found a microbrewery here, but there is a huge range of brews available. It will be good to have a selection on hand when I play this weekend. =]

    5. Mark Moody on

      Receive my two copies in Latvia today - faster shipping that I could have hoped for! Cheers!

    6. Missing avatar

      Charles S Mote Jr

      Pleasant surprise I received last Friday. Excited to finally have a decent game about beer!

    7. Peter "Wizball" Wilson

      Still not got mine here in the UK :(

    8. Chris Freeman Jr. on

      Got mine today! Excited to get it to the table tomorrow!!

    9. Brendan McLeod on

      Nick - thank you for the update!

    10. Brendan McLeod on

      Hi Nick - like Gregory (whose comment you'll find below), I'm likewise confused by some of the material in the rulebook. The pips next to the ingredients on the recipe cards are not explained anywhere that I can see. I'm eager to hear the answers to his questions, and hope that you'll answer one of my own, as well: When does the player make the decision on the combination of playing & drawing Brewery cards for their turn? Do they choose at the beginning of the turn? Or can they either play or draw a card, and then elect to do something else after they've seen the results of that card? For that matter, the order for "On your turn" specifically says to play cards, then use ingredients, and then draw cards - is this meant to be a rigid turn order that each player follows? Or are all three of those simply options that any player can perform in any order on their turn?

      I eagerly await your reply. Thanks.

    11. Sean on

      Showed up yesterday! Looks beautiful and I can't wait to play with a few Arrogant Bastards (the beer, not my fellow gamers).

    12. Missing avatar



      I debuted Pint Craft at our Game Night this week, and it was very well received. The game played well, the components are very substantial and asthetically pleasing, and the theme went well with the fine microbrews that we shared to accompany the game. We played with six players, and including time to parse the rulebook, we finished in under 90 minutes.

      There were a few details in the rules about which we had to make educated guesses. Apologies in advance if you've already answered these questions elsewhere on these pages.

      1) The first question relates to Adjunct Ingredients. The rules state: "The Big Tanks card permanently reduces the cost of Adjunct Ingredients to 3 Basic Ingredients." However, the Big Tanks Brewery Card states: "Adjunct Ingedients cost 2 Basic Ingredients." Which is the correct interpretation?

      2) In a related question, on the Recipe Cards, in addition to a numerical representation of the number of each ingredient required to put a paricular recipe on tap, you also include a pictoral representation with smaller circles. For example, Dunkelweizen requires 4 base malt, 2 specialty malt, 1 hops, and wheat. Thus, there are 4 smaller circles next to base malt, 2 smaller circles next to specialty malt, and one small circle next to hops. There are also three small circles next to adjunct ingredients. I assume that this does not mean to indicate that 3 wheat are required, but rather that wheat is more expensive than the other ingredients. However, the rules indicate that Adjunct Ingredients typically cost the same as four Basic Ingredients. Is that correct, or do the circles on the cards take precedence and imply that Adjunct Ingredients should cost the same as three basic ingredients?

      I assume these two questions are linked. The rules imply the answers are 3 for Big Tanks and 4 under normal circumstances. The cards imply the answers are 2 for Big Tanks and 3 under normal circumstances. I suspect that game testing led to a late change that wasn't correctly reflected in the rules or wasn't correctly reflected in the cards, but it isn't clear to me which combination was ultimately deemed superior.

      The last questions relate to the victory conditions and the conditions under which a Face Off round is required.

      3) The rules state: "As soon as you cross the Victory Pint Threshold, a Challenge Round begins." They go on to say, "If only one player crosses the Victory Pint Threshold at the end of the Challenge Round, he or she declares victory!" Does this apply even if subsequent events during the Challenge Round reduces the score of the only player to cross the Victory Pint Threshold below the Victory Pint Threshold (perhaps via Swap Recipes or Spoiled Batch cards)? Is it enough to have been the one player to cross the threshold, or do you still need to be there at the end of the Challenge Round?

      4) The rules state: "If two or more players cross the Victory Pint Threshold, then a Face Off round begins. Players who do not achieve the Victory Pint Threshold are eliminated." Pulling on the thread from the previous question, are all players who cross the threshold on their turn eligible for the Face Off round, or only those who are above the threshold at the end of the Challenge Round? Also, if more than one player crosses the threshold, and one of those players has a higher Victory Pint total than the others, is there still a Face Off round, or does the player with the highest Victory Pint total win? In other words, is a Face Off round only necessary in the case of a tie, or is it necessary whenever more than one player crosses the threshold?

