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A very small book about interaction design, completely revised and updated. Fund the printing costs for its second edition!
A very small book about interaction design, completely revised and updated. Fund the printing costs for its second edition!
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Cadence & Slang: Second Edition



Funded! Now you can order copies of Cadence & Slang on our official site.

"Required reading for any UX Designer I hire. A cornerstone for learning the essence and finesse of interaction design." — Nick Finck, projekt202

"Stunned: this is what Kickstarter was made for."Diana Kimball, SoundCloud

Cadence & Slang is a very small book about interaction design. It contains a set of evergreen principles that pertain to any kind of work in technology, from websites to iOS apps to native software. There are many great texts about user experience, but people have repeatedly returned to this one for its clarity and its succinct statement of purpose. It's been out of print for a long time, and now you have a chance to grab a copy of your own. If you're new to Cadence & Slang, you can read the first chapter of the second edition for free right now.

As one of Kickstarter's earliest projects, our first edition (depicted above) sold out in 2011. Now, after much demand, Cadence & Slang is back. I need your help in funding a high-quality, hardcover, cloth-bound, letterpressed print run of our second edition – entirely revised, updated, and expanded for 2013. If we get funded, you'll receive a beautifully made book, and the revised PDF six weeks after.

"Once you read it, I think you’ll start sending it to everyone who asks how you became a competent designer." — Max Temkin, Cards Against Humanity

"It doesn't teach design techniques or push ideals. It shows how to use design to serve those ideals."Marc Noel

What's in the second edition?

Oh, many things!

  • Since beginning Cadence & Slang in 2008, I've been told that a device called "the iPhone" has become popular. So this edition is revised to focus on touch-based interaction models considerably more.
  • More focus on the visual side of interaction design, including research-driven thoughts on the debate between skeuomorphic and flat design.
  • Significantly more emphasis on ethnographic research and contextual inquiry.
  • And overall, every single section has been touched in some way by a word-for-word edit of the entire manuscript. Unlike the first edition, this edition is professionally edited by one dedicated person.

Who's responsible for all this?

I'm Nick Disabato, but most folks call me nickd. I have seven years of experience in the industry, and as an independent consultant, I have seen all sorts of businesses succeed or fail based on the quality of their user experiences.

I'm working with Kaitlyn Tierney, who is editing this edition; and Daniel Bogan is back with two dozen brand-new illustrations.

And that's it

I hope you'll help me make Cadence & Slang a second time. This has been the best project I've ever worked on, and I'm humbled that it has helped so many people. Thanks for all of your support, and I hope you can spread the word.

Follow @slang on Twitter for updates, or take a look at Cadence & Slang's official site to read the first chapter for free.

Risks and challenges

I have spent the past six weeks working full-time on this edition. The manuscript is already finished and in Kaitlyn's hands. Daniel's illustrations are due this week. So, creating it isn't a huge problem.

There are risks in delivering any printed product, but mostly in terms of the deadline. It may take longer than expected to revise the proofs – which, yes, costs additional money – or to deliver the books to you. If your copy arrives damaged, it'll take additional time for me to mail you a replacement. I'll be working with the same printer that made our first edition, so I already have a solid relationship with their team, and they know how to do right by this.

On a personal note, I am also getting married in early November, and I reckon that will take up some chunk of my time in the fall.

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