      In our game tonight, all the recipes went on tap during the Challenge Round, which triggered a game ending condition, so we never had to resolve the threshold issue.

      None of these esoteric concerns adversely impacted our enjoyment of the game or our ability to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. For backers out there who haven't had a chance to play yet, it is quick to learn, straightforward to play, and thoroughly enjoyable. A wonderful game. Crack it open first chance you get.


    13. Christopher Sniezek on

      Got mine, and have done a few test plays - posted rules questions up on BGG.

    14. William Norris on

      Got mine! The components are beautiful.

    15. James Auwaerter on

      Mine came today as well. Looking forward to getting some folks together to play it. I did have a couple of rules questions - should they be posted here?

    16. Jenn C.

      I got mine today!

    17. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      Hi everyone! Blue Panther is in the final stages of printing the first edition of Pint Craft. I will let everyone know once copies start shipping.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mksiege on

      Have the games shipped out yet, or was the date pushed back?

    19. Holly Smalley on

      Any updates on shipping? Really looking forward to playing Pint Craft. :)

    20. Frank Fiol on

      Feb doesnt seem so far away now!

    21. Kirk Groeneweg on

      really looking forward to playing this game. Congrats on hitting the goal!

    22. SuperG on

      Looking forward to it. Congrats Nick and all.

    23. Azuretruth on

      Congrats! Can't wait till February, if you offer pick up I am only an hour or so from Ann Arbor myself.

    24. Frank Fiol on

      Congrats! I can't wait until February for this game to ship!

    25. Joshua Taube

      Hooray congrats

    26. Sean on

      I'll BIte upgrading my Happy Hour Pledge to a Bottle Cap Pledge. Looking forward to this one.

    27. David Larson on

      7 days left and ~$1500 to go. You got this!

    28. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      Hi SuperG ,
      The final tokens will be a heavy duty cardboard called XBoard, cut into penny-sized circles. The tokens will have double-sided printing and be easy to use. (I realize the PnP tokens are not very user-friendly. When I make demo copies I use a disc punching device I picked up from a hobby store - it makes the whole process much faster.)
      The final cards will be on a heavy grade of cardstock and should be able to endure a bit of dampness. (My prototype copy has been to several tables and survived occasional water/beer encounters.)
      Thanks for the questions!

    29. SuperG on


      Can you give a bit more detail on what you plan for the componentry of the game? The Beer mob review mentions wooden tokens in the final game, but your how-to-play video suggests cardboard.

      I've made a PnP set I hope to play this weekend and the tokens were all marked as octagons with circle backgrounds. What is the shape going to be? (Cuttling all those octagons on foam backing was NOT the cards be coated or heavier stock to deal with any potential spills on the table?


    30. MhidDa on

      Good review of a prototype playtest of Pint Craft by a brewer over at BGG:

    31. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      Thanks for the questions Edward. My response is below:

      1) when do the recipes card refill?
      The game should end before all the recipe cards are all used. If no recipe cards are left then the game ends and the player with the highest number of victory pints wins.

      2) will the start player be changed?
      Not during the game. If you choose to play multiple rounds I would rotate the starting player.

      3) do the season cards come in the order, autumn > winter > spring > summer? If the starting season is autumn.
      Yes. You can start your game during any season, or simply choose the current season.


    32. Edward Chow on

      Hi, I would like to ask 3 questions.
      1) when do the recipes card refill?
      2) will the start player be changed?
      3) do the season cards come in the order, autumn > winter > spring > summer? If the starting season is autumn.

    33. Nick Helmholdt Creator on

      Christopher - I am planning to go with a "Bar Blade" style of bottle opener. These are the easiest for me to cut and etch.

    34. Christopher Sniezek on

      If you're still undecided on the final bottle opener type or design, may I suggest a bar blade type? They're handy, durable, and have plenty of space for engraving/etching. A photo example:

    35. Bruce Bernard

      Can you post prices for adding additional copies of the game to a pledge? This is one way to get the pledges up and a number of successful projects allow adding extra copies, usually at a discount depending on how many copies are added. I would probably add 1 or 2 copies for gifts. Heck, in one recent project I pledged for 7 copies.

    36. Karl Tiedemann on

      The game looks great, Nick. Also, high-five from Ann Arbor!

    37. Joshua Taube

      I suppose a CHEERS! is in order